Raise awareness of environmental health issues in order to better protect our children and future generations.

30 December 2014

Swiss Re Does Not Re-insure Mobile Phones for Health Risks

Swiss Re, one of the largest re-insurance companies in the world, does not re-insure mobile phones for health risks.  Following are excerpts from its
1997 paper, "Electrosmog, a Phantom Risk", on why it will not take on health claims from cell phones.  Countries which deny health risks had better take due note of what insurance companies are saying.  See also Swiss Re slide presentation on electrosmog from 2009.                                                                                                                                                                          Swiss Re has rated electromagnetic fields (EMF) as the highest risk (27 on a scale from 1 to 33) on its risk table, above agents that are known carcinogens and killers such as meat infected with mad cow disease.  In a recent document, it declared, "from a prospective point of view, risk from dangers linked to EMF can be classified as an emergent risk".  Silicone implants and asbestos were once considered emergent risks and are now proven risks, costing society millions of dollars in medical expenses and legal actions.

In February 2009, the French telecoms company Bouygues Telecom, was ordered to take down a mobile phone antenna due to uncertainty about its effect on health. Residents in the commune where it was located had sued the company claiming adverse health effects from the radiation emitted by the antenna. The Versailles Court of Appeals stated that, "Considering that while the reality of the risk remains hypothetical, it becomes clear from reading the contributions and scientific publications produced in debate and the divergent legislative positions taken in various countries, that uncertainty over the harmlessness of exposure to the waves emitted by relay antennas persists and can be considered serious and reasonable."

The advocacy organization, People’s Initiative, has provided this information in its very interesting document, “The Legislator’s Guide to Warning Labels on Cell Phones and the Layman’s Guide to the Science Behind Non-Thermal Effects from Wireless Devices” which can be viewed by clicking here

View this CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) video report on cell phones and insurance companies.


The People's Initiative explains:  "A re-insurance company is a company that backs up an industry for claims that the industry may not be able to cover.  Possibly the largest re-insurance company in the world, Swiss Re, will not take this liability on with cell phones and health effects.  At present, most cell phone companies are “self insured”.  Meaning, they may be able to just file bankruptcy should there be too many claims.   The following are selections of statements from Swiss Reʼs paper on why it will not take on health claims from cell phones.  We have written our words in italics so as to decipher from Swiss Reʼs words."

23 December 2014

Chemtrails - The Secret War

This is an outstanding film on chemtrails produced by Antonio and Rosario Marciano, administrators of the Italian website TANKER ENEMY. The documentary analyses, in a scientific and rigorous approach, the main characteristics of this issue. The weather manipulation is only a collateral aspect of the phenomenon.

Chemtrails - The Secret War - (English translation 21 December 2014 - 61 mn.)

In September 2014, Jacques Daidié, a French activist, went to Italy and met Antonio and Rosario Marciano, well-known Italian activists against geo-engineering. The French translation is born from this meeting and has been realized by several members of the French association “Ciel voilé”, (www.cielvoile.fr). We thank him warmly and all those who have contributed to the translation: Jacques, Dominique from Avignon, Mary from Monteux, Sebastien from St Firmin in Valgaudemard and Danielle from Gap.

All our gratitude to “Sky Watch Geneva”, on Facebook, for the English translation.



13 December 2014

Interview with Frank Clegg, CEO of Canadians for Safe Technology

In this interview, Frank Clegg, former President of Microsoft Canada, was asked if he believed that electromagnetic hypersensitivity is real.

“Absolutely!” he replied. “My wife is chemically sensitive and has been to hospital a couple of times from exposure to pesticides. Over the last year or so, she’s been developing electrosensitivity. I also get emails from people who are electrosensitive. Our website’s got stories from 25 of them now. I certainly talk to a lot of them. Two of the members on our board in Quebec, are electrosensitive. One has chemical sensitivity and reacts to WiFi and smart meters and her mom became very ill as well. One of the members of our board has a son who is electrosensitive.” Clegg does not have Wi-Fi in his home.

His advice: “The most important thing people can do is get informed. Do not assume that your government has the resources to keep up with the tremendous advances in technology. You have to take responsibility to protect yourself and your family… You as a consumer need to educate yourself. Don’t rely on everyone else doing that for you. Technology can be used safely if it is used correctly. We’re Canadians for Safe Technology, not No technology.”

Interview with Frank Clegg
EMR and Health, Volume 10, no. 4, December 2014

Lyn McLean speaks with Frank Clegg, CEO of Canadians 4 Safe Technology

You were President of Microsoft Canada and now you’re CEO of an organization that promotes the risks of wireless radiation. What caused you to become concerned about this radiation?

I was approached by three different families from our local community who had cell towers right near their homes.

Petition: Asbestos: Bring Stephan Schmidheiny Before the International Criminal Court for "Crimes Against Humanity"

[Note by Blog Editor:  We have no idea why this petition is not gathering more signatures.  More than 1,900 persons have visited this post on the English blog, and 1,500 persons on the French blog!]

Please sign this petition to the Italian Government and Ministry of Justice

to bring Stephan Schmidheiny, the person directing the Eternit asbestos fiber-cement factories in many countries of the world, before the International Criminal Court in the Hague for "crimes against humanity". Although condemned to 18 years in prison by a court in Turin and a fine of 100 million Swiss francs, Schmidheiny was recently acquitted by the Court of Cassation in Rome.

François Iselin, spokesperson for CAOVA, an asbestos victims' group based in Lausanne, Switzerland, has asked me personally to support this petition. My interest in this issue is very personal. My companion, Adon, died of mesothelioma from exposure to asbestos. I have experienced first-hand the terrible suffering of people who have asbestos-related diseases.

During the recent 10th anniversary Paris Appeal symposium, organized by Professsor Dominique Belpomme, President of ARTAC (Association for Research  on Treatment Against Cancer) and ECERI (European Cancer and Environment Research Institute), he and scientists, researchers, and legal experts, including Marie-Odile Bertella-Geffroy (the French judge in charge of the asbestos affair), discussed bringing polluters before the International Criminal Court for “crimes against humanity”.

10 December 2014

Forum on the Genetic Effects of Ionizing Radiation (Geneva, 29 November 2014)

Forum on the Genetic Effects of Ionizing Radiation
IndependentWHO, 8 December 2014

On Saturday 29th November 2014 in Geneva, “Independent WHO – Health and Nuclear Power”organised, with the support of the City of Geneva, a “Scientific and Citizen Forum on the Genetic Effects of Ionising Radiation”. Six internationally renowned experts in the field (from Japan, the USA, Finland, England, and Germany) were invited to present their research. Ruth Stegassy, producer of the radio programme Terre à Terre on France Culture, chaired the event. More than 150 people attended this forum including a number of French and Swiss health professionals and journalists, as well as elected politicians, ecologists, members of health movements and associations, organisations concerned with food health, and anti-nuclear activists.

