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16 April 2024

France: List of cell phones withdrawn or updated for deception and endangering users (update 8 April 2024)

List of cell phones withdrawn or updated for deception and endangering users
By : Phonegate Team • 11 Apr 2024

There are now 48 models of cell phones, identified as dangerous to the health of users, which have been either withdrawn from the French market or have seen their Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) updated by software. The latest: the HOTWAV Cyber 7, the LOGICOM Flow, the EMPORIA smart 4, the DOOGEE S88, the EMPORIA simplicity V27, the Iphone 12, the Motorola Edge, the Essential Clap 20+, the Xiaomi Poco X3 and the LOGICOM Le Swipe.

HOTWAV Cyber 7 withdrawn from the French market

In a press release dated April 8, 2024, the French National Frequencies Agency (ANFR) announced the withdrawal from the French market of the HOTWAV Cyber 7 smartphone, after tests carried out by the accredited German laboratory CETECOM revealed that the trunk SAR (2.112 W/kg) and limb SAR (4.246 W/kg) had been exceeded.

Switzerland: Electrosensitivity: A new medical advice network

Switzerland: Electrosensitivity: A new medical advice network

A new article published on the website of the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN),
Swiss Confederation

Electrosensitivity: A new medical advice network

The disorder is not scientifically recognized, yet the suffering of electrosensitive people is very real. A new medical advice network intends to improve their care. This measure is based on a decision of the Federal Council.

Text: Carole Berset - unofficial auto-translation 

Bruno Cardona suffers from electrosensitivity. He has implemented a series of solutions to disconnect 
and therefore limit his pain. © Saskja Rosset | Lunax

Recurrent headaches, concentration and memory problems: in Switzerland, around 5% of the population reports suffering from electrosensitivity. “This rate varies between 1% and around 10% depending on the studies. A report from the National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Safety (ANSES) of France in 2018 evaluated studies of the prevalence of this disorder over several years, and estimated that it would be around 5%,” explains Maurane Riesen, scientific collaborator at the FOEN. No causal link has been scientifically established between the appearance of electrosensitivity and exposure to electromagnetic fields (also called electrosmog). However, the suffering of electrosensitive people is real and has been associated with a variety of symptoms such as redness, burning sensations, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, nausea, heart palpitations and digestive problems. According to the ANSES report, radio frequency sources (Wi-Fi, mobile telephony, relay antennas) and low frequency sources (electrical lines and installations) are most often blamed by people during the appearance of this condition.

Autism and How Cell Phone Radiation and Other Sources of Wireless Damage the Blood-Brain Barrier

This article includes links to several excellent videos on health effects of exposure to cell phone radiation emitted by our wireless devices, including a presentation by neurosurgeon Dr. Leif Salford.

Autism and How Cell Phone Radiation and Other Sources of Wireless Damage the Blood-Brain Barrier
by B.N. Frank, activistpost.com, 11 April 2024

Decades of research have already determined that exposure to cell phone radiation and other sources of electromagnetic fields (EMF) – including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 5G – is biologically harmful. Despite this research, wireless-radiation emitting sources seem to be almost everywhere including the utility “Smart” meters (electric, gas, and water) installed on homes and throughout communities worldwide.

There is a long list of undesirable symptoms and illnesses associated with exposure. It can even damage the blood-brain barrier! Additionally, experts have said exposure could be linked to autism. Of course it seems reasonable to suspect anything that damages the blood-brain barrier of at least contributing to autism.

A Presentation by neurosurgeon Dr. Leif Salford on the effects of cellular phone radiation
(Washington DC conference, 2009)


14 April 2024

Children's Health Defense Files FOIA Requests: Why Did Government Shut Down Studies on Cellphone Radiation and Cancer?

CHD Files FOIA Requests: Why Did Government Shut Down Studies on Cellphone Radiation and Cancer?
By Suzanne Burdick, Ph.D., childrenshealthdefense.org, 10 April 2024

The requests are for key communications and research documents related to studies that were underway and the factors that led the National Institute of Environmental and Health Sciences to discontinue the studies, despite previous research finding evidence of cancer and DNA damage related to cellphone use.

Children’s Health Defense (CHD) today filed Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for documents and communications related to the agency’s decision to discontinue studies on the potential health effects of cellphone radiofrequency radiation (RFR) — even after a 10-year, $30-million study, completed in 2018, found evidence of cancer and DNA damage.

“We think it is important to understand what led to this decision, because we know too often big industry interests play a significant role” in shutting down this type of research, said Miriam Eckenfels-Garcia, director of CHD’s Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) & Wireless program.

Scientists Set New Internet Speed World Record: 4.5 Million Times Faster Than Average Broadband

Scientists Set New Internet Speed World Record: 4.5 Million Times Faster Than Average Broadband
By CircleID Reporter, circleid.com, 2 April 2024

Dr. Ian Phillips with the wavelength management device. Photo: Aston University

In a groundbreaking development, scientists from Aston University, in collaboration with the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology in Japan and Nokia Bell Labs in the US, have set a new world record in internet speed. Achieving data transmission rates of 301,000,000 megabits per second through standard optical fiber, this speed is about 4.5 million times faster than the average UK broadband connection and over a million times quicker than average US download speeds.

IARC Again Asked to Review RF Cancer Risk, Just Not Right Away

IARC Again Asked to Review RF Cancer Risk, Just Not Right Away
Same Advice Was Given in 2019
microwavenews.com, 13 April 2024

An advisory group to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has —once again— recommended a new assessment of the cancer risk posed by RF radiation. RF is one of about a hundred agents listed as “high priority” for evaluation over the next five years, 2025-2029.

