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06 November 2020

Why Die for WiFi? My Child Did - Will Yours?

Why die for WiFi?  My Child Did - Will Yours?
by Debra Fry, posted 3 May 2016

On the 11th of June 2015, my 15 year old daughter, Jenny Fry was found by me, hanged in woods near our home in Oxfordshire, UK .

She was utterly exhausted; instead of receiving sympathy and understanding, she was battling the school for giving her detentions and refusing to acknowledge her difficulty around wifi, which had a profound effect on her ability to concentrate, write, explain things, and function in school.

I went into the school on several occassions to try to educate them on the health dangers to all pupils and staff, as well as the effect it was having on Jenny, but I was told that for as many reports that there are showing harm, there are as many available online saying that wifi is safe (although I have not seen any saying this).

The head teacher did say he would double check; I left him a list of information - reports and websites - to check. He also said he could not turn off the wifi for one child; I said it was not just for Jenny, but it would be healthier for everyone.

I even had a heated exchange with a member of staff, saying that Jenny is allergic to wifi.

It's the same as a peanut allergy - you would not leave peanuts all around the school, so why expose her to wifi? Knowing that it will cause her problems?

They refused to let me measure with my electrosmog meter to find safer, more comfortable areas for Jenny to work in. And they told me off for taking readings at a parents' evening.

I also contacted the Governors of the school, the local Education Department, the Radiation Advisor used by them, the Chief Scientific Officer, the Chief Medical Officer, the National Radiological Protection board, the Health Protection Agency, Public Health England, and my MP and GPs.

Jenny was an intelligent child who had a great thirst for knowledge, and her education was very important to her. She wanted to put it to good use, and somehow help humanity, as a doctor, exploring the world.

At age 6, she wanted to know how the moon stays up in the sky, and everything about the universe.

She flew through school with no problems until the wifi was fitted in Chipping Norton senior school in November 2012, and for a few months at home.

Jenny was very popular and liked by her peers, and befriended children of all abilities and backgrounds.

She was highly organised and self motivated. She did not have to be asked to do her homework .

She was my wounderful, beautiful, thriving, happy, healthy, helpful, caring, sensitive daughter, until she was exposed to wifi, which emits pulsing microwave radiation, when her physical health began to crumble.

Her death was totally preventable, if I had been listened to earlier.

Her symptoms : headaches, fatigue, joint pains, sleep problems, skin irritation, rash, anaemia, menstrual cycle disruption, heart flutters, difficulty concentrating, temperature control, urine urgency, overwhelming sense of needing to leave some classrooms at school.

She had a really bad nose bleed at home while she was doing home work on her wifi laptop; she came down stairs saying "please help me, I cannot stop my nose bleeding and I have not knocked it." As a nurse, even I had a job to stop it.

We were both so concerned that I looked up nosebleed / wifi online, and was totally shocked at what I found; the more I researched, the more evidence I found from doctors and scientists saying that wifi was not safe for children, just as mobile phones were not.

I was in the back garden on a sunny day, trying to find a school without wifi and continuing my research into the health effects, using a wifi laptop, when I realised - wow this technology is amazing; it's coming through brick walls, just like xrays.

This was the moment I realised how dangerous this stuff could be. But at the time I thought that I was trying to save her from future cancer, future fertility problems, as well as the list of symptoms above.

We immediately switched off the wifi at home and fitted ethernet cables, which helped Jenny to sleep, and helped some of her symptoms to go or improve. However, at school, some would return, or be triggered and exacerbated by their Rukus Zoneflex 7982 wifi.

I was also unknowingly affected by the wifi, having a racing heart, sharp pains in my eyes, and tinnitus, which I had just put down to my age, only to be shocked when I realised they had all gone after we had switched the wifi off for Jenny.

I felt so energised, as it confirmed my diagnosis was right for Jenny - having previously tried new lined curtains, a new mattress, visits to GPs and dentists, but all to no avail.

I could not find a school without wifi. I offered to let her stay and work at home, but she was in the middle of her GCSEs, and wanted to be with her friends.

So I tried again to get the wifi switched off at her school, but although I was now being listened to by someone in high office, it was too late for Jenny.

I miss Jenny everyday, and will spend the rest of my life trying to get justice for her, and campaigning to raise awareness of the health hazards from wifi / microwave radiation exposure, which should never have been put anywhere near our children.

I hope to help her to achieve her dreams of helping humanity, by telling her tragic - but totally preventable - story.

So please join the fight to protect our remaining precious children from wifi - before its too late. Prevention is better than cure.

How? Reduce the tsunami of wifi invading their lives. Switch off wifi in schools, homes and hospitals, and provide wired ethernet access to the internet.

