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31 May 2020

Love nature? Why back 5G?

Love nature? Why back 5G?
Letter of the Day, gazetteseries.co.uk/, 30 May 2020

Love nature

I MUST congratulate you with the amount of nature you show in your paper every single week. What I am also noticing, is that through the Covid -19 crises people are becoming more conscious about the environment, they talk more about it and they enjoy it more.

Therefore, I find it so very bizarre some people backing 5G.

For 5G can have a massive effect, not just on humans, on birds, bees, insects and trees - where the radiations from 5G damage the bark.

I give you an example, my grandson has 40 bee hives near a field, the bees are dying because of the power of the radiation which throws the bees off the track to their hives.

Also, the insects figures are lowering in this country and specialists say partly because of 5G.

France: 5G: 500 environmental activists take legal action against Orange, Bouygues, SFR and Free

France: 5G: 500 environmental activists take legal action against Orange, Bouygues, SFR and Free
by Jamal Henni,  capital.fr/, 27 May 2020 - translation

CAPITAL INFO. Environmental activists request legal expertise on 5G. They have subpoenaed the four mobile operators, who will have to justify to an expert the measures they have taken to prevent any risk to health or the environment.

Environmentalists are continuing their legal battle against 5G, the mobile phone standard that is to succeed 4G and whose frequencies are due to be allocated this year. The latest action to date is a summary procedure before the Paris Court of Justice. Five hundred activists are asking the court to order an expert opinion on 5G. They filed their summons on 26 May, and request a first hearing on 30 June. Defended by the lawyer Jean-Marc Descoubes, the group is led by the founder of the Young Ambassadors for the Climate Côme Girschig, and includes a number of VIPs such as the film director Liza Azuelos, the writer Hermine de Clermont-Tonnerre and the singer Alma Higelin.

According to their subpoena, the expert will have to investigate "the implementation by mobile operators of effective measures on the prevention of risk to human health and the environment, and the establishment of the safety of this technology". In particular, he will have to visit the sites of the 5G experiments conducted by the four operators. The expert will also have to "give an opinion on the risk of encroachment on individual freedoms, and the technical means to be put in place to prevent, remedy and prevent the occurrence of these risks".

United Kingdom: A Second Lawsuit Over Health Effects of 5G Technology

https://ehtrust.org, 28 May 2020

Lawyers in the UK led by solicitor Jessica Learmond-Criqui are taking the UK government to court over health concerns relating to 5G and to EMFs generally. They are trying to raise £150,000 to cover legal, court and other costs in connection with this case.

As you may know, 5G is the fifth generation of RFR technology used in the mobile telecoms industry and follows 1G – 4G. It dwarfs RFR from 1G – 4G because millions more masts, antennae, small cells, picocells etc have to be placed at short distances apart all around the country in order to develop the infrastructure to deliver the data speed promised by 5G.

The current electrosmog from 1G – 4G will become significantly worse and it is likely to result in more harm to humans, animals, trees and pollinators.

25 May 2020

France: Phonegate: [Press release] Withdrawal of the Razer Phone 2: not seeing the forest for the trees!

[Press release] Withdrawal of the Razer Phone 2: not seeing the forest for the trees!
Equipe Phonegate 25 May 2020

In France, more than 500 mobile phone models are put on the market every year*. During the same period, only about 60, on average, are controlled by the French National Frequencies Agency (ANFR). 85% of smartphones therefore escape any control over the real level of exposure of users to radiofrequencies. Much more worrisome, in all other countries of the European Union, as well as in Switzerland and the United Kingdom, 100% of mobile phones escape all control. Although informed, the European Commission is proving to be totally failing to protect the health of hundreds of millions of users. Such regulatory laxity towards the mobile phone manufacturers and distributors must stop!

Under pressure, ANFR obliged to act

Before we issued the alert in July 2016, and legally obliged ANFR to publish all its test reports in March 2018, no mobile phone had ever been subject to any administrative sanction.

23 May 2020

EHS (electro-hypersensitive persons): where and how do they live in France?