04 December 2014

Outstanding Video: Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe on Electromagnetic Radiation, Health, and Children

View this outstanding educational video featuring physician Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe, Founder of PHIRE:  the Physicians Health Initiative for Radiation and the Environment.

Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe - Electromagnetic Radiation, Health and Children 2014 (70 mn.) - 
18 November 2014

In this video, Dr. Mallery-Blythe discusses:

- Normal human physiology
- Current safety guidelines
- Mechanisms of damage via electromagnetic fields (EMFs)
- Health outcomes of EMF exposure
- Specific vulnerability of children
- Robustness of argument
- Optimizing the environment/ practical solutions

28 November 2014

Tender Clowns Against Electrosmog

"Innocenzo": Godeliève and Jonathan (with Nathanaël Morier
in the background) in full rehearsal yesterday at their
home in Ponts-de-Martel.  (Richard Leuenberger)
I attended the premier of “Innocenzo”, presented by the Piti Theater Company in Colombier and found it very enjoyable, magical, entertaining, and above all, informative about concerns regarding our exposure to electrosmog. The principal actors, Godeliève and Jonathan, are creative and talented. I admire their engagement to raise awareness of this issue among the general public, especially young children, and wish them much success in their determination to present this play to audiences in English- and French-speaking countries.

Tender Clowns Against Electrosmog
L’Impartial, 22 November 2014

Godeliève and Jonathan of the Piti Theater Company are going to present « Innocenzo » to voice concerns about electromagnetic pollution, a show based on personal experience…  "I was ill, but I didn’t know why," explains Godeliève Richard of Ponts-de-Martel. "I was no longer able to sleep and suffered dizziness and headaches…"  After a tough battle, she discovered that she was suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivity. She developed strategies, her health was restored, but her life is complicated. How to survive being "disconnected" when Wi-Fi is everywhere?  She and her companion Jonathan Mirin live on the heights of Ponts-de-Martel.  "We don’t have Wi-Fi. The computer is wired and also the phone... There are many ways to protect one’s home when one is electrosensitive. It’s possible, but complicated."

From bees to electrosmog

19 November 2014

Geo-engineering and Chemtrails: Suffolk County, Long Island

UPDATE (19 November 2014):  The spraying goes on. During a recent stay in Nassau County on Long Island, I saw chemtrails in the sky on several occasions.  View this video of the public hearing on Long Island, 11 December 2011 "Legislation to Ban Chemtrails gets Huge Public Support".  The video was posted on the Facebook Page:  Plea to Erin Brockovich for Legal Action against Chemtrails.  Yesterday, I viewed the Italian documentary, "Chemtrails:  The Secret War" which now has French subtitles.  I would ask advocates to explore the possibility of providing English subtitles to this excellent film.

Chemtrails is not a subject I would have thought of researching until I came across an article about a government meeting last December in Riverhead, Suffolk County, Long Island, New York, which is the county adjacent to Nassau where my parents lived for over 40 years. On 6 December 2011, the Suffolk County government held a public hearing on a proposal to ban aerial spraying of aluminum oxide, barium, sulfur, and other elements into the air over the county without first filing an Environmental Impact Statement with and receiving approval from the county’s Department of Health Services. Aerosol spraying operations for agriculture, and for Lyme disease, Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE), West Nile virus (WNV), and other disease vector control operations were to be exempted from the proposed ban.

18 November 2014

Letter of Associations Defending the Rights of Electrohypersensitive (EHS) People of the Countries of the European Union

Letter of Associations Defending the Rights of Electrohypersensitive (EHS) People of the Countries of the European Union to the European Economic and Social Committee.  04.11.2014 
(date of letter 22 September 2014)

European associations defending the rights of EHS people regret we cannot personally participate in this hearing, because we have had knowledge of it with very little lead time, and we have not been directly notified by the organizing committee.

THROUGH THIS LETTER WE WANT TO EXPRESS:  THAT in the last decades the rise of artificial non-ionizing electromagnetic fields experienced an exponential increase due to the widespread use of wireless technologies in both workspaces, and domestic, and generally in public spaces (mobile phone masts, WiMAX, Satellite Internet, Wi-Fi, DECT cordless phones, mobile phones ...).

17 November 2014

iPads: How Safe Are Our Children?

Most parents don't know that children should keep
their iPads away from the body and that antennas
in the iPad should be turned off for children's use.
UPDATE (12 February 2014):  We are adding to this popular post a link to a recent article on the antenna placement of different iPad models.  Remember, if the WiFi antenna is on, it emits harmful radiofrequency radiation.

"When the WiFi antenna in an iPad is turned on, it emits a burst of radiofrequency approximately every four seconds. That makes 900 blasts per hour in the child’s hands, on his lap, or at his face. This does not include any additional data signals resulting from uploading and downloading activities. Moreover, the blasts at four-second intervals occur even when the user is not accessing the Internet. In other words, even if a child is only using the iPad to draw or to play a game, he still receives 900 blasts an hour as long as the WiFi antenna is left on." 

iPads: How Safe Are Our Children?
The Green Gazette, July/August 2013

28 October 2014

Excerpt from Dr. Martin Blank's Book "Overpowered"

Salon.com has placed on their site an excerpt from Dr. Martin Blank's excellent book, "Overpowered", published in March 2014.  Here is the first part.  Click here to continue reading the excerpt.

Your cellphone is killing you: What people don’t want you to know about electromagnetic fields - The industry doesn't want to admit it, but the science is becoming clearer: Sustained EMF exposure is dangerous

by Martin Blank

You may not realize it, but you are participating in an unauthorized experiment—“the largest biological experiment ever,” in the words of Swedish neuro-oncologist Leif Salford. For the first time, many of us are holding high-powered microwave transmitters—in the form of cell phones—directly against our heads on a daily basis.

Cell phones generate electromagnetic fields (EMF), and emit electromagnetic radiation (EMR). They share this feature with all modern electronics that run on alternating current (AC) power (from the power grid and the outlets in your walls) or that utilize wireless communication. Different devices radiate different levels of EMF, with different characteristics.

What health effects do these exposures have?

18 October 2014

Former Nokia Technology Chief: Mobile Phones Wrecked My Health

Former Nokia Technology Chief: Mobile phones wrecked my health 
Posted on October 18, 2014, Between a Rock and a Hard Place

This is translation of the one of the articles published in the Finnish newspaper Satakunnan kansa. Translation provided generously by Henrik Eiriksson.

Former Nokia Boss: Mobile-Phones wrecked my health
by Anne Nikka
[English translation Henrik Eiriksson]

Nokia’s former Technology Chief, Matti Niemelä, was involved in the development the world’s first mobile phones, but fell seriously ill himself from mobile-phone microwave radiation.

