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11 January 2018

Cancers in the Head and Neck Are Increasing in Sweden

Cancers in the head and neck are increasing in Sweden
By adminstralskyddsstiftelsen.se
10 January 2018 (extracts)

Cancers in the head and the neck are increasing in Sweden according to the latest cancer incidence data from the Swedish Cancer Registry. Cancers in the thyroid and the mouth are among the cancers that have seen the sharpest rise during the last decade but also the trend for cancers of the pituitary are on the rise. Among men aged 50 -79 years malignant brain tumours, grade 3-4 are also increasing visibly. The increase of these cancers has coincided with increasing use of mobile phones during the same time period while the increasing trend of malignant brain tumours, gliomas, might be an effect of long term use of mobile phones. 

Thyroid cancer

The diagram below shows number of new cances in real numbers from 1970-2016. Women (kvinnor) are more hit by this cancer than men (män). The increase among women since 2008 is over 150%. The thyroid is more exposed to mobile phone radiation since the introduction of the so called ”smart phones”, that have antennas also at the bottom of the phone.

Malignant brain tumour, glioma

Malignant brain tumours, glioma grade 3 – 4 are also increasing slightly for all ages. Repeated epidemiological studies have reported an increased risk for glioma related to mobile phone use. There are four grades of glioma, 1-4. Grades 3 to 4 are the most malignant.

The diagram below shows the trend for new cases per year between 1970 and 2016 in real numbers. From a relatively stable incidence among men and women, the number of new cases started to increase around 2003 among men and some years later among women.


Immediate action to inform the public necessary

In summary the latest cancer data from the Swedish Cancer Registry shows that several cancer types in the head and neck area have increased during the last decade. Cancers of the thyroid, in the mouth and pharynx and the pituitary. Also malignant gliomas grade 3-4 are increasing, mostly among men aged 50-79 years.

The rise in the incidence of these cancers might be due to the increasing use of mobile phones, since they are in the most exposed area (the head and neck) when mobile phones are used against the head.

The increase in malignant glioma grade 3-4 among men aged 50-79 years might be an effect of prolonged use of mobile phones.

The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority and others have increasingly argued during the last years that there are no health risks from mobile phone use since there are no increased incidence in brain tumours in Swedish and other cancer registries. These new data shows that the argument is not only wrong from an ethical point, it is also not in line with the data.

The Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation urges that the public is broadly informed about the health risks and that urgent measures to protect children and adults are put in place, in line with the demand from over 230 scientists in EMF Scientists appeal.

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