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31 January 2017

Electromagnetic Radiation And Environmental Factors In Autism

Electromagnetic Radiation And Environmental Factors In Autism
by Jamie Ann Montiel, RN, BSN, eatgenius.com, 30 January 2017

Autism spectrum disorders, (collectively referred to here as autism) has increased at an alarming rate over the past several decades which has coincided with the exponential growth of man-made sources of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) (7, 8), specifically wireless technologies, exposure to which has become ubiquitous in most places inhabited by humans nowadays. It is estimated that 1 in 45 children in the US has autism (10, 27). Autism is diagnosed according to behavioral symptoms but involves systemic physiological abnormalities and therefore it is not just a neurodevelopment disorder (18). Although autism is most likely a result of a combination of many environmental and genetic factors working synergistically to cause as well as exacerbate symptoms, genetic factors cannot account for the epidemic proportions of autism cases in such a short period, therefore environmental and epi-genetic factors play a major role in autism (9). What will be focused on herein will be the environmental causes of autism, how excessive EMR exposure, which is the impetus for the disease, combined with a lack of sunlight exposure as well as environmental heavy metal exposure, work in concert to lead to system-wide dysfunction that is autism.

30 January 2017

Electrohypersensitivity Is On the Rise (Article from Spain)

Technological communities of refugees without mobile 
phones or wireless networks are starting to proliferate.
Pere Tordera
Electromagnetic hypersensitivity, an unknown disorder, is on the rise
by David Bigorra, ara.ct, 13 November 2016 (Google translation with grammatical corrections.)

Wi-Fi radiation is the main cause of an impairment - a  thousand cases have already been registered at the Clínic.

At the same speed that the presence of electromagnetic waves is increasing in the environment - emitted by telephone antennas, power lines or Wi-Fi networks - so is the activity of Dr. Joaquín Fernández Solà, chronic fatigue unit coordinator at the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona.  Fernández Solà is one of the pioneers in the treatment of electromagnetic hypersensitivity in the State, a condition not recognized as a disease but each day affecting more people. The Clínic has already treated more than one thousand cases, 60% of which are caused by wireless networks.

29 January 2017

If Wi-Fi and Cell Phone Radiation Are Safe, Why Has Belgium's Telecomm Boss Banned Them from His Offices?

If WiFi and Cell Phone Radiation are Safe, why has Belgiums Telecomm Boss Banned them from his offices?
by Morley, liveuniverse.club, 25 January 2017

By: Lloyd Burrell

99 percent of the population continue to use WiFi and other wireless devices without a second thought, but a growing number of people are becoming increasingly concerned with the health issues surrounding the use of these technologies. Didier Bellens happens to be one of these people. What makes Mr. Bellens different is that he also runs Belgacom, the largest telecommunications company in Belgium. His concern is such that not only has he chosen to do without WiFi on the 27th floor of Belgacom where his office is situated, he also chooses to do without a cell phone; only taking calls on the offices land line.

Does Mr. Bellem know something we dont?

'Global Epidemic of Blindness' on the Horizon, Experts Warn

Staring at digital screens for several hours can cause
irreversible damage to the retinas, potentially leading to
central blindness, a new study claims.
'Global epidemic of blindness' on the horizon, experts warn: Hours spent staring at screens 'will rob millions of their sight decades early'
24 January 2017

  • High energy light from digital screens is damaging our retinas, a new study says
  • Damage to the retinas - the light-sensitive layer at the back of the eye - is the biggest cause of central blindness
  • Experts say it is now 'clearer than ever' that we are facing a new global epidemic
  • But using a filter over screens can prevent further damage, researchers claim

Experts warn we face a global epidemic of blindness if we continue to spend hours you spend staring at a screen.

Cell Phones and Breast Cancer

(Choice of image by Editor of "Towards Better Health")
Cell phones and breast cancer
by Leonardo L. Leonidas - @inquirerdotnet, Commentary,
4 January 2017

When a woman younger than 40 gets breast cancer, researchers swing into action to know why such an uncommon event happened. The commonly accepted scientific thinking for this to occur is when the woman inherited a gene for breast cancer. Another way may possibly be through exposure to radiation energy coming from a cell phone placed near the breast.

Case Report in Medicine (volume 2013) featured four young women found to have multifocal breast cancer. All of them did not have breast cancer genes. All were younger than 40 and had a years-old habit of keeping their cell phone in their bra.

28 January 2017

This Former Techie Owes His Fortune to Electronic Devices. Now He Thinks They're Dangerous.