EHS (electro-hypersensitive persons): where and how do they live in France?
by Alice Pouilloux, nexus.fr, 20 May 2020 - translation

Some electro-hypersensitive (EHS) persons have taken refuge in temporary housing, others have spent most of their confinement under protective tissues. For them, as for the 3.3 million French people of which I am a part, hell is wireless radiation. ◆ Electro-hypersensitive people, pariahs Being EHS is, for example, as in my case, to suffer the pain of [...]

◆ The electro-hypersensitive, pariahs...

Being EHS means, for example, as in my case, suffering from unbearable headaches in the presence of a smartphone twenty meters away, an internet box two floors below or close to a desk lamp. For many EHS sufferers, confinement represented an increase in their symptoms because of the neighbors who were connected all day long. A vital necessity in this case, to flee... but where? White zones are disappearing, the government has set a target in 2018 with the Élan law.  Public space is forbidden to these outcasts in hyper-connected times: many EHS cannot frequent public transport, café terraces, hospitals, places of culture, education and worship.  Depending on the degree of impairment, working is impossible.

The proven effects of electromagnetic waves

United States (Georgia): Atty Says Verizon 'Corporate Invasion' Risks COVID-19 Spread

Atty Says Verizon 'Corporate Invasion' Risks COVID-19 Spread
By Hailey Konnathlaw360.com, 21 May 2020

Law360 (May 21, 2020, 10:06 PM EDT) -- An Atlanta attorney claims Verizon Wireless sent subcontractors to his neighborhood in a "corporate invasion" that aims to build a 5G tower in his yard, putting him and his neighbors at risk of contracting COVID-19 from the unmasked workers as well as diseases purportedly linked to 5G.

Bill Kaspers, whose firm Kaspers & Associates Law Offices LLC is in midtown Atlanta, said in his proposed class action that a Verizon subcontractor without a face mask knocked on his door in the Derby Hills neighborhood in late March. Standing just past the doorway — not 6 feet away, as recommended during the pandemic — the subcontractor told Kaspers that Verizon planned to dig a hole in his front yard to put in a pole for a 5G cell radio transmission unit, according to the suit filed in Georgia federal court Tuesday. The case was entered into the court system Thursday.

21 May 2020

On the Clear Evidence of the Risks to Children from Non-Ionizing Radio Frequency Radiation

Photo from Environmental Health Trust
We thank Dr. Joel Moscowitz, University of Berkeley, for circulating this excellent paper by Prof. Tom Butler, University College Cork, a few days ago. It seems that the information and education about the harms of exposure from the microwave radiation emitted by our wireless devices: smartphones tablets, Wi-Fi - especially to children - is often being ignored in favor of the health concerns of 5G technology. This is regrettable. Microwave radiation has not ever been proven to be safe. The widespread deception of the industry in testing wireless devices such as smartphones shows that the rates of microwave radiation absorbed by the body when exposed to this type of radiation in real-life use (in contact with the body) exceed the limit values set by the authorities. We praise the courageous actions of associations like Phonegate Alert which are exposing this widespread deception, and the Environmental Health Trust and other organizations informing the public about the potential risks of wireless technology. (This blog has a section on "Phonegate": 201 articles,)

On the Clear Evidence of the Risks to Children from Non-Ionizing Radio Frequency Radiation: The Case of Digital Technologies in the Home, Classroom and Society
by Professor Tom Butler, Cork, Ireland: University College Cork, 2019. 33 pp.

"The level of proof required to justify action for health protection should be less than that required to constitute causality as a scientific principle.”
-- Professor Rainer Frentzel-Beyme, MD


Switzerland: Federal Council urged to think health with 5G

Federal Council urged to think health with 5G

Technology: How much radiation are we exposed to? Who do I contact if I have a problem? A National commission wants the government to respond more quickly.
by Lise Bailat, Tribune de Genève, 20 May 2020 - translation

After the popular backlash, the political backlash. The Health Commission of the National Council points the finger at the federal government's management of 5G deployment. It has just narrowly approved (11 votes against 10 and 3 abstentions) a motion proposed by Benjamin Roduit (PDC/VS) that puts pressure on the government. "It is clear that accompanying measures for 5G are planned by the Federal Council. But the three measures that are relevant to health, in my view the most important, are buried in the package, while those that benefit the deployment of this technology - such as the simplification of authorization procedures - will be implemented more quickly," says the Valaisan.

