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30 April 2018

Switzerland: With Tricks and Lies, Yet More Radiation from Mobile Phone Masts

With tricks and lies yet more radiation from mobile phone masts
Press Release, funkstrahlung.ch
20 April 2018 (translation)

Lobbyists and Federal Councilor Leuthard want to avoid the two-fold decision of the Council of States to maintain the limits for mobile communications systems via the back door. An opinion of the umbrella organization Electrosmog Switzerland and Liechtenstein reveals the background.

Not even a month ago, the Council of States rejected for the second time, as in 2016, a limit value increase for the radiation of mobile radio systems. Nevertheless, the mobile communications industry and its lobby by Federal Councilor Leuthard demand that the limits be relaxed on their own and bypassing the parliament. Corresponding orders to the Federal Office for the Environment have apparently already been issued.

What is the mobile operator? In autumn, the Federal Council wants to auction more radio frequencies for mobile. So that the frequencies can be used as profitably as possible, the limits should be relaxed at the expense of public health. Those responsible know very well that practically all industry-independent studies in the last 20 years show a high risk of serious illnesses. Anyone who claims that there are no health damages caused by radio radiation, deliberately spreads falsehoods or lies. Common sense would, in the sense of precaution, dictate that the limits be tightened rather than relaxed.

In order for antenna masts without nominal limit value increase to be allowed to radiate more strongly, the lobby dictates a cheap trick. During irradiation, the limit value should be calculated as an average over 24 hours. Internationally, however, the current high is the determining factor. The 24-hour mean would make the Swiss population one of the worst protected in the world. You do not pour a liter of boiling water over your hands and then claim that, spread over 24 hours, it was just a lukewarm hand bath.  In order to disguise the trick, nebulous terms, half-truths and false statements are used.

The National Council Commission's initiative is now taking place, where the latest studies confirm harmful effects of mobile phone radiation in the range of the applicable Swiss limit values - and now that France is implementing a program to reduce antenna radiation. According to the law of 2015, mobile communications systems should no longer radiate more than those in Switzerland. Technically, it is obviously not a problem to be able to offer reliable mobile phone services even at lower limits. Instead of promoting mobile communications with relaxed limits, it would be much more economically important to finally push ahead with fiber-optic expansion right up to apartments.

Original Press Release  in German:

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