Peter Sullivan in his Los Altos office.
Courtesy Peter Sullivan
This Former Techie Owes His Fortune to Electronic Devices. Now He Thinks They're Dangerous.
by Josh Harkinson, Mother Jones, 
28 January 2017

Silicon Valley isn't the best place to be hypersensitive to electromagnetic fields.

Peter Sullivan and I are driving around Palo Alto, California, in his black Tesla Roadster when the clicking begins. The $2,500 German-made instrument resting in my lap is picking up electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from a nearby cell tower. As we follow a procession of BMWs and Priuses into the parking lot of Henry M. Gunn High School, the clicking crescendos into a roar of static. "I can feel it right here," Sullivan says, wincing as he massages his forehead. The last time he visited the tower, he tells me, it took him three days to recover.

24 January 2017

Mobile Phone Radiation, an Underestimated Disease Factor: Summary of Lecture Delivered to Swiss Medical Association

Mobile phone radiation, an underestimated disease factor
www.buergerwelle.de, 18 January 2017 (translated from German by Google with grammatical corrections)

Lecture given by Peter Schlegel dipl. Ing. ETH at the special event "Electrosmog and its effects on the body" organized by the Swiss medical association SSAAMP on October 13, 2016 in Zurich. Participants were around 100 medical professionals.

The lecture was a version of 62 lecture notes supplemented by additional presentations (not presented at the event for reasons of time). For a better understanding, some slides with explanations and comments were added at the oral presentation. The presentations were based on Swiss conditions.

23 January 2017

Spain: A Lleida Court Is Deciding Whether to Grant Permanent Disability to a Woman Who Claims Electrosensitivity

Rosa CT, back to camera, affected by electrosensitivity,
talks to Dr. Carmen Valls before the Lleida court where
he has testified as as an expert in her favor at the trial
held on Thursday.  Javier Martin
[Once again, we are looking for someone who could translate this article from Spanish into better English.] 

A significant article published in a major newspaper: A Lleida court is deciding whether to grant permanent disability to a woman who claims electrosensitivity.

The supposed 'allergy' to wifi on the bench
by Inigo Dominguez, El Pais,
14  January 2016 (Auto-translation)

"A Lleida court decides whether to grant permanent disability to a woman who claims electrosensitivity, an unrecognized disease of great scientific discussion"

Wi-Fi 'allergy' is a colloquial expression for the so-called electro-hypersensitivity, with the acronym EHS, the presumed intolerance to the electromagnetic waves of the wireless connections and other apparatuses.

The issue demands even more qualification because there is not even agreement that this 'allergy' exists, that these waves produce that effect.

The vast majority of the scientific community, the World Health Organization and the committee of EU experts deny it , they say it is not proven. They treat it directly as a Chinese tale.

On the contrary, some scientists believe that this is not the case, and they handle growing documentation, while being disdained by the rest of their colleagues.

21 January 2017

The NTP Cell Phone RF Radiation Health Effects Project

The NTP Cell Phone RF Radiation Health Effects Project [Health Matters]
James C. Lin, Univ. of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA
Published in: IEEE Microwave Magazine
( Volume: 18, Issue: 1, Jan.-Feb. 2017 )

On 26 May 2016, a U.S.-government-led project reported occurrences of two types of rare cancers in laboratory rats exposed to RF radiation used for wireless cell phone operations. This five-year project has been ongoing for more than ten years, with a currently estimated price tag of US$25 million or more of taxpayers' money (two to three times its original budget). That's huge! It is the largest health effects study ever undertaken by the National Toxicology Program (NTP) of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS).

Full text available.

On 26 May 2016, a U.S.-government-led project reported occurrences of two types of rare cancers in laboratory rats exposed to RF radiation used for wireless cell phone operations [1].

This five-year project has been ongoing for more than ten years, with a currently estimated price tag of US$25 million or more of taxpayers' money (two to three times its original budget). That's huge! It is the largest health effects study ever undertaken by the National Toxicology Program (NTP) of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS).

The Findings and their Implications

Is 5G Cellular Technology Harmful to Our Health?

Is 5G Cellular Technology Harmful to Our Health?
saferemr.com, 17 August 2016 (updated 19 August)

5G cellular technology will employ much higher frequency microwaves than current cell phone technologies: 2G, 3G, and 4G. These microwaves, known as millimeter waves, won't penetrate building materials like the current technology which is why industry may need one cell antenna base station for every 12 homes.

But millimeter waves can affect your eyes and penetrate your skin.

When the Los Angeles Times reporter contacted me for the story below, I did a quick search and found several recently published articles examining biological effects of millimeter waves (see references below). This form of microwave radiation is most likely to affect our skin and neuronal cells in the upper dermis.