In addition, he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Some studies suggest that radiation may increase the risk of even MS.


For Tampere-based Matti Niemelä, age 44, life was like in the movies when he as a young man was recruited to work for Nokia in 1997. The brilliant young man quickly advanced to become Nokia’s Chief Technology Officer for ten years, and was involved in developing the world’s first mobile phones, memory sticks and WLAN [Wi-Fi] connections.

16 October 2014

Boil the Frog Slowly Radio Interview with Kevin Mottus, 2014 Congressional Candidate from California District 33

Listen to this very informative broadcast from "Boil the Frog Slowly" radio with guest Kevin Mottus, 2014 Congressional Candidate from California District 33. He shares an important part of his platform – minimizing radio frequency radiation exposure from all wireless devices and infrastructure to protect the health of our children. (Kevin Mottus's website)

Kevin Mottus, who is a school social worker, talks about the increasing numbers of persons he has heard about who have head, neck, and face tumors most likely from excessive cell phone use, and breast cancers, including men, from keeping cell phones in shirt pockets and bras. He reminds us that the FCC Guidelines do not protect us against radiofrequency radiation, as they are based on the 30-minute exposure of a 6-foot, 220-pound adult male. The non-thermal effects of exposure are not taken into account. Furthermore, the FCC ignores the many thousands of studies on health effects dating back to the 1940’s. The FCC and wireless industry are buying time to do more studies, manufacturing science to make its gadgets and infrastructure look safe. There is a great need for independent studies which show the health effects on heavy wireless users (3-5 hours a day exposure) and cumulative exposure.

08 October 2014

Doctors at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and FCC Conclude Wi-Fi Networks Cause Migraine Headaches

Empire News Disclaimer:

"Empire News is a satirical and entertainment website. We only use invented names in all our stories, except in cases when public figures are being satirized. Any other use of real names is accidental and coincidental."

Doctors & FCC Conclude WiFi Networks Cause Migraine Headaches
posted by DvanL, empirenews.net,
4 September 2014

BALTIMORE, Maryland –

The ‘tin foil hat crowd’ may not be so crazy after all. Doctors at Baltimore’s Johns Hopkins School of Medicine have announced today a link between the most common high-speed Wi-Fi bandwidth frequencies and the increase of migraine headaches in people who connect wirelessly.

07 October 2014

The Electromagnetic Radiation - Melatonin - Breast Cancer Link

RE-POSTED October 2014 for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Electromagnetic radiation emitted by wireless technology inhibits the production of melatonin, one of the causes of breast cancer.

EMF Radiation: a New Cause of Breast Cancer?
by Vidya Frazier, Guest Writer for Wake Up World,
11 February 2014

According to an increasing pool of research, exposure to EMF radiation may be a contributor to rising rates of breast cancer. Scientists studying a number of possible environmental causes for the disease found that perhaps the most significant factor is the extensive amount of electromagnetic radiation from wireless devices, cell towers, and WiFi in our environment today.

Breast Cancer Epidemic

The statistics on breast cancer are alarming. The American Cancer Society states that 1 in 8 women in the US will develop breast cancer over the course of their lifetime. The chance of dying from breast cancer is about 1 in 36; death rates are higher than any other type of cancer for women, except for lung cancer. A number of men also continue to develop breast cancer.

05 October 2014

10 Shocking Medical Conditions Caused by Gaming

Photosensitive epilepsy is a common form of epilepsy in
which seizures are triggered by visual stimuli that form
patterns in time or space, such as flashing lights, bold,
regular patterns, or regular moving patter
We know of a young man who cannot take exams in school because he can no longer write by hand.  Would you think his doctors would ask about his intense habit of gaming?

10 Shocking Medical Conditions Caused By Gaming
by Beverly Jenkins, oddee.com, 
23 November 2012

1. Playstation Thumb

Though this ailment is often called "Playstation Thumb," the condition can affect anyone who uses a game with a d-pad controller. Symptoms of “PlayStation Thumb” include numbness and tingling in the thumb and large, open blisters caused by repetitive motion that require weeks to heal.

04 October 2014

India: Dr. Devra Davis Talks About the Baby Safe Project to Protect Wombs from Radiation

U.S.-based anti-radiation expert
Dr. Devra Davis explains advantages
of using hands-free headsets with
cell phones  (Sakshi Kapoor)
Baby Safe Project to protect wombs from radiation
by Maitri Porecha, dnaindia.com, 3 October 2014

There is increasing evidence that electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell phones or cell towers can be harmful to expectant mothers and their unborn child. Eminent public health expert and published author from the US Dr Devra Davis explained that babies in the womb were susceptible to exposure from cell phones, cell phone towers or wireless internet.

Scientists at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) studied 13,000 mothers and children and found that exposure to cell phones in the wombs was associated with higher risk for behavioural problems and hyperactivity in children.

Over the last week, Davis met with the doctors of Indian Academy of Paediatrics (IAP) and KEM hospital to discuss the Baby Safe Project, an awareness movement for pregnant mothers to keep cell phones away from their wombs.

Up to 4,500 pregnant women seeking treatment at the hospital attached to the Yale University have been educated about the ill effects of radiation on the womb, since the beginning of the year under the Baby Safe Project.

30 September 2014

United States: 29 Brain Tumor Lawsuits Move Toward Trial in Washington, DC

29 brain tumor lawsuits move toward trial in Washington, DC
Arthur Firstenberg, Cellular Phone Task Force, 11 August 2014

Twenty-nine high-profile lawsuits brought by people whose brain tumors were caused by their cell phones are finally moving toward trial. Six of these cases were originally filed in 2001 and 2002. Many of the plaintiffs are no longer alive.On Friday, Judge Frederick H. Weisberg, in the D.C. Superior Court, admitted the testimony of five expert witness for the plaintiffs, and the 12- and 13-year-old cases will now move into the discovery phase. Each of the plaintiffs is asking for more than $100,000,000. There are 46 defendants including Motorola, Nokia, AT&T, Bell Atlantic, Cellular One, Cingular Wireless, SBC Communications, Verizon, Vodafone, the Telecommunications Industry Association, the IEEE, ANSI, the CTIA, and the FCC. The plaintiffs are represented by Jeffrey B. Morganroth of Morganroth & Morganroth, a law firm in Birmingham, Michigan.For over a decade the industry and the plaintiffs have played tug-of-war with the oldest cases, sending them back and forth between federal and state courts, and fighting over whether the plaintiff’s claims were preempted by the Telecommunications Act of 1996.

In 2009 the D.C. Court of Appeals, in Murray v. Motorola (982 A. 2d 764), ruled that the telecommunications companies could not be sued over brain tumors caused by cell phones manufactured after 1996. But since all of these plaintiffs had used pre-1996 phones, their lawsuits were allowed to go forward. They were also allowed to go forward on their claims that the defendants made false and misleading statements and failed to disclose information about the dangers of cell phones. These claims were brought under the D.C. Consumer Protection Procedures Act.

