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29 June 2022

The Youngest Victims of "Havana Syndrome"

The Youngest Victims of "Havana Syndrome"
BY BRIT MCCANDLESS FARMER, MICHAEL REY & ORIANA ZILL DE GRANADOS, CBS News, June 26, 2022 - article plus two videos - originally published on February 20, 2022

A constellation of unexplained neurological symptoms commonly known as "Havana Syndrome" has plagued U.S. diplomats stationed abroad since 2016. But U.S. officials are not the only ones who have reported trouble with speech, balance, and eyesight; some of their children have as well.

60 Minutes has found more than 20 children whose parents say they have been affected by unexplained neurological ailments after incidents that occurred while their parents were serving abroad. In one case confirmed by 60 Minutes, a mother and her infant were affected while the baby was breastfeeding. Both have been diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury.

28 June 2022

Effects of Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields: Thirty Years of Research

Dr. Henry Lai, Professor Emeritus at the University of Washington and Editor Emeritus of the journal, Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine, has compiled summaries of the research on the biologic and health effects of exposure to RFR and ELF EMF. His set of abstracts which cover the period from 1990 to April 2022 constitute a comprehensive collection of this research.

Effects of Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields: Thirty years of research

saferemr.com, Feb 1, 2018 (Updated June 26, 2022)

The preponderance of research published from 1990 through April 2022 has found significant effects from exposure to radio frequency radiation as well as to extremely low frequency and static electromagnetic fields. Overall, 76% (n=796) of 1,046 radio frequency radiation (RFR) studies reported significant effects. Additionally, 88% (n=810) of 916 extremely low frequency (ELF) and static electromagnetic field studies found significant effects.

ICNIRP's Wireless Radiation Exposure Limits are Based on Smoke and Mirrors

ICNIRP’s Exposure Guidelines for Radio Frequency Fields
saferemr.com, 26 June 2022

ICNIRP's wireless radiation exposure limits are based on smoke and mirrors

A new peer-reviewed paper published in the journal, Reviews of Environmental Health, found that the International Commission for Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) bases its recommended exposure limits for wireless (i.e., radio frequency [RF]) radiation primarily on research produced by its own members, their former students and close colleagues.

ICNIRP claims that their "thermal-only paradigm" "is consistent with current scientific understanding" despite the fact that the predominance of peer-reviewed research finds non-thermal effects.

Consumers Not Yet Convinced of the Benefits of 5G Technology

Brits remain frosty about the benefits of 5G
By Harry Baldock, Total Telecom, 24 June 2022

A new study from YouGov shows that the UK is the third most pessimistic country when it comes to 5G, with only Bulgaria and Austria proving more gloomy

Since the middle of 2019, the UK’s mobile operators have been racing to deploy 5G technology around the country, broadly proclaiming that the technology would revolutionise the consumer experience in a short few years.

But while the new technology has the potential to unlock many exciting new use cases, from virtual reality to industrial automation, particularly as 5G standalone networks begin to be rolled out in recent months, the reality for most consumers is that a 5G connection currently offers them little more than a minor speed boost.

Perhaps this is why, at least in part, that a new study from YouGov, conducted via Global Profiles, shows Brits to be broadly disillusioned with the relatively new technology.

Presentation on Wireless Radiation Exposure by Cecelia Doucette, Director, Massachusetts for Safe Technology

On 27 June 2022, just a few days after a presentation on wireless radiation exposure by Children's Health Defense, featuring Attorney W. Scott McCollough and Dr. Natalie Stadler, the group aired an excellent discussion on reducing the risk of wireless radiation exposure. The presentation was made by Cecelia Doucette, Director of Massachusetts for Safe Technology, a public interest group that educates citizens, public servants, lawmakers and health care professionals on the risks of wireless radiation exposures to children, adults and the environment. Cecelia Doucette showed many practical ways of protecting oneself from exposure to wireless radiation.

Here is the link to the program:

See CHD's section on Electromagnetic Radiation and Wireless:

27 June 2022

France: Appeal against the 5G Report: ANSES Adopts the Strategy of Silence

Appeal against the 5G Report: ANSES adopts the strategy of silence
Equipe Phonegate, 27 June 2022

On May 14th, our five associations – Robin des toits, Phonegate Alert, European Cancer and Environment Research Institute (“ECERI”), Center for Independent Research and Information on Non-Ionizing Electromagnetic Radiation (“CRIIREM”) and Environmental Health Trust (“EHT”), had sent an informal appeal to the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety (ANSES) contesting:

  • on the one hand, the non-publication and the non-inclusion by ANSES of the comments and contributions made by each of our associations in the framework of the public consultation on the expert report and the associated opinion published on April 20, 2021, on “Population exposure to electromagnetic fields associated with the deployment of “5G” communication technology and the related health effects”, by requesting their reintegration;
  • on the other hand, the above-mentioned report and consolidated opinion in order to integrate the comments and contributions made.