Moreover, widespread adoption of 5G cellular technology in the U.S. may have profound effects on our ecosystem by altering bacteria, possibly creating harmful bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics.

History has proved that we cannot trust the FCC and the FDA to protect our health from microwave radiation exposure.

Brain Tumors Are Increasing in Denmark

Brain tumors are increasing in Denmark.
News release from Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation, 20 January 2017
From original article in Swedish.

The chart shows the development of the number of patients
(all ages) who each year are reported to have a tumor in the
brain, the meninges (including meningioma) or central
nervous system (including cranial nerves and acoustic
neuroma).  The statistics include both malignant and benign
tumors.  Nearly 1,000 more patients were registered in 2015
compared with 1990.  The graph also shows a clear trend
reversal takes place in 2003/2004 after which the growth
 rate increases.
Never before have so many new patients been diagnosed with a brain tumor in Denmark as in year 2015. The number of people diagnosed with tumors of the central nervous system (CNS, including brain tumors) in Denmark has more than doubled since 1990 according to new statistics and the largest increase has been in the last 10 years until 2015. Among young people aged 0-39 years, tumors in the CNS are the type of cancer that has increased the most.

The increase appears to have accelerated in the last ten years according to the data from the Danish Cancer Registry, analyzed by the Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation. The data includes both malignant and benign brain tumors. During the same period, the use of mobile phones has increased tremendously.

In addition, the number of young patients diagnosed with a CNS tumor is on the rise. Among young people under 40 years of age in Denmark, also this age group is seeing a rise in the number of diagnosed cases. CNS tumors are also increasing among the young and are now almost as common as malignant melanoma among those aged 0-39 years. CNS tumors have increased more than any other tumor type over the past ten years in this age group. In 2006, 186 young persons aged 0-39 years were reported with a CNS tumor, but in 2015 the number had increased to 271.

20 January 2017

Electrosensitivity – an Environmental illness, an Authentic Diagnosis, not a Delusional Disorder - Letter by Dr. Andrew Tresidder

Full text:  Download


January 2017

To my Medical Colleagues, GPs, Psychiatrists, Neurologists and others:

Electrosensitivity – an Environmental illness, an Authentic Diagnosis, not a Delusional Disorder

Electrosensitivity is the symptomatic sensitivity to Electric or Magnetic Fields of any frequency, including RadioFrequency (RF or Microwave) transmissions. As a symptomatic condition, it is becoming common due to the increasing environmental pressure on human biology. The source is pollution from wireless and other EM fields. Doctors as yet rarely recognize it due to educational issues. Safety always lags technological advance. There are barriers to recognition of harms. Current UK Advisory Safety Limits are based upon the outdated and disproven myth that Non-Thermal means Non-Harmful. Society and organizations have yet to fully travel the road from ‘there isn’t a problem’, ‘there might be a problem but it’s very small’ to ‘there is a problem’. Society does not recognize humans as electromagnetic beings, as well as physical bodies needing careful nutrition to maintain health. Meanwhile, increasing numbers of people suffer, often ignored or dismissed because society doesn’t yet appreciate the issue, and doctors have no answers. Electrosensitivity is soundly supported by both biology and physics.

"Electrohypersensitivity: A Functional Impairment Due to an Inaccessible Environment" by Professor Olle Johansson

"As clearly stated by the UN, there must be an end to nonchalance, lack of consideration, indifference and lack of respect on the part of society for those with disabilities."  We ask everyone to read and consider - what Professor Olle Johansson says about electrohypersensitivity.  

"Some medical doctors and a few scientists still... want EHS to be a medical/psychiatric diagnosis, i.e. with patients with an undefined disease syndrome, the latter instead being the focus of medical/psychiatric treatments (thus, no automatic accessibility measures, including shielding of the environment)...

"There is much that could be done to increase accessibility: educating architects, planners, scientists, technologists and the general public more effectively about EHS, its causes and how it can be minimized... Creating work, home and general environments that are more user-friendly for EHS sufferers so that they feel included and not excluded in the rich tapestry of life...

"Forcing people with such functional impairments out into various sanctuaries or zones is completely in opposition to the UN disability laws, the Standard Rules, and it’s Convention, and could be the beginning of a terrible trend...

"How are [electrohypersensitive persons] to be able to be a normal part of the community with complete access to council offices, post offices, means of transport, cinemas, restaurants, hospital care and other facilities when electromagnetic pollution can affect them detrimentally?...

"As clearly stated by the UN (6), there must be an end to nonchalance, lack of consideration, indifference and lack of respect on the part of society for those with disabilities for all our sakes. As moral human beings we should never accept negative discriminatory treatment or an insulting special treatment of those with impairments."