In December 2013 and January 2014, testimony was heard from:

DR. SHIRA KRAMER, a Maryland epidemiologist;

DR. MICHAEL KUNDI, professor of epidemiology and occupational health at the Medical University of Vienna;

DR. VINI KHURANA, a neurosurgeon and professor of neurosurgery at the Australian National University in Canberra;

DR. IGOR BELYAEV, head research scientist at the Cancer Research institute at the Slovak Academy of Science in Bratislava, Slovakia;

DR. WILHELM MOSGOELLER, professor and medical doctor at the University of Vienna Medical School’s Institute for Cancer Research;

DR. DIMITRIS PANAGAPOULOUS, founder of the Radiation Biophysics Laboratory at the University of Athens;

DR. ABRAHAM LIBOFF, professor emeritus of physics at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan; and

DR. LAURA PLUNKETT, pharmacologist and toxicologist in Houston.

On Friday, August 8, 2014, the testimony of Drs. Kramer, Khurana, and Panagopoulos was disallowed. But the testimony of Drs. Kundi, Belyaev, Mosgoeller, Liboff, and Plunkett was admitted. They will testify at trial about “general causation,” i.e. that cell phones can cause brain tumors.

The lawsuits now move into the discovery phase, in which each side is compelled to produce documents and answer questions. This is the first time that the industry has had to turn over data. There will then be a fight over the admission of the testimony of witnesses on “specific causation,” i.e. doctors and others who will testify that these specific cell phones caused these specific tumors.

Friday’s decision by Judge Weisberg allowed 13 of the cases, which have been consolidated in one action, to go forward. The other 16 cases are being tried separately, but the parties in those cases agreed to be bound by Friday’s decision.

In allowing the experts to testify, Judge Weisberg wrote:

“Federal law is the supreme law of the land, but there is no constitutional provision that says federal facts are the supreme facts of the land. Federal law can preempt state law, but it cannot preempt scientific fact. The scientific truth, whatever it may be, lies outside of the FCC’s regulations about what is “safe” or “unsafe.”


22 September 2014

iPhone 6 SAR: Radiation Levels and Separation Distance

Lines of people wait to get in the Apple store on Fifth
Avenue on 19 September 2014 in New York City.
(Photo: CLARY/AFP/Getty Images)
The minimum separation distance that the phones should be kept from the body is approximately two-tenths of an inch (5 millimeters).  The SAR values are very close to the legal limit.

iPhone 6 SAR: Radiation Levels and Separation Distance
20 September 2014

What are the SAR levels for Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus? What is the minimum body separation distance? How should the consumer use this information?

PRLog - Sep. 20, 2014 - BERKELEY, Calif. -- For both Apple iPhone 6 models, the SAR level for the head is 1.18. When using a body-worn accessory to keep the phone five millimeters from the body, the SAR level is 1.18 for the iPhone 6 and 1.19 for the iPhone 6 Plus. (1, 2) Thus, the minimum separation distance that the phones should be kept from the body is approximately two-tenths of an inch (i.e., 5 millimeters).

iPhone 6 SAR Nearly Exceeds Legal Radiation Limits for Simultaneous Rating

iPhone 6 SAR Nearly Exceeds Legal Radiation Limits for Simultaneous Rating

Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus is bigger, but bigger is absolutely no excuse for radiation exposure levels that are only .01 under the FCC’s legal limit of 1.6 watts per kilogram (W/kg).

It’s easy to dismiss Apple’s new iPhone 6 Plus as merely catching up to Android in size, but Apple is still nowhere near catching up with regards to cell phone radiation safety. The new CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, holds the same position on cell phone radiation as did the late Steve Jobs who remained in denial through to his last breath.

It’s a well known fact that the genius behind the iPhone, Steve Jobs himself, made it clear he was ” Not Interested” in having an app in the Apple app store which alerted iPhone users of excessive exposure to potentially cancer causing cell phone radiation. The company named Tawkon developed an application to measure the amount of radiation coming from your iPhone. Jobs wanted no part of it, in a twist of irony, it was cancer that took Steve Jobs from this world; he may have been a genius in many ways, but not in cancer prevention. Click here to read the email exchange between Jobs’ and Tawkon.

15 September 2014

The Electrosensitive: When Waves Ravage Lives

Electrohypersensitive persons at an international gathering which took
place from 25 August to 1st September 2014 in the Gorges du Riou-Froid
(Hautes-Alpes)  (Jéromine Santo-Gammaire/France TVInfo)
"Hypersensitive persons report a strong feeling of abandonment by society. [One family, whose 12-year-old daughter is electro-sensitive, related], 'We consulted a homeopath, a neuro-pediatrician who admitted he was not competent regarding the issue, an osteopath, an acupuncturist. Our family physician advised us to see a psychologist. They did not listen. They did not take what we were saying seriously'."

The Electrosensitive: When Waves Ravage Livesby Jéromine Santo-Gammaire, francetvinfo.fr, 8 September 2014 (translated from French by the Editor of this blog)

Persons intolerant to electromagnetic waves militate for recognition of their illness and for the creation of a protected place to live. Report from the forest of the Hautes-Alpes where a number of these persons have gathered.

Attached to trees, hand-written signs request hikers and drivers to "imperatively switch off" their mobile phones. The narrow route which penetrates the forest ends in a clearing where there are groups of tents. In the center, is a large tent. It is here, in the Gorges de Riou Froid (Hautes-Alpes) that the international gathering of electrohypersensitive (EHS) persons – victims of disorders attributed to electromagnetic waves - took place from 25 August to 1st September.

13 September 2014

The Cell Phone: "Intimate Friend" of Over 900 Million Indians - and a Slow Poison

Talking on Cell phone for over 24 minutes is dangerous
by Manish Upadhyay, freepressjournal.in, 10 September 2014

Indore : The device that has become intimate ‘friend’ of over 90 crore [900 million] Indians, Cell phone, could lead to brain tumor if the holder uses it for more than 24 minutes a day. But, more hazardous is radiations of mobile towers, which affects nearby residents for 24 hours.

Unfortunately, neither the residents nor the Union Government is taking any efforts towards this slow poison, whose consequences are dangerous.

The US and European countries have taken adequate measures to contain the problem but in India there is no serious move in this regard, said Dr Girish Kumar, Prof at IIT-Bombay, Department of Electrical Engineering, while talking to this correspondent. Dr Kumar is considered a crusader against hazardous effects of mobile phone and tower radiations in the form of microwaves. Dr Kumar also proved the dangerous consequences of radiation on animal kingdom through his researches. Dr Kumar, who arrived here to address a lecture, said that his researches had proved that excessive talk on cell phone is dangerous and it may lead to brain tumor.