Wireless Radiation Exposure Presentation by Children's Health Defense

On 24 June, Children's Health Defense presented an excellent discussion of wireless radiation exposure on its weekly program, "Roundtable". Among the speakers were attorney W. Scott McCollough, part of the legal team who challenged the FCC regulations in 2019, Dr. Natalie Sadler, psychiatrist, and doctors and presenters of the CHD team.

Here is the link to the program:

Scott McCollough began by explaining what are electromagnetic fields (EMF), radiofrequency radiation (RFR), modulation, pulsation. Electromagnetic energy evokes a biological response in all living things. Dr. Sadler mentioned the particular sensitivity and extreme vulnerability of children to exposure to EM radiation.

Mr. McCollough went on to explain 5G, emphasizing that we need to be concerned about all types of EM radiation. 5G is more useful to large industries than to consumers. "All these so-called consumer applications are merely the excuse that is being used to convince people that they should accept the exploding number of transmitters close to their home." But 5G is also the means of implementation for digital passports, credit scores... It is built for surveillance and control.

24 June 2022

U.S. to give some ‘Havana syndrome’ victims six-figure compensation

U.S. to give some ‘Havana syndrome’ victims six-figure compensation
By John Hudson and Shane Harris, washingtonpost.com, 23 June 20200

The Biden administration plans to pay some diplomats and intelligence officers roughly $100,000 to $200,000 each to compensate for the mysterious health problems known as “Havana syndrome,” according to congressional aides and a former official familiar with the matter.

(Photo): President Biden meets with members of the Wounded Warrior Project’s Soldier Ride, on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, D.C., on Thursday. The event helps raise awareness to the public about severely injured veterans and provides rehabilitation opportunities. (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

The payment plan is the culmination of a multiyear push by Congress, which passed a law last fall mandating that the State Department and CIA compensate current and former officials suffering from what the government calls Anomalous Health Incidents, or AHIs.

22 June 2022

United States: Mobile phone carriers agree to delay rolling out some 5G service near airports for another year, FAA says

Mobile phone carriers agree to delay rolling out some 5G service near airports for another year, FAA says
By Gregory Wallace and Brian Fung, CNN, 17 June 2022

(CNN) Mobile phone carriers have agreed to another delay in rolling out some 5G service to prevent interference with airplane technology, the Federal Aviation Administration said Friday.

The FAA said the delay, for an additional year, will allow more time for the permanent fix: replacing or filtering the devices that measure an aircraft's distance from the ground, called radar altimeters. The new technology's promises include faster speeds, but aviation officials say the radio waves can be picked up in some cases by the radar altimeter.

The new timeline prompted concerns from major airlines and operators of regional jets, the latter of which would be subject to an even more aggressive end-of-2022 deadline. The Regional Airline Association said the FAA is "pressuring airlines to meet implausible deadlines."

19 June 2022

Switzerland: First non-ionizing radiation monitoring report: exposure is below the limit value

First non-ionizing radiation monitoring report: exposure is below the limit value
Federal Office of the Environment, Press Release, 15 June 2022 - unofficial translation

Bern, 15.06.2022 - The first monitoring report on non-ionizing radiation (NIR) in Switzerland is now available. The results indicate that the population's exposure to radiation is moderate overall. The Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) had been mandated by the Federal Council in 2019 to set up NIR monitoring in Switzerland.

Fixed and cell phone antennas, radio transmitters, wireless computer networks (WLAN) and other radio applications, but also power lines, contact lines and household appliances generate non-ionizing radiation. For the first time in 2021, measurements were carried out throughout Switzerland to determine the level of exposure of the population. The FOEN commissioned the project consortium SwissNIS to carry out the measurements (see Box 1).

17 June 2022

United Kingdom: 59 year old social worker wins ‘early ill health retirement’ for disabling ‘Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS)

59 year old social worker wins ‘early ill health retirement’ for disabling ‘Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS)
Physicians' Health Initiative for Radiation and Environment (PHIRE)
Press Release 15th June 2022 
Press enquiries to: phiremedia@protonmail.com 

“I have worked in Health and Social Care for 35 years, supporting some of the most disabled and vulnerable members of our society and advocating to ensure their rights have been upheld. To have been on the receiving end of societal prejudice, discrimination, ignorance and misunderstanding, has been devastating”, says the 59 year old social worker, Sally Burns. 

Mrs. Burns is sensitive to non-ionising radiation (NIR) such as Wi-Fi and mobile phone emissions. She experiences dizziness, headaches, palpitations, sleep disturbance, vibrating sensations and sensitivity to noise and light. She feels pain in body areas which are most proximal to the radiation sources, such as heat and pain at the ear from mobile phone use and abdominal pain from computer use. Her reaction is severe enough to have caused her to have to avoid using mobile phones and computers and even to try to avoid public exposures such as phone masts and pubic Wi-Fi / phone emissions. You can imagine how disabling that is within a society that has become so dependent upon use of these technologies in all areas of public life. She is disabled by electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS). 

