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22 November 2011

A Message to Parents: Do not Buy Cell Phones for Your Small Children!

As we approach the biggest shopping day of the year in the United States (25 November, the day after Thanksgiving), parents, please take note of this.  Mobile devices are a dangerous technology.  Parents should not buy these items for their small children. 

See this excellent article from MobileWise, UK,  "Is the Phone Industry Spinning While Rome Burns?" which is a plea for precautionary measures to be applied to children's use of cell phones.

Toys “R” Us stores, one of biggest toy stores in the United States, are encouraging kids to try cellphones and tablet computers. 

World-side mobile sales rose 16.5% in the first part of 2011 with 1.5 billion cell phones expected to be sold this year. 

Young children, 8 and 9-year-olds crave these new “toys”, especially an iPod or cell phone.  An estimated 52% of children in the United States under age 8 have access to mobile devices.  10%  under age one have already used a smart phone, iPod or iPad or other tablet to play games, watch videos or use a mobile application.  According to one research group, kids ages 2 to 5 are the fastest-growing category of video game players, which are being played more and more on mobile devices or computers, many of which contain wireless components.

15 November 2011

Bipolar Disorder without Medication - 3

A Long Road to Success

It was a long road to success after my decision to come off of the medication. I first tried to do so in August of 2001, two and a half years after I had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and prescribed Lithium Carbonate. While I was successful for some time in staying off of the medication, I was somewhat depressed during most of the first ten months, and I began to have psychotic symptoms at the end of the ten months. The psychotic symptoms were so scary, that for the following three and a half years, I was convinced that I needed to stay on the medication for fear that I would return to the scary place that my mind had taken me at that time.

14 November 2011

Bipolar Disorder without Medication - 2

The Decision to Come Off of Medication and the Benefits it has Reaped

I decided to come off of the medication for a number of reasons. Mostly, I intuitively believed that taking medication was the wrong path. My intuition was connected with how I perceived my surroundings on and off of the drugs. On the medication, things appeared very one-dimensional, seeming only to possess a physical dimension. Off of the medication, things more often took on a spiritual dimension in addition to the physical. For example, when I read spiritual literature such as the Bible while on the medication, it did not speak to me in the same profound way it did while I was off of the medication.

13 November 2011

Bipolar Disorder without Medication

My nephew, David, has written this testimony, in several parts, of living with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder and coming off the medication to treat it.  He is sharing this testimony with a sincere desire to "help others learn how to tap into who they truly are without having to suppress their true selves with medication." David and his wife, Jade, would appreciate hearing from you.  They may be contacted through me by posting comments at the end of the articles. 

Bipolar Disorder without Medication

My name is David. I am 34 years old, living with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder.  For many years, I was prescribed Lithium Carbonate, as well as other psychotropic medications, and was told by my doctors that I must take some sort of medication for the rest of my life. However, I have not taken any medication for bipolar disorder for over two and a half years, since April 13 of 2009. I am writing in the hope of reaching those who suffer with mental illness or diagnoses of mental illness and are trying to get off of medication and also those who are supporting someone trying to live with mental illness without medication.