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04 May 2016

Extract of Book by Prof. Dominique Belpomme : Children and Electromagnetic Fields

Comment naissent les maladies... Et que faire pour rester en bonne santé
by Dominique Belpomme
(How diseases are born... And what to do in order to remain in good health)

Extract of book concerning children exposed to electromagnetic fields (pp. 218-219)
(unofficial translation from French by the editor of this blog)

"It is in children, due to their extreme vulnerability, that major disorders tied to electromagnetic fields are to be feared the most.  Children aged two to three years old have been brought to me for consultation, even infants of three to four months, shrieking with pain, pointing to their temple with their fingers when, by chance, they find themselves near a Wi-Fi router.  I have examined older children and adolescents presenting headaches, attention, concentration, and memory disorders, where I am told that at school, "collège", high school, a relay antenna or computers with Wi-Fi have been installed and the teacher does not understand why these children or adolescents are dyslexic or have behavioral disorders.  A child's intolerance can become such that, being unable to enter the classroom, he refuses purely and simply to go to school.  It is clear that the risk of psychosis cannot be excluded, although our current understanding is that we do not have proof of this.

"Adolescents have come to me for consultation, having abused cell phones (several hours a day) or computers with Wi-Fi (more than 12 hours a day), presenting a clinical-biological state close to Alzheimer's.  In particular, one of them, aged 15, slept for three to four years with his cell phone switched on beneath his pillow and was afflicted with such a condition.  Unable to find the way out of my office, he had to hold on to his mother's hand.  In addition, risks exist in the case of exposure of pregnant women to electromagnetic fields, resulting in the possibility of miscarriages, the appearance of birth defects in their baby or later, severe neuro-psychiatric symptoms in their child.  These risks are being studied."

Book published 6 April 2016
432 pages

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