16 June 2022

United Kingdom: Market Abuse Suit Seeks up to $935M from Apple for ‘Secretly Throttling’ iPhones

The Phonegate public health and industrial scandal is far far worse because it is affecting the health of billions of cell phone users worldwide, including children. Cell phone manufacturers have been knowingly overexposing users to the microwave radiation of their cell phones for years, by establishing standards and international regulations tailored to their interests, even rigging the software, as in Dieselgate.

UK market abuse suit seeks up to $935M from Apple for ‘secretly throttling’ iPhones
by Natasha Lomas, techcrunch.com, 16 June 2016

A class action style lawsuit is being launched against Apple in the UK seeking damages worth a total of £768 million (circa $935M).

Image Credits: Kiichiro Sato AP

The representative action is being filed by consumer rights campaigner, Justin Gutmann, citing competition law — with the suit accusing the mobile maker of abusing its market dominance to engage in exploitative and unfair commercial practices when, per the claim, it misled iPhone users by applying a power management software update, first released in January 2017 in iOS 10.2.1, that throttled the performance of affected devices.

The suit is being filed in the Competition Appeal Tribunal in London on behalf of up to 25 million UK iPhone users who used any of 10 different models of iPhone, from the iPhone 6 through to the iPhone X (and including the iPhone SE).

04 June 2022

Medical Health Concerns at Altitude: Toxic Fumes Plus Injected Foreign Substances

Medical health concerns at altitude: toxic fumes plus injected foreign substances
Attention Aircrew - do you belong to the 30%?
by Bee, bee572.substack.com/, 1st June 2022

The issue I intend to talk about has been known since the 1950s - roughly 70 years - and nothing has been done to address it.

In airplanes, the air in the cabin is still ‘bled off' (by the engines), with well-known consequences for flight safety and health, particularly that of the flight crew.

The industry knows the problem: planes draw air from turbines.

  • High-performance turbines require synthetic oils to prevent overheating.
  • TCP (tricresyl phosphate), an organophosphate–base utilized in insecticides and chemical warfare chemicals, is hazardous and was the first substance identified to be a severe health hazard in cabin air.
  • TCP is a nerve toxin and banned in vehicle engine lubricants, but is in jet engine oil.
  • More than 50 health-hazardous chemicals are known.
  • Hydraulic fluids and de-icing fluids (in winter) evaporate and manage to get sucked inside.

02 June 2022

The Book "Phonegate" in English Is Released Today

The book Phonegate in English is released today
Equipe Phonegate 2 Jun 2022

It is with great pleasure that we announce the release of the English version of the book Phonegate by Dr Marc Arazi. Many thanks to Devra Davis for prefacing the book and for her support in this difficult struggle for the truth. Thanks also to Regan Kramer who translated the French version and to Meris Michaels. And of course to the whole team at Massot Editions, starting with Florent Massot, who is accompanying us with courage and determination to have this international health and industrial scandal recognised.

The paper book is now available for sale on Amazon :


We will need your help to make it known as widely as possible. Thank you in advance!

United States: "My brain is broken": Former CIA analyst struggling with Havana Syndrome says she has not received promised care

"My brain is broken": Former CIA analyst struggling with Havana Syndrome says she has not received promised care
by Catherine Herridge, cbsnews.com, 31 May 2022

Despite public assurances of medical care and financial support through congressional legislation for those suffering from the mysterious health condition known as Havana Syndrome, a CBS News investigation has identified more than a dozen current and former government operatives, and in some cases family members, who say the government has not had their back.

"I'm not sure I'll ever be able to work again. I mean, I've lost everything," former CIA analyst Erika Stith told CBS News as part of a monthslong investigation.

"We got this as a result of serving our country. And we deserve to be taken care of," Stith said.

Stith, who says she held a Top-Secret security clearance, told CBS News senior investigative correspondent Catherine Herridge, "My brain is broken."

She believes her condition stems from a 2018 "directed energy attack" while on assignment for the CIA in Europe.

01 June 2022

CHD Urges FCC to Accommodate Millions Sickened by Wireless Radiation - Public Comments Invited

The public has until June 30 to submit comments to the FCC demanding the agency recognize the need for special measures to address the EMS-disabled community by making wired (fiber-based) broadband the preferred mod of broadband delivery. Click here to submit a comment to the FCC by June 30.  Here is the link to the paper, “Eliminating Digital Discrimination for the EMS Disabled,” by Susan Foster and Odette J. Wilkins, which contains, among others, CHD's comments.

CHD Urges FCC to Accommodate Millions Sickened by Wireless Radiation
By Children's Health Defense Team, childrenshealthdefense.org, 31 May 2022

Children’s Health Defense joined 50 safe technology and disability advocacy groups in filing legal comments urging the Federal Communications Commission to provide access to wired broadband for people who are sensitive to and harmed by wireless technology.

Children’s Health Defense (CHD) along with 50 nonprofits, safe technology groups and disability advocacy groups this month filed legal comments with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in response to the FCC’s request for comment on how to “prevent and eliminate digital discrimination.”