04 September 2014

10 Reasons Not to Use Technology for Learning in Grade School

Left to their own devices?
Cris Rowan, mercatornet.com,
1st September 2014

Ten reasons not to use technology for learning in grade school.

Refuse to Use is a world-wide Movement by responsible and futuristic thinking parents and teachers to ban all school-based technology for children under 12 years of age, and bring back tried and true methods of teaching. The 0-12 years are formative for brain and body development, and are a fragile time when deprivation and damage can be permanent.

Four critical factors for enhancing child development, behaviour, and learning are movement, touch, connection, and nature. Technology stops children from engagement in these critical factors. Technology is sedentary, isolating, overstimulating, and results in child neglect, causing delays in child development, problematic and difficult to manage behaviours, as well as limited attention and learning ability. Teachers teach, not technology. Join the Refuse to Use Movement by reading “Ten reasons to NOT use technology in schools for children under the age of 12 years”, and signing the petition to show your support.

30 August 2014

Cell Phone Addiction Is 'An Increasingly Realistic Possibility', Baylor Study of College Students Reveals

Women college students spend 10 hours daily on their
cell phones, Baylor study finds.  (iStockphoto)
Cellphone Addiction Is ‘an Increasingly Realistic Possibility,’ Baylor Study of College Students Reveals
Baylor University, 27 August 2014

WACO, Texas (Aug. 28, 2014) — Women college students spend an average of 10 hours a day on their cellphones and men college students spend nearly eight, with excessive use posing potential risks for academic performance, according to a Baylor University study on cellphone activity published in the Journal of Behavioral Addictions.

“That’s astounding,” said researcher James Roberts, Ph.D., The Ben H. Williams Professor of Marketing in Baylor’s Hankamer School of Business. “As cellphone functions increase, addictions to this seemingly indispensable piece of technology become an increasingly realistic possibility.”

15 August 2014

Switzerland: Zurich: The First European Refuge for Electrosensitive People

We do not wish to discourage the initiator of this project, but it seems that the site is badly polluted with cell phone tower radiation.  The article, however, describes well the plight of people living with chemical and electromagnetic sensitivities.

In Zurich, the first European refuge for electrosensitive people
by Solène Cordier, Le Monde, 12 August 2014 (translated by the Editor of this blog)

At first glance, nothing distinguishes this apartment building in the suburbs of Zurich from those surrounding it. Located on the heights of the quiet neighborhood of Leimbach, its sand-colored walls are surrounded by a vast garden of tall grasses. The big trees of the forest of Entlisberg, perched on the adjacent mountain, extend their refreshing shade to the surrounding area.

It is because of the particular setting that the building, destined to welcome people suffering from multiple chemical hypersensitivity (MCS) and electrosensitivity, has been constructed in this location. “Five sites were studied in the beginning,” says Christian Schifferle, the initiator of the project. “Measurements showed that this site was radiated very little thanks to the nearby mountain which offers a protective environment.” The absence of antennas was also a precondition for construction, as well as air quality.

11 August 2014

Cordless Phones: Even More Dangerous Than Cell Phones?

This article discusses the risk of exposure to cordless phone radiation and alternative ways to reduce the risk of harm including the eco-DECT phone made by Siemens.

Cordless Phones: Even More Dangerous Than Cell Phones?
Posted by Lloyd Burrell, electricsense.com, 14 July 2010

If you thought you could solve the problem of cell phone radiation by switching back to your landline phone and your landline is a cordless phone, think again. Studies show that cordless phones emit radiation just the same as cell phones.

In some cases cordless phones are more dangerous than cell phones.

Most cordless phones use DECT (Digital European Cordless Telephone) technology. The handset and the base of the phone, emit pulsed microwave radiation.

Cancer Link With Cordless Phone Radiation

07 August 2014

Violent Video Games Linked to Risk of Delinquency and Alcohol

M-rated video games: M for mistake to let teens spend so much time playing them?
by Maureen Downey, ajc.com, 
6 August 2014

We’ve had a lot of discussions on the blog about the impact of smart phones and social media on kids’ educational engagement and social skills. Those conversations have eclipsed the discussion around video games, a pastime of virtually all American kids.

A new study out of Dartmouth linking violent video games and increased deviant behavior will likely generate more talk about the impact on children who play video games.

And most kids do play.

According to Pew Research:

Video gaming is pervasive in the lives of American teens—young teens and older teens, girls and boys, and teens from across the socioeconomic spectrum. Opportunities for gaming are everywhere, and teens are playing video games frequently. When asked, half of all teens reported playing a video game “yesterday.” Those who play daily typically play for an hour or more.

Fully 99% of boys and 94% of girls play video games. Younger teen boys are the most likely to play games, followed by younger girls and older boys. Older girls are the least “enthusiastic” players of video games, though more than half of them play. Some 65% of daily gamers are male; 35% are female.

"Mobilize" Premiere

“Mobilize” Premiere - Saturday, 13 September 2014 at 1:00pm PDT at
Castro Theatre, San Francisco

Following are excerpts from the Press Kit, which includes many photos:

by Emily Hunt and Isabel Fondevila

Filmmaker Kevin Kunze’s new documentary Mobilize will make you think twice about answering your next phone call. That’s because his latest film provides very convincing evidence that cell phones are causing negative impacts on people’s health.

When East Bay father Alan Marks pegged his brain tumor on cell phone usage a few years ago, the issue of cell phone radiation had its brief moment in the limelight. But the media focus eventually fizzled out. And with so many friends to talk to, deals to make, lunch dates to plan, and distant relatives to keep at bay, our reliance on phones wasn't so easily put on hold.

01 August 2014

California: Secret Cell Tower Electromagnetic Assault Weapon Victim Wins Landmark Court Case

We would like readers to validate the credibility of this article.

Secretly Microwave-Assaulted Targeted Individuals

beforeitsnews.com, August 1, 2014
(Read also "Before Its News reported targeted after secret cell-tower weapon article".)

Secret Cell Tower Electromagnetic Assault Weapon Victim Wins Landmark Court Case

After a landmark court case, a California Targeted Individual victim of a secret cell tower radio frequency directed energy weapon, won her case in court against her perpetrator, she has been inundated with other targets pleading for help. The win has stirred the strong emotions and hope of hundreds of innocent targeted individuals, all claiming they are being attacked by secret microwave weapons used for mind control and to torture them.

Kathleen Watterson, a Targeted Individual (TI) and Levi McCann, the expert witness in her case, both in California, are now conducting triage, as hundreds of desperate innocent victims contact Watterson for help.

New Perspective on Child Development in the Wireless Age

A one-year-old child absorbs almost twice as much radiation
per kilo as an adult.
New Perspective on Child Development in the Wireless Age
by Liala Epstein, EMF Expert, Advanced Health Technologies
Canadian Distributor for EarthCalm Products.