The committee hopes that at least two of the health measures will be implemented by the end of the year: monitoring of radiation exposure and the creation of an environmental medicine consultation service.

According to the timetable presented by the Federal Administration, these developments were not expected before 2021-2022. Too late, according to elected officials. "I believe that 5G is indispensable. But there is no question of turning a blind eye to health either," emphasizes Benjamin Roduit. We must take appropriate measures, not to stop 5G, but to protect the population, especially hypersensitive people."

20 May 2020

Effects of Electromagnetic Fields on Viral Infections

Effects of Electromagnetic Fields on Viral Infections
by Jacques Lintermans, Doctor of Science and André Vander Vorst, Professor Emeritus UCL -

I. Introduction

Among the elements that fuel the controversy about the effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF) on the human body, the possible action of these fields on the immune system has not received much attention until now.

Currently, this issue is of great concern since the emergence of a viral epidemic that some suspect has been promoted by massive exposure of the population to high power mobile phone antennas. (1,2,3)

It seems reasonable to admit that the steps that can lead to a pathological state after massive exposure to EMFs consist of immuno-suppression in exposed subjects, causing a weakening of their immune system and favoring infections on contact with pathogens, in particular viruses.

Each of these stages can be analyzed in detail.

II. Exposure to EMFs

19 May 2020

Germany: Doctors' Letter Against 5G

Doctors' letter against 5G,
klaus-buchner.eu, 4 May 2020 - translation by "Towards Better Health"

We doctors and psychotherapists with an interest in environmental medicine see a connection between electromagnetic pollution, immune deficiency and global epidemics

We call for a drastic reduction of the high-frequency emissions spread worldwide.

Dear Federal Chancellor,

The inhabitants of the globe are currently experiencing a widespread wave of disease caused by the SARS corona virus 2. At risk are mainly elderly people (with frequent deficiencies in essential nutrients) and those with previous illnesses or a weakened immune system (e.g. due to vitamin D deficiency which is particularly prevalent in winter and spring). The loss of human life and the consequences for the economy and employees due to the politically decreed massive restrictions on contact cannot be estimated, nor can the psycho-social consequences.

We, the undersigned doctors and psychotherapists, consider two other factors besides those mentioned above to be significant. Apart from the degree of infectiousness of the virus, it is above all the receptivity of the "host" that plays a role, i.e. specifically how well the immune system functions and whether specific virus antibodies are missing or have already been produced. In prevention and therapy, it is therefore important above all to prevent a weakening of the immune system and also to strengthen the immune system in many ways by therapy. Damage to the immune system is caused, for example, by widespread toxins, malnutrition, some drugs, air pollution and certain lifestyle factors (alcohol, nicotine).

18 May 2020

Switzerland: 20.3455 MOTION: 5G: Accelerated accompanying measures in the health sector

20.3455 MOTION: 5G: Accelerated accompanying measures in the health sector -
unofficial translation

Submitted by:
14 May 2020 to the National Council

State of deliberations: Not yet dealt with in the Council


The Federal Council is instructed to implement by the second half of 2020 at the latest the accompanying measures proposed by the working group "Mobile telephony and radiation", published on 28 November 2019, relating to health:

- monitoring of radiation exposure
- creation of an environmental medicine consultation service on the non-ionizing radiation
- increased research on the health effects of mobile phones and radiation.

17 May 2020

The Netherlands: Anti-5G Activists Take Dutch Government To Court Over ‘Unethical’ Network Rollout

Anti-5G Activists Take Dutch Government To Court Over ‘Unethical’ Network Rollout
by Carly Page, Contributor, forbes.com, 5 May 2020

Anti-5G activists in the Netherlands have gone to court to
try and stop the nationwide 5G rollout... 
[+] Getty Images
Anti-5G activists in The Netherlands have taken the government in court over the its “unethical” nationwide 5G rollout that poses “serious health risks” to the general public.