The panel, made up of 28 independent scientists from 22 countries, met last month in Lyon, France (IARC’s hometown), to consider more than 200 agents that had been nominated for evaluation or reevaluation. The panel’s recommendations were announced yesterday in the news section of Lancet Oncology and an IARC press release.

Others on the high-priority list include acetaminophen (Tylenol), methamphetamine, bisphenols, hair dyes, the hepatitis D virus and smoking cannabis. The full list is below.

10 April 2024

Switzerland: Resistance to 5G antennas grows nationwide

Everyone wants fast Internet, even on the go - but no one wants a 5G antenna in the garden. Resistance is increasing nationwide - including in the canton of Schwyz.

Resistance to 5G antennas
hoefner.ch, April 8, 2024 - auto-translation

A 5G antenna - here from the mobile phone provider Sunrise.

It's a nationwide trend: When it comes to building a 5G antenna, there's a hail of objections. The three Swiss mobile phone providers Swisscom, Salt and Sunrise can tell you a thing or two about it. According to Swisscom, around 3,000 such projects from all providers are currently pending or blocked due to objections. The canton of Schwyz is no exception. The Schwyz Office for the Environment and Energy has recorded an enormous increase since the introduction of the 5G standard - as head of office Peter Inhelder explains upon request. Most objections come from private parties and have a health-related background. However, getting away with it with such arguments is very unlikely. The same federal regulations and limit values ​​for non-ionizing radiation (NIS) apply to the installation and operation of 5G antennas as to all mobile communications systems - and these are stricter in Switzerland than in other European countries. And compliance with these regulations is regularly checked by the cantons.

07 April 2024

Switzerland: 5G Mobile Communications: Warning about the Quick Fix

Warning about the Quick Fix
By Pascal Sigg (text) and Florian Bachmann (photo), woz.ch, 28 March 2024 - auto-translation

The federal government could soon allocate mobile phone frequencies for so-called millimeter waves. What pleases telecommunications companies and the digital economy worries environmental protection doctors.

(Photo): It doesn't really work yet: The effects of the frequencies required for 5G technology on our bodies have hardly been researched.

The hopes for 5G technology are high because it could finally fulfill many of the promises of digitalization: fast mobile internet even on hills, drone-controlled weeding robots in fields, self-driving cars in the city. Telecommunications companies and the Federal Council want to push ahead with the corresponding expansion of the 5G network. But there is a problem: Such applications require mobile communications at higher frequencies. Swisscom, Salt and Sunrise currently only operate at a maximum of 3.5 gigahertz (GHz). The Federal Council is now toying with awarding higher mobile phone frequencies in the 6, 26 and 40 GHz ranges – so-called millimeter waves. In order to examine the specific need for higher frequencies, the Federal Office of Communications (Bakom) recently carried out a public consultation process. The Federal Council could have the frequencies auctioned in just three years.

05 April 2024

California: ‘Huge Win’: Court Rules Big Telecom Must Comply With State Environmental Laws

‘Huge Win’: Court Rules Big Telecom Must Comply With State Environmental Laws
By Suzanne Burdick, Ph.D., childrenshealthdefense.org, 4 April 2024

A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge last week ruled that federal law does not preempt California’s state environmental law, which requires environmental impact reviews before telecom companies can apply for permits to build new wireless infrastructure on scenic highways and historic sites.

Los Angeles County officials must comply with state environmental law when issuing permits for new wireless infrastructures, a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge ruled.

The ruling is a win for Children’s Health Defense (CHD) and a coalition of community and environmental groups in a historic case challenging the fast-tracked proliferation of wireless infrastructure in Los Angeles County.

W. Scott McCollough, lead attorney for the plaintiffs, said in a press release, “The court’s ruling is a huge win in the battle against unfettered proliferation of wireless because of the known risks to the environment and people’s health.”

04 April 2024

Study: Electromagnetic Fields Harm Insects

This link will take you to the study in English, French and German as well as Fact Sheetshttps://protect-insects.info/beefi-study/#study

Are electromagnetic fields such as mobile communications harmful to insects?
diagnose:funk, 2024

The results of the meta-analysis by Thill, Cammaerts & Balmori (2023) show that mobile phone radiation has negative effects on insects

BEEFI: Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields on Insects: a Systematic Review and Metaanalysis, Reviews on Environmental Health; Authors: Thill A, Cammaerts M-C, Balmori A., 2023 doi.org/10.1515/reveh-2023-0072 | www.emf-portal.org/de/article/52384

The negative effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF) on insects are the subject of intensive scientific research. New findings indicate that EMFs can affect the reproductive ability, behavior, DNA and health of insects. Studies show disturbed behavior in bees, a decrease in pollination performance and a decline in insect populations near EMF sources such as power lines and mobile phone masts. The strong effect of the combination of various damaging influences in the field further intensifies these negative effects.

It is strongly recommended that the precautionary principle be applied to the expansion of mobile communications infrastructure, as it cannot be ruled out that the effects on insect populations will be problematic. More research is needed to understand interactions with other factors. These findings should be taken into account in political decisions and planning so as not to further accelerate insect extinction.

The 2023 study by Thill, Cammaerts & Balmori documents the harmful effects of EMF on insects. Take a look at the key findings and facts of this study.

Original article in German:
The original study is available for free download here in English, German and French, as is a fact sheet in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.