All electrical and wireless devices generate electromagnetic fields (EMFs). EMFs never extinguish, they travel indefinitely through space, and disturb other electromagnetic charges in their vicinity; including the electromagnetic processes that underlie all of the body’s biological processes.

Antenna in the human brain

Research at the Caltech University (California Institute of Technology), by Joseph L. Kirschvink, shows the brain is a high-power magnetic receiver lined with several billion magnetic particles “tuned in” to background planetary frequencies that form the natural electromagnetic field surrounding us. Today, Earth’s field is polluted with technologically produced frequencies (EMFs), so the brain receives electromagnetic “junk” produced by AC electricity and wireless technology and transmits this junk to the cells.

26 July 2014

Germany: Important Court Victory for Electrohypersensitivity Victim

Electrohypersensitivity (EHS) has been accepted as an 'occupational disease' at the highest court of appeal in Germany. 

Germany - Important Court Victory for Electro Hyper Sensitivity Victim

WEEP News, 24 July 2014

EHS of a former German Army Radar-mechanic acknowledged as occupational disease by the court of appeal for administrative litigation in German state Schleswig-Holstein (Schleswig-Holsteinisches Oberverwaltungsgericht) - 3 LB 21/11, September 13, 2012

The plaintiff worked for the German army (Bundeswehr) from 1970 to 1992 as a mechanic for Radar systems. While working he was exposed to ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. Since 1973 the plaintiff suffered from inflammation, infectious diseases and palpitations. From 1976 he also suffered from agitation, sleep disorders, fatigue, lack of concentration and extreme forgetfulness, extreme headaches, disorder of the immune system, food allergies and other allergic symptoms, non-functioning eyesight, sweats, exhaustion until mid 90ies.

The plaintiff was diagnosed with EHS and treated in two clinics in 1993. In 1994 the Federal Republic of Germany as his employer rejected to acknowledge his illness as an occupational disease claiming there is no proof that his symptoms are caused by the exposure. In 1994, the plaintiff was pensioned off.

23 July 2014

Mobile Phones Health Hazards, Risks and Dangers

Excessive cell phone use can lead
to skin problems caused mainly by
overheating of cells and include
rashes, sores and even skin tumors.
A surprising page at a Microsoft users website about the dangers of cell phones and microwave radiation. Arun Kumar is a Microsoft MVP alumni, obsessed with technology, especially the Internet. He deals with the multimedia content needs of training and corporate houses.

Mobile Phones Health Hazards, Risks and Dangers
by Arun Kumar, thewindowsclub.com, 30 April 2014

How much time do you spend on your cellphone? Do you know the mobile phones health hazards and risks caused because they keep on emitting radio waves as long as they are switched on? Since the very basis of cellphones is radio signals that carry voice, you are in constant exposure to these radio waves as long as you keep the cellphone near your body. The exposure increases manifold when you are talking on it.

Cooking The Brain: The Evil In Mobile Phones & Cellphone Towers

Though there are few pointers that link cellphone usage to diseases such as cancer, the dangers of using mobile phones still exist. This article examines some studies that link usage of cellphones to different diseases and dangers. Before studying cellphone dangers, let us explore the hazards of living in areas having cellphone towers.

21 July 2014

Dr. Henry Lai Makes Waves in the Cell Phone Industry

Dr. Henry Lai
Dr. Henry Lai is known for his research, published in 1995, which showed that the brain cells of rats are damaged or broken by exposure to low levels of non-ionizing microwave radiation - the same type of radiation emitted by cell phones - and considered safe by U.S. Government standards.

UW Scientist Henry Lai Makes Waves in the Cell Phone Industry
by Naomi Ishisaka, seattlemag.com, 
January 2011

A greeting card on bioengineering professor Henry Lai's office wall at the University of Washington contains this quotation from Ralph Waldo Emerson: "Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."

This philosophy could well sum up Lai’s work on the effects of low-level radiation on DNA, as well as what he believes should be the guiding principle of science: independent investigation and research leading to discovery for the public good. Yet the soft-spoken scientist’s steadfast belief in that principle has placed his research at the center of a persistent global controversy and created powerful enemies that tried to get him fired and essentially succeeded in drying up the source of funding for the type of research he was doing.

19 July 2014

The Work of Neurosurgeon and Researcher Dr. Leif Salford

Dr. Leif Salford
Dr. Leif Salford and his team have demonstrated that blood-brain barrier leakage occurs in laboratory rats after only two minutes of exposure to cell phone radiation.  Further, a single two-hour exposure, even at reduced power, was shown to damage or destroy up to two percent of an animal’s brain cells.

The Work of Leif Salford

Since Allan Frey, whose work is also highlighted here, discovered in 1975 that microwave radiation causes the blood-brain barrier to leak, at least a dozen laboratories throughout the world have corroborated this effect. Currently the most active research of this kind is being done at Lund University in Sweden.

Dr. Leif Salford is a neurosurgeon at Lund University Hospital, and Chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery. Since 1988 he has led a team of researchers that have exposed thousands of laboratory rats to microwave radiation from various sources. Since the late 1990s they have used mobile telephones as the source of this radiation.

Their results have been consistent and alarming: not only does radiation from a cell phone damage the blood-brain barrier, but it does so at even when the exposure level is reduced a thousandfold. Even more disturbingly, and contrary to what was expected, the damage to the blood-brain barrier worsened when the experimenters reduced the exposure level. The implies that SAR ratings for cell phones may be worthless and that it may not be possible to make cell phones safer by reducing their power.

17 July 2014

Comments on the Book Entitled, "Mobile Phones and Public Health - Myth and Reality"

Dr. Michael Repacholi, former Head of the
WHO EMF Project, promoting a book edited
by Ravi V.S. Prasad, lobbyist for the
telecom sector.
Comments on the book entitled, “Mobile Phones and Public Health – Myth and Reality”
by Prof. Girish Kumar, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Article from Prof. Kumar's 3rd Newsletter on Cell Tower Hazards and Solutions – April-June 2014

A book entitled “Mobile Phones and Public Health – Myth and Reality” edited by Ravi V.S. Prasad and published by Har Anand Publications, New Delhi, 2014 was launched by Dr. Michael Repacholi, Ex-head of the EMF Project of WHO at Press club, Mumbai on Dec. 2, 2013. On Jan. 9, 2014, there was a full page advertisement of the book in Hindustan Times and Bombay Times. I have never seen a full page advertisement of any book in a national newspaper as it costs a lot of money. However, after reading the content of the advertisement, I could guess that cell operators and their associates are behind this, who are trying to create confusion in the mind of the people and giving them false assurance that they are safe from high cell tower radiation.

Cancer: Will It Soon Be Too Late?

