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26 May 2019

Swiss Firms Will Not Be Compensated if 5G Found to Be Harmful

Swiss firms will not be compensated if 5G found to be harmful
swissinfo.ch, 23 May 2019

The Swiss government will apply the precautionary principle to fifth generation mobile communications (5G) and can tighten existing laws in the face of new scientific evidence on risks.

Mobile operators that have invested in 5G technology will not be financially compensated by the state if stricter laws are introduced, the Federal Council responded on Thursday to a parliamentarian’s question. The financial cost of complying with scientifically-backed new legislation will have to be borne by the telecom companies. There was acknowledgement of the World Health Organization’s decision to classify high frequency radiation as potentially carcinogenic to humans but the government pointed out the absence of relevant long-term studies.

Hence, the Federal Council has taken these grey areas into account based on the precautionary principle. It has set stricter installation limit values for sensitive areas likes homes, schools, hospitals, offices, playgrounds, etc. to ensure low-level exposure over the long term.

When it comes to compensating victims of harmful exposure, several existing legal provisions would make it possible to demand compensation, provided a causal link can be proven. As of now, the law does not provide for the creation of a mutual compensation fund financed by mobile telephone operators. 

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