Electrohypersensitivity: a functional impairment due to an inaccessible environment 
Olle Johansson*
DOI 10.1515/reveh-2015-0018 Received July 14, 2015; accepted November 2, 2015


Full text (click on "download" at right)

18 January 2017

United Kingdom: Testimony of Electrohypersensitivity

“I would like to break through the taboo of a condition that people have little awareness of, so that anyone suffering from this receives understanding and support from those around them, and that it becomes easier to get a diagnosis.”

COUNTY NEWS: Woman’s struggle with being ‘allergic to WiFi’
by Olivia Meades, worthingherald.uk,
17 January 2017

A woman who says she is ‘allergic to WiFi’ and unable to receive NHS treatment has been forced to move out of her home because of her condition.

Rachel Hinks, 43, of Brideoake Close in Chichester, claims she suffers from electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) – meaning her immune system is severely affected by electromagnetic fields from WiFi signals, masts and mobile phones.

Rachel wants to help raise awareness for her condition, which is currently not a recognised medical diagnosis in the UK, to help other people who may be suffering with EHS.

13 January 2017

5G: Warning!

5G: Warning!
by Meris Michaels, Readers' Mail, Tribune de Genève,
11 January 2017 (translated from French)

5G technology will increase the levels of electrosmog in our environment. The presence of billions of connected objects will make us more stressed, vulnerable to cybercrime, disconnected, and sensitive to radiation. Health services will be put under pressure to cope with the pandemic of illnesses resulting from increased exposure. The economy will be affected through the rise in health costs and loss of productivity at work.

Although the development of new technologies is accelerating, at the same time there is a tendency to disconnect. We are treating addiction to devices. In France, laws oblige businesses to respect rest times of employees by regulating communication at any time and even limiting the exposure to radiation at work of pregnant women and workers under age 18.

12 January 2017

81 Studies Linking Vaccines to Autism

This article contains the abstracts of all 81 studies.  

81 Studies Linking Vaccines to Autism

Studies supporting vaccine and autism from Adventures in Autism

1. Hepatitis B Vaccination of Male Neonates and Autism

Annals of Epidemiology , Vol. 19, No. 9 ABSTRACTS (ACE), September 2009: 651-680, p. 659
CM Gallagher, MS Goodman, Graduate Program in Public
Health, Stony Brook University Medical Center, Stony Brook, NY


PURPOSE: Universal newborn immunization with hepatitis B vaccine was recommended in 1991; however, safety findings are mixed. The Vaccine Safety Datalink Workgroup reported no association between hepatitis B vaccination at birth and febrile episodes or neurological adverse events. Other studies found positive associations between hepatitis B vaccination and ear infection, pharyngitis, and chronic arthritis; as well as receipt of early intervention/special education services (EIS); in probability samples of U.S. children. Children with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) comprise a growing caseload for EIS. We evaluated the association between hepatitis B vaccination of male neonates and parental report of ASD.

10 January 2017

Open Letter to President Obama on the Eve of His Farewell Address to the American People

An open letter to President Obama, on the Eve of his Farewell Address to the American people in Chicago on January 10, 2017

Dear President Obama,

Thank you for your service to the American people and to the world during the last eight years. You have accomplished much for many and you and your team are in a better position than anyone to understand the depth and breadth of those accomplishments. Of course, there are those who are eager to assess your “legacy” – historians, journalists, pundits, etc. and this can be interesting and important. The format is typically a summary of legislative and related accomplishments followed by a second guessing about “mistakes” or initiatives that were not fully realized. Everyone knows that perfection in a role like the President of the United States is not an option. I am writing to you to ask you to consider briefly addressing one aspect of your legacy tomorrow that you may not have had the time to fully consider.

09 January 2017

Poland: Krakow Leads the World in Responsible Control of Electromagnetic Fields

(We very much apologize for the previous photo here, which
was of Prague, not Krakow.)
Krakow’s citizens to be trained to measure exposure to EMFs

Krakow, Poland leads the world in responsible control of EMFs
by John Weigel, posted on WEEP News
7 January 2017

KRAKOW - The International Forum on Protection from Electromagnetic Environmental Pollution subtitled “Right to Information for Citizens” learned Monday in the 16th Century Krakow Hall of Sessions that responsible government, professional scientific advice and citizen participation can address the runaway explosion of electromagnetic radiation that is causing disease and death to as many as 200 million worldwide.

The two major initiatives addressed the issue of inappropriate zoning issures surrounding the location of communications masts and a program where electromagnetic monitoring equipment is to be made available to citizens to allow them to measure levels of electromagnetic radiation.