[A child should never use a tablet on his lap!]
Will it soon be too late? Cancer expected to increase by 70% in next 20 years according to WHO
by Olle Johansson, Newsvoice, 
12 February 2014

DEBATE:  The World Health Organization has released a bleak future forecast. The number of new cancer cases is expected to increase from 14 million to 25 million per year over the next 20 years - an increase of 70 percent. 

 "Despite encouraging progress, the report shows that we cannot treat ourselves out of the cancer problem," said Christopher Wild, co-author of the report. 

But one question lingers for me: Why does WHO themselves not consider another possible cause of avalanche, a cause that they themselves have warned about and predicted?

10 July 2014

Fukushima: Leak at Nuclear Plant Threatens Dangerous Meltdown

March 10, 2014 - File photo of men wearing protective suits and masks
work in front of welding storage tanks for radioactive water, under
construction at Tepco's crippled Fukushima nuclear plant. (Reuters)
"If no new cold water is pumped in at this rate, it will reach the dangerous threshold of 149 degrees (F) in roughly the next week. Such temperatures would increase the possibility of dangerous reactions and more radiation leaks in the plant."

Leak at Fukushima nuclear plant threatens dangerous meltdown
FoxNews.com, 7 July 2014

Trouble is looming at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant, as a leak has forced the shutdown of a cooling system that could cause temperatures to exceed dangerous levels.

Fukushima operator Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) was forced to switch off the cooling system at Reactor Unit 5, after engineers discovered it had been leaking water. If the system is not repaired within the next nine days, temperatures are expected to soar, Russian news site RT reported Sunday.

08 July 2014

Sweden: The Man Who Was Allergic to Radio Waves: Testimony of Electrohypersensitivity

This is an excellent testimony of electrosensitivity from a former telecommunications engineer who worked for Ericsson.  We have published here only his testimony.  The rest of the article discusses the issue of electromagnetic radiation in depth.

The Man Who Was Allergic to Radio Waves

by James Geary and photographer Jonathan Worth, popsci.com, February 2010

Your cellphone does not in itself cause cancer. But in the daily sea of radiation we all travel, there may be subtler dangers at work, and science is only just beginning to understand how they can come to affect people like Per Segerbäck so intensely

Per Segerbäck lives in a modest cottage in a nature reserve some 75 miles northeast of Stockholm. Wolves, moose and brown bears roam freely past his front door. He keeps limited human company, because human technology makes him physically ill. How ill? On a walk last summer, he ran into one of his few neighbors, a man who lives in a cottage about 100 yards away. During their chat, the man's cellphone rang, and Segerbäck, 54, was overcome by nausea. Within seconds, he was unconscious.

Segerbäck suffers from electro-hypersensitivity (EHS), which means he has severe physical reactions to the electromagnetic radiation produced by common consumer technologies, such as computers, televisions and cellphones. Symptoms range from burning or tingling sensations on the skin to dizziness, nausea, headaches, sleep disturbance and memory loss. In extreme cases like Segerbäck's, breathing problems, heart palpitations and loss of consciousness can result.

07 July 2014

United States: 500,000 Cell Phone Towers Causing Cancer Rates to Soar

Cell phone tower disguised to look like a pine tree.
500,000 Cell Phone Towers Causing Cancer Rates To Soar

(Jonathan Landsman) Since 1997, the United States has gone from around 50,000 cell towers to over 500,000 and counting. In my opinion, the ever-expanding deployment of wireless technology represents one of the greatest threats to human health – along with GMOs in our food supply and the geoengineering (chemtrail spraying) of the planet.

Of course, the wireless industry says ‘no worry.’ So, why are they making cell towers look like a church cross; cactus in the desert; barn silo or a tree in the park? What are they trying to hide?
When it comes to radiation exposure – is ignorance bliss?

The slogan of Stealth Concealment Solutions, Inc., a South Carolina company says it all: ”Our Success is Invisible”. They go on to say, “Imagine running a business whose success relies on being completely undetectable to the public. Ours does.” They obviously pride themselves on hiding wireless, radiation-emitting, devices from the public.

Diabetes and Electrosensitivity

This article comes with a video.  We have added at the end two studies by Dr. Magda Havas on the subject, published in the journal, Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine.

Diabetes and Electrosensitivity
by Dr. Magda Havas, magdahavas.com, March 2010

If you have difficulty regulating your blood sugar and you are electrically sensitive you may have type 3 diabetes according to research published in the Journal Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine in 2008.

Unlike Type 1 diabetes (juvenile diabetes) that is largely genetically controlled, and Type 2 diabetes (adult onset) that increases with obesity, Type 3 diabetes is influenced by environmental exposure to electromagnetic pollutants.

In this peer-reviewed article, 4 case studies are presented that show marked changes in blood sugar associated with dirty electricity. Since so few people read scientific articles, I converted this paper into a short video called Diabetes and Electrosensitivity:

06 July 2014

Cell Phones and Cell Biology: Are We Selling Out?

Notice DNA disintegration appears similar, whether one has 1,600 chest
x-rays or uses a cell phone 24 hours.  The early research of Dr. Henry Lai
Dr. Jerry Philips (plus very early government and military research more
recently made available), shows that microwave radiation damages DNA.
(Ref. Electromagnetic Health.org) 
(not the image accompanying Dr. Katz's article.)
"Cellular technology is ubiquitous; that does not mean it is innocuous. History is rife with examples of things we used routinely for a long time, from cocaine to tobacco to trans fats to mercury to radium, only to learn eventually of the perilous folly in which we were engaged. In every instance, cultural interia and large sums of money had something to do with perpetuating what proved to be a calamitous status quo."

Cell Phones and Cell Biology: Are We Selling Out?
by David Katz, M.D., Director, Yale Prevention Research Center, 12 December 2013

'Tis the season to, well, buy stuff. Increasingly, the stuff we buy is electronic. In fact, not only that, but increasingly the stuff we buy with is electronic, too. We are using gizmos to shop for gadgets, or possibly gadgets to shop for gizmos.

In any event, we are ever more frequently in the company of the energy fields our electronic devices, and in particular our smart phones, generate. This deserves more attention than most of us accord it.

05 July 2014

The Impact of Technology on the Developing Child

"Rather than hugging, playing, rough housing, and conversing with children, parents are increasingly resorting to providing their children with more TV, video games, and the latest iPads and cell phone devices, creating a deep and irreversible chasm between parent and child."

The Impact of Technology on the Developing Child
by Cris Rowan, Pediatric Occupational Therapist, The Huffington Post, 29 May 2013

Reminiscing about the good old days when we were growing up is a memory trip well worth taking when trying to understand the issues facing the children of today. A mere 20 years ago, children used to play outside all day, riding bikes, playing sports and building forts. Masters of imaginary games, children of the past created their own form of play that didn't require costly equipment or parental supervision. Children of the past moved... a lot, and their sensory world was nature based and simple. In the past, family time was often spent doing chores, and children had expectations to meet on a daily basis. The dining room table was a central place where families came together to eat and talk about their day, and after dinner became the center for baking, crafts and homework.

