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15 July 2018

EMF&RF Update: Presentation by Cece Doucette before the Ashland, MA, Board of Health - 26 June 2018

Excellent presentation!   She is a gifted speaker.  (See the very pertinent comment below from one of our Facebook groups.)

Cece Doucette: Ashland, MA Board of Health EMF/RF Update June 26, 2018 (24 min.)


"Please watch this amazing video presentation by Cece Doucette to the Board of Health in Ashland, MA.

What’s extraordinary is not only Cece's clarity of thought and extremely well sequenced presentation, but more, it's her calm and respectful demeanor that invites receptivity to the information she is sharing.

Cece understands that the Board members are not bad people... they just need better information.

With her calm manner, Cece has raised public awareness in MA and is currently escorting 8 EMF bills through the state legislature.

Cece says:

"This is not a wait-and-see issue, however. The industry is pushing fast to put toxic 5G infrastructure in our neighborhoods -- cell antennas every two to 12 houses -- and our municipal leaders simply do not know of the health risks.

All they hear is the industry will give them revenue if they let them put up more cell antennas for faster speeds. And what town wouldn't appreciate an easy revenue stream?

But not at the expense of our health and that of our children."

Cece writes:

"I hope you will share the following video to help educate your own schools, town managers, boards of health, librarians, senators and state representative. Most simply, they have no idea wireless is toxic."

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