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28 April 2015

Canada: Scientists and Doctors Tell Parliament that Autism and Cancer May Be Linked to Cell Phones and Wi-Fi

Scientists and Doctors tell Parliament that Autism and Cancer may be linked to cell phones and Wifi
newswire.ca, 28 April 2015

OTTAWA, April 28 2015 /CNW/ - Medical specialists from Canada and the United States will testify to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Health today that Canada is falling behind other countries when it comes to protecting our children from wireless radiation.

The Committee is conducting hearings to review Canada's safety guidelines for exposure to microwave radiation from cell phones, WiFi and other wireless devices.

Dr. Martha Herbert from Harvard University Medical School will explain the links between wireless devices used by pregnant women, and the steady increase in autism in North America.

19 April 2015

Cell Phones & Breast Cancer - Bras: The No Phone Zone

In a recent ehealth radio network interview, "The growing concern of cellphone and Wi-Fi radiation", Dr. Devra Davis mentioned that Dr. John West, breast surgeon, shared with her that "there are more than 38 cases of young women with unusually located tumors where they've kept cell phones in their bras."  Dr. West is seeing more breast cancer in young women than he’s ever seen in his 40 years of practice. Although the average age at diagnosis of breast cancer is over 60 years, about 13,000 women younger than 40 years are diagnosed with breast cancer each year in the U.S.

Cell Phones & Breast Cancer - Bras:  The No Phone Zone
by Stephanie, thescienceofeating.com, 15 February 2015

The talk about cell phones and cancer connection has been discussed for years now, but most still wonder if there’s a real association and concern. One possibility does appear to exist, at least among certain women, and it all depends on where they carry their cell phone.

Thousands, of not millions of women – especially young ones, choose to keep their cell phones in their bra. This seems like the most convenient solution, because it allows women to ditch their purse and become hands-free.

Causing more need for storage is the fact that many womens’ clothes come without pockets, so if you don’t have a purse, the bra is an obvious choice. Also in noisy environments, it’s harder to hear cell phone ring tones, so women like placing their cell phones on vibrate mode and placing it in their bras to continue receiving calls.

A recent survey reveals 40% of college females put their cell phone in their bra at least some time during the day, and 3% report doing it for more than 10 hours a day. However, Dr. John West, a Los Angeles breast surgeon, said women need to stop this practice stating, “We must make the bra a no phone zone,” he said.

Cell Phone-Shaped Cancer

11 April 2015

The Effects of Low-Level Microwave Radiation on the Heart

Re-posted article from 2012:  "In Simcoe County, Ontario, two students suffered full cardiac arrest in the past school year. This incidence of adolescent cardiac arrest is 40 times higher than the expected national average and has struck children as young as 13 years old."  [Could one reason be microwave radiofrequency radiation emitted by wireless technology such as Wi-Fi?]

On 3 April 2015, Sky News published an article entitled
"Cardiac Arrest: Hidden Killer Of The Young":

"The number of young people who die as a result of sudden cardiac arrest is higher than official figures suggest, experts have told Sky News. Latest figures estimate 12 people under the age of 35 die every week in the UK from an undiagnosed heart condition. However, leading cardiologist Professor Sanjay Sharma thinks the real figures are around 25% higher.  He adds: 'I reckon there are probably about 16 deaths per week in the UK from this so-called sudden arrhythmic death syndrome.  These deaths are underestimated because many such catastrophes can present in different ways, for example unexplained road traffic accidents, unexplained drownings and even epileptic seizures'."

2012 post:
Heart Problems

In public schools across Canada, some children are reporting racing heart rates while in school. The Safe School Committee has received letters from parents who are frightened and confused. Their children are undergoing extensive medical testing but getting no answers from doctors.  Following are testimonies from worried parents and friends:  

03 April 2015

Save the Girls. Make the Bra a No-Phone Zone

Save the Girls.  Make the Bra a No-Phone Zone
by Dr. Devra Lee Davis, The Green Gazette, April/May 2015

A large number of young women carry their cellphones in the bra unaware that they are exposing themselves directly to microwave radiation. That is not a good idea. In fact, the phones come with specific warnings from manufacturers not to do so.

Dr. John West and his colleagues at Breast Care in Southern California have been working with Dr. Lisa Bailey, former president of the American Cancer Society California and one of the nation’s top breast surgeons. Together with Dr. Bailey and Dr. West’s team, we have accumulated seven cases of young women with very unusual breast cancers, all of whom have no family history and no genetic risk factors for the disease.

Normally, breast cancer occurs in the upper outer quadrant of the breast, towards the armpit. These unusual cases have breast tumours that are barely under the skin and have multiple tumors at the centre of the chest right under the outline of where these women kept their cellphones. Two of these cases are only 21 years old. Breast cancer rarely occurs in 21 year olds. Me These women carried their cellphones in their bras from the time they were 13 years old for hours per day. Multiple primary breast cancer is not common, either. No more than 10 percent of all breast cancers present as multiple primary.

02 April 2015

2013 Letter to Danish Parliament on the Increasing Aggravation of the Health Status of the Population as a Result of Electromagnetic Radiation

Following is a letter dated 3 March 2013 from Eva Theilgaard Jacobsen, M.A.Psychology, Specialist in psychotherapy, and Susanne Bølling, M.A.Psychology, addressed to the Danish Parliament’s Health and Prevention Committee in Copenhagen on "the increasing aggravation of the health status of the population with particular  focus on neurological/neuropsychological injuries as a result of  electromagnetic  radiation".  It discusses the sharp increase in brain cancers, multiple somatic symptoms, stress, depression, ADHD, Alzheimer's... in the Danish population, concluding that one and a quarter million Danes are suffering from neurological diseases.  The bibliography at the end of the letter cites 53 useful references to studies, appeals, and other documents on this issue.

Audience, 19 mars 2013:
The increasing aggravation of the health status of the population with particular  focus on neurological/neuropsychological injuries as a result of electromagnetic  radiation.

Exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF), especially from radio frequency (microwave
frequency) radiation (RFR/MWR) from mobile phones and mast transmitters (GSM, 3G, 4G) wireless (DECT) phones, wireless laptops, tablets, e-readers, wireless networks (Wi-Fi, WLAN, Wi-Max, TETRA, etc.) wireless meters ("smart meters") for measuring electricity, water and heating consumption as well as a wide range of other wireless technology, is threatening public health.

In 2011, The World Health Organisation (IARC) updated its warning about the risks to the individual, the environment and professional life, of cancer as a result of radiation from this technology. The radiation represents not only a risk fordeveloping cancer, but also other diseases. The health and functional capacity of current and future generations is in jeopardy.

In addition to individual suffering, it will entail enormous economic costs to society.  As responsible psychologists with insight into the problem, we are very concerned and anticipate that the damage inflicted on health by the radiation will have an explosive effect on the welfare state. The fact that the National Board of Health denies the potential public health disaster which we are facing and overrides the precautionary ALARA principle means that, in the words of the EEA's director Jacqueline McGlade, it is "failing in its duty to protect the Danish people” (1).