As reported by DutchNews.nl, the Stop5GNL Foundation argues that the rollout of the next-generation telecommunications network should be discontinued until it has been “sufficiently demonstrated that there are no real and serious health risks.”

This comes just weeks after a number of conspiracy theories linked 5G to the spread of COVID-19, though these myths were widely-debunked by the scientific and technology communities.

Canada: Launch of the 5G Appeal Calling for the Government to Suspend the 5G Rollout and to Choose Safe and Reliable Fibre/Wired Connections

Frank Clegg - CEO C4ST - 5G Appeal (14 May 2020, 9 min.)


Former CEO of Microsoft Canada explains the dangers of 5G and the benefits of safer fiber/wired connections, and calls on the Canadian Government to conduct an independent assessment of the costs to society of 5G - including, but not limited to: Health, Environment, Privacy and Security, Loss of Productivity Due to the Impacts on Well-Being etc.

This video launches the Appel 5G in Canada (5G Appeal) which calls for the Government of Canada to Suspend the 5G Rollout and to Choose Safe and Reliable Fibre/Wired Connections.

To sign the Appel, go to the second link below.

16 May 2020

France: During Full Confinement, an Anti-Nuclear Association Suffered the Wrath of the Gendarmerie

During full confinement, an anti-nuclear association suffered the wrath of the gendarmerie
by Pierre Bonneau (Reporterre)reporterre.net, 6 May 2020

On April 21, the premises of the Next-Up anti-nuclear association as well as the homes of its leaders were searched despite the confinement. The reason invoked - to recover protective equipment - seems very paltry to the people concerned and their supporters.

Crest (Drôme), correspondence

"They fell on us like in an ambush!" Almost a week after the incident, Serge Sargentini has still not recovered.  Living beside the Drôme River in the small quiet town of Crest, this head of the anti-nuclear association Next-Up did not expect, during full confinement, to be searched, handcuffed, and much of the material of his association seized, and to be held for twelve hours in police custody without respecting confinement measures when he is over 70 years old.

Tuesday, April 21, the septuagenarian spotted four gendarmes arriving by surprise, hiding next to the window of his room. "At 8:40 a.m., as we were leaving with my wife through the back door, they came upon us, announcing the search and entry by force. There were insults, spitting, pushing and shoving. Half of them were not wearing masks or gloves," says the retiree on the phone. The reason for the operation? A requisition of masks.

14 May 2020

SAR & How Cell Phone Radiation Isn’t Actually Regulated

SAR & How Cell Phone Radiation Isn’t Actually Regulated (10 May 2020, 8 min.)

There is a large and growing body of science demonstrating cell phone radiation can cause negative health effects including infertility and cancer. So people often ask: how is this stuff legal? Well, the answer is: cell phone radiation really isn't regulated. Here's why.

Note:  The video is featured here for educational purposes.  We are not trying to sell a product offered by "Shield Your Body", the company which made this video.  

05 May 2020

United States: Apple Says Federal Regulations Bar iPhone Radiation Safety Suit

Apple Says Federal Regulations Bar iPhone Radiation Safety Suit
Bloomberg Law, 4 May 2020

- Suit alleged phones can emit radiation over federal limits
- FCC says phones in compliance, suit is improper challenge

The Apple Inc. logo is displayed at one of the company's
stores in Hong Kong, China, in 2019.
Anthony Kwan/Bloomberg via Getty Images
The Federal Communications Commission’s testing regulations preempt a class suit alleging certain iPhone models emit dangerous radiation levels when carried close to the body, Apple Inc. told the Northern District of California.

Additionally, that court lacks jurisdiction over the suit, which seeks to challenge the FCC’s testing rules, an issue that must be reviewed by a federal appeals court, Apple said in a filing May 1.

Apple’s motion followed an FCC filing that detailed its position on whether the claims can proceed.