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13 January 2017

5G: Warning!

5G: Warning!
by Meris Michaels, Readers' Mail, Tribune de Genève,
11 January 2017 (translated from French)

5G technology will increase the levels of electrosmog in our environment. The presence of billions of connected objects will make us more stressed, vulnerable to cybercrime, disconnected, and sensitive to radiation. Health services will be put under pressure to cope with the pandemic of illnesses resulting from increased exposure. The economy will be affected through the rise in health costs and loss of productivity at work.

Although the development of new technologies is accelerating, at the same time there is a tendency to disconnect. We are treating addiction to devices. In France, laws oblige businesses to respect rest times of employees by regulating communication at any time and even limiting the exposure to radiation at work of pregnant women and workers under age 18.

In mid-December, the National Councillor Maximilian Reimann, submitted an interpellation, cosigned by 25 National Councillors, stating that the Ordinance on protection against non-ionizing radiation does not cover all the areas generating emissions that are harmful to the biological system of man and animals. This electrosmog "is in great part responsible for the rise in health costs. Yet it is not the object of adequate research." Before launching 5G, we must study its impact on health and the environment.

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