30 June 2014

Do Cell Phones Weaken Our Ability to Fight Disease?

Do Cellphones Weaken Our Ability to Fight Disease?
published on November 5, 2013 by Richard Maxwell, Ph.D. and Toby Miller, Ph.D. in Greening the Media,
5 November 2013

Our brains evolved to keep us happy and healthy, then along came electronics.

Toward the end of the 2012 documentary, Resonance—Beings of Frequency, the narrator tells us that the cellphone industry has been asking the wrong question about cellphone-related cancers. Rather than examine how cellphones and communications towers cause cancer, the industry should ask how cellphones prevent the human body from curing the disease.1

It’s a pivotal moment in the film, coming after descriptions of numerous cases linking cell towers and phones to biological harm: cancer clusters in a small town, the collapse of bee colonies, the decline of migratory bird populations, and a rising number of people afflicted by electromagnetic hypersensitivity (a popular butt of jokes about crazies wearing aluminum hats).

The Crime of Chernobyl - A Model for Fukushima

The crime of Chernobyl – a model for Fukushima
by Wladimir Tchertkoff, author of “The Crime of Chernobyl: the Nuclear Gulag”
April 2013

For a quarter of a century a systematic crime against humanity has been perpetrated by people in senior positions at the heart of Europe. The people living in Western Europe, so advanced technologically, remain indifferent and largely disinformed. In order to preserve the consensus around the military and civilian nuclear industry, the nuclear lobby and the official medical establishment have, for the past 26 years, knowingly condemned millions of human guinea pigs to an experiment on their bodies with new diseases in the vast laboratory provided by the territories contaminated by Chernobyl. Children are being treated like laboratory animals, under observation from French and German scientists, and French NGO’s like the CEPN, Mutadis Consultants, ETHOS and CORE, who must take their share of the responsibility. (Translator’s note: CEPN is the Centre d’étude sur l’Evaluation de la Protection dans le domaine Nucléaire ; Mutadis, ETHOS and CORE are all offshoots of the French nuclear industry, financed either through Electricité de France or the Autorité de Sureté Nucléaire.)

Photo 2005: Suffering from thyroid cancer, Oleg Shapiro, 54, and Dima Bogdanovich, 13, receive care at a thyroid hospital in Minsk, where surgery is performed on a daily basis. As a liquidator, Oleg was exposed to extreme levels of radiation. It was his third thyroid operation. Dima’s mother claims that Chernobyl’s nuclear fallout is responsible for her son’s cancer, but his doctors are more cautious: Belarusian officials are often instructed to downplay the severity of the radiation. Ref: National Geographic, March 2014.

The same fate awaits the Japanese people and their children living in areas contaminated by the Fukushima disaster because the same strategy is being put in place in Japan with the same players, the same pseudo-scientific justifications and under the aegis of the same authorities.

28 June 2014

France: Text Adopted by the Senate for Better Regulation of Electromagnetic Waves

The draft text also aims to render
obligatory in primary schools the
deactivating of wireless equipment
when not being used for pedagogical
Text Adopted by the Senate for better regulation of electromagnetic waves
SudOuest.fr, avec AFP, 26 June 2014 (translated by the Editor of this blog)

The official text of the draft law is available here in French.

The Senate adopted Wednesday a text for better regulation of exposure of people to electromagnetic waves

The Senate adopted at first reading on Wednesday [25 June 2014] the draft law of the Ecologists for better regulation of exposure to electromagnetic waves, which affects in particular users of cell phones.

163 senators voted in favor of the text and 149 against. From the left, socialists, ecologists and communists voted in favor. In contrast, the RDSE group (majority PRG – Radical Party of the Left) opposed it, as did the UMP (Union for a Popular Movement). All the centrists abstained. The draft law must go to the National Assembly for a second reading where it had been adopted on 23 January this year.

Its objective is to set in stone the principle of “sobriété” [translated: “circumstance moderateness”] regarding exposure to waves from cell phones, Wi-Fi routers and relay antennas, and not a “principle of precaution” as the ecologists had proposed in an initial text a year ago. It foresees, among other things, coordination on several levels during installation of radioelectric equipment and better information on emission sources, and bans advertising for tablets destined for those under 14 years of age (at risk of a 75,000-euro fine), as is already the case for cell phones.

23 June 2014

Swiss Farmers' Union Publishes Two Fact Sheets on Electrosmog

Swiss Farmers’ Union publishes two fact sheets on electrosmog
by Hans-U. Jacob, www.gigaherz.ch, 6 June 2014 (summary of article in German, "Äs taget bim Schwyzer Pure Association - Morgendämmerung beim Schweizerischen Bauernverband",  by the Editor of this blog)

With so many farmers having damaged animals, the Swiss Farmers’ Union (Schweizer Bauernverband) turned to the association Gigaherz for information on non-ionizing radiation. The Union is very well represented in the Federal Council in Bern. The pressure of Union members complaining about harm to animals and people became so great that the association was forced to act.

Both fact sheets begin with the same text:
Again and again farmers log on to the SBV (Farmers’ Union) and complain about health problems in their herds, which they attribute to different external influences, summarized as "electrosmog" : mobile phone antennas, radio antennas, railway lines, power lines, electric and magnetic fields, and other technical equipment...

21 June 2014

The Globalization of Cancer

RE-POSTED 21 June 2014: The number of cancers being diagnosed in the world each year has leaped to more than 14 million, says the World Health Organization.  Developing countries are disproportionately affected by the increasing numbers of cancers. More than 60% of the world’s total cases occur in Africa, Asia, and Central and South America, and these regions account for about 70% of the world’s cancer deaths, a situation that is made worse by the lack of early detection and access to treatment.

This March 2012 post is based on an article by Dr. Annie Sasco about the globalization of cancer.  I wish to thank SOS pour un Monde Meilleur for having shared this information with me. 

“Dr. Sasco has been a cancer epidemiologist for 25 years and has worked for 22 years at the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer).  She is currently at the University Victor Segalen, Bordeaux, France, where she directs an INSERM (Institut national de la santé et de la recherche médicale) epidemiological team for the prevention of cancer.  Founding member of an equitable coffee trade group several years ago, she defines herself as a feminist and world citizen, a mix of ’68 and Harvard.    She has done an immense and remarkable work informing the population on the disaster and explosion of cancer that we cannot stop without mobilization of the public.   Our toxic, harmful carcinogenic products and out-dated medicines are being exported to less favored populations.   How can we still tolerate that these products, which have been declared “toxic” in our industrialized countries, continue to be distributed on the African continent and elsewhere notably by saying, “this is going to treat you, it is good for you …”  

Each of us can react and is partially responsible.