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26 July 2017

Sterility - A Major Health Issue : Opinion

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Sterility, a major health issue 
Opinion, Letter of the Day, 24 heures,
7 May 2013

Re. Article by François Meylan, Secretary-General of the of the Christian Democratic People's Party, "Sterility, A Major Health Issue" (24 heures, 15 April 2013)

"It is time to sound the alarm on the issue of sterility", writes Mr. Meylan.  We incriminate endocrine disruptors found in pesticides and plastics.  No one dares point the finger at our favorite devices: smartphones, laptops, tablets... Keeping a smartphone switched on in the pocket harms the genetic code and mobility of sperm.  One is radiating the sensitive parts of the body with electromagnetic waves, classified by WHO as "possibly carcinogenic".  Moreover, a laptop, tablet or iPad on one's lap, connected to Wi-Fi, which emits the same type of waves, can affect fertility.  The exposure to radiation of these devices can also have a negative impact on female fertility and increase the risk of miscarriage during pregnancy.

Precautionary measures in the use of these devices is mentioned in the "Safety and Product Information", for example for the BlackBerry Torch 9810 Smartphone:  "Use hands-free operation if it is available and keep the BlackBerry device at least 0.59 in. (15 mm) from your body (including the abdomen of pregnant women and the lower abdomen of teenagers) when the BlackBerry device is turned on and connected to the wireless network."

Assisted reproduction is very expensive, sometimes costing 10,000 francs per couple, while it costs nothing to keep the cell phone at a distance from the body, limit its use, not use laptops on the lap, or better, use these with a wired connection.

One of the best political initiatives to adopt would be a campaign encouraging young persons to take such precautionary measures.

by Meris Michaels

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