08 January 2017

France: Businesses Are Going to Protect Workers from Electromagnetic Waves

Measuring electromagnetic waves© Sipa / Valinco
Businesses are going to protect workers from electromagnetic waves
by France Inter with Yann Galli, 1st January 2017 (translated by the Editor of "Towards Better Health")

It is one of the latest innovations of 1 January:  Companies must now consider the issue of electromagnetic waves to which employees are exposed.

These waves are emitted mainly by wireless equipment:  Wi-Fi, cell phones, and tablets.  It took three years for this European directive to be applied in France.  A decree appearing on 6 August in the official [government] journal, relating to "protection of workers against risks from electromagnetic fields", indicates the threshholds of exposure that must not be exceeded.

The employer must evaluate the risks involved

06 January 2017

3G UMTS Cellphones Could Be More Carcinogenic Than 2G GSM Cellphones

3G UMTS Cellphones Could Be More Carcinogenic Than 2G GSM Cellphones
Environmental Health Trust

Newer Untested Technology May Be More Dangerous Than Older Technology
Research Analysis Prepared for the BIOEM 2016 Conference

There are solid scientific reasons why the new 5G Spectrum Frontiers technology could turn out to be more dangerous than existing technology. Simply take a look at the research that compares 2G (GSM technology) to 3G (UMTS-talk, text, and data- Smartphone technology).

People usually assume, the more power you absorb, the higher the risk. However, when scientists reviewed the first ever paper that looks at brain cancer risk by type of phone used- Second Generation (2G) or Third Generation (3G)- they found a stunning conclusion. The lower power 3G UMTS phones had a higherglioma (a type of brain cancer) risk than the higher power 2G GSM phones.

Although 3G technology has up to 1000 less power this technology shows a more than THREE TIMES RISK for glioma in comparison to 2G.

04 January 2017

Subjective Symptoms Related to GSM Radiation from Mobile Phone Base Stations

"Recommendations:  We subscribe to the guidelines observed by other authors in following the principle of prevention while the non-thermal effects are not considered in any official standard. This includes exposure minimisation within the limits of technical feasibility to guarantee a significant reduction in long-term radiation exposure to cellular phone towers in residential areas. Epidemiological and clinical studies should continue to observe possible health changes in the population. Finally, clear information about the correct use of newer electronic devices should be implemented."

Subjective symptoms related to GSM radiation from mobile phone base stations: a cross-sectional study 
BMJ Open, 4 January 2017
Downloaded from http://bmjopen.bmj.com/ on January 4, 2017 - Published by group.bmj.com

Claudio Gómez-Perretta,1 Enrique A Navarro,2 Jaume Segura,3 Manuel Portolés1

Full text available.


“Asbestos of the Sky” - The Aviation Industry’s Darkest Coverup

We are posting just two excerpts from this excellent article. 

“Asbestos of the Sky” - The Aviation Industry’s Darkest Coverup
by Sayer Ji, Founder, greenmedinfo.com, 
3 January 2017

“Asbestos of the Sky”

The aviation industry hangs its hat on air travel being "the safest way to travel." The truth, however, is that it has harbored a dark secret since its inception: it's poisoning its passengers and crew due to deeply flawed aircraft design, de-prioritizing safety in favor of profit.

In flight, every crew member and passenger relies on an air supply. The assumption, of course, is that this air is filtered if not fresh. Perhaps you have sensed (and promptly dismissed) that there may be quality control issues around cabin air. The problem goes further than that, however, and astoundingly, this is not by accident but by design.

02 January 2017

Electrosensitivity: "A Disability that Cannot be Dismissed"

Example of a person said to suffer from hypersensitivity
to magnetic fields.  
Electrosensitivity:  "A disability that cannot be dismissed"
by Hugo Jalinière, Sciences et Avenir,
27 August 2015 (translated by the Editor of "Towards Better Health")

"Sciences et Avenir" interviewed Dr. Pierre Biboulet, the medical expert appointed by the Court of Toulouse which for the first time in France accorded an adult with disabilities allowance for reasons of hyper-electrosensitivity.

A judgement rendered by the Incapacity Dispute Court of Toulouse (TCI) accorded for the first time in France an adult with disabilities allowance to a woman, Marine Richard, attributing her disability to hyper-electrosensitivity.  She says she suffers very strong headaches and cardiac arrhythmia after several hours' exposure to electromagnetic waves.  The decision of the TCI could thus be a landmark since, scientifically, there is still no consensus on the reality of a medical condition induced by magnetic fields.  In order to learn the motivations which led to this decision, "Sciences et Avenir" interviewed the medical expert appointed by the TCI of Toulouse, Dr. Pierre Biboulet.