Debra Fry

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  1. Tyler is now 11 years old and has a recognized disability, EHS (electro hypersensitivity), which means with accumulative and prolonged exposure to microwave radiation emitting from wireless technology in the classroom, he experiences severe headaches, accompanied with vomiting, extreme fatigue, insomnia and now night terrors. These episodes last up to 8 hours and no amount of Tylenol or Advil alleviates his pain.
    These headaches are debilitating and excruciatingly painful, and the longer he is exposed the more severe his headaches, vomiting, extreme fatigue and insomnia will become.
    For the past 4 years he has been shuffling between three different School Districts to avoid the mandatory exposure School Officials have decided is ‘crucial’ to teach the curriculum even though there is existing hard-wired connection to the Internet in all the schools.
    Tyler is really upset, frustrated and angry about having to return to school after spring break, only to return to a separate room downstairs by himself for 5 hours a day with no contact with any of his peers. He feels he has been dumped downstairs and forgotten, left there to do his work on his own. He’s frustrated that he can go a day or two with out even having anyone checking on him to see how he’s doing.
    Imagine being 11 years old and your only social contact with your peer’s is in a school setting, but you are isolated in a room by yourself. Tyler really wants to be back in a classroom with his peers, to have the teacher in the room to actually teach him and to ask questions when help is needed like all other grade 6 students. He has now lost contact with all his friends.
    The principal and the assistant superintendent have denied our request for accommodation, even though we have provided a letter from Tyler’s family doctor and a Medical Expert on EHS. How can a principal and superintendent with no medical expertise, over ride two medical doctor’s recommendation of avoidance? How are they allowed under the Charter of Rights and Freedom allowed to refuse Tyler’s right to an education in a safe environment?
    As of April 20th Tyler is attending school for 1-½ hours on Wednesdays in the room downstairs with a teacher one on one until May 13th. The rest of the week he is sitting at home when he should be participating in activities with his friends at school.
    Tyler never asked to be “the canary in the coal mine,” he just wants to go to school and hang out with his friends.
    Janis Hoffmann
    Victoria BC

    1. Thank you for sharing Tyler's experience. It is deeply disturbing that the school authorities do not recognize and accommodate more humanely his disability. It is all that more poignant to hear of a child suffering from electro-hypersensitivity and to have that suffering banalized and misunderstood. What will his future be like, with more and more of the environment becoming saturated with microwave radiation each day?

      We in Suisse Romande have not heard such testimonies from children with EHS, but we are hearing from adults who are being mistreated or ignored by the medical profession in a country where EHS is not recognized as a disability.

      To everyone who reads this, please share your thoughts and experiences.

    2. I am so sorry to read about your young son and what he has to endure. I myself have become EHS for more than a year now. My social life is really restricted but I had the chance to live more that 30 years kind of normal life before.
      The worst for me is the people not understanding you and thinking you are insane especially doctors, psychologists... and the worst friends and relatives.
      I can't imagine myself becoming EHS at that early age. It must be so hard to be isolated from the rest at that age. I sympathise with what your son is going through. I hope that more people will get aware of the problem of wifi and mobile phone use soon. And I do hope that the people touched by this condition will be recognise and get a proper treatment in the future and more importantly a place in society.

  2. School officials are responsible for ensuring that children learn in a safe environment. When evidence that something in the school is potentially harmful, I believe they have the responsibility, legally and morally, to remove that threat.
    Debra Fry presented evidence showing that her daughter was being exposed to something that many scientists have shown to be harmful. That the school did nothing shows a lack of diligence on their part.
    If I were Debra I would be discussing the situation with lawyers, to see if they could be held guilty of harmful negligence. What if the toxin had been DDT or lead paint? Or peanuts? Microwave radiation is no different -- and the consequences of allowing exposure especially after having been fully informed should be the same.

  3. Dave Ashton has kindly granted permission to publish his comment on this story, also posted on Jack O'Dwyer's site.

    Dave Ashton (May 4, 2016):
    So much respect is due to Debra for her calm yet determined resolve to bring the issue of wi-fi in schools, and the harm that it causes, to the attention of people everywhere.

    I'm not a scientist or a medical expert, but I've listened to enough people who are by now to know that exposing children to the pulsed, modulated microwave radiation from all wireless technologies is an absolutely insane, irresponsible and criminal idea.

    That school managers ignore the warnings from those who are aware of the biological carnage wrought by this radiation is an absolutely astonishing thing. Any thinking person has to shake their head in sheer disbelief.

    The rot and irresponsibility doesn't stop with these people though.

    Governmental and non-governmental organisations, on the whole, support the widespread deployment of these microwave-emitting technologies - whether it be smart meters, mobile masts (cell towers), wi-fi in schools, wi-fi in city and town centres, wi-fi from orbiting drones and satellites, or deployment of the next generation of small cells.

    Health organisations support these technologies. The boss of the NHS in England seems to have made it his mission to irradiate patients, relatives and staff on all NHS premises through the provision of ubiquitous wi-fi, and he gives discharged patients wireless monitors and sensors to take away with them.

    The WHO maintains that this radiation, within the levels recommended by ICNIRP, is safe - ignoring thousands of scientific studies that negate this claim, which is very helpful for the industries involved, if not for any of us.

    Everyone seems to have forgotten that most of the non-ionising portion of the electromagnetic spectrum has been classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as a Group 2B carcinogen.

    Children are now routinely exposed to this possible carcinogen in schools, at home, and in the general environment. Would the exposure of schoolchildren to exhaust fumes, lead, or DDT be similarly tolerated?

    All this, and without any consistent and conclusive evidence of the safety of this radiation at permitted levels (but overwhelming non-conflicted evidence to the contrary).

    Dr. Leif Salford, who showed the damage that is done to the blood-brain barrier as a result of phone radiation, described this as the largest biological experiment ever.

    In this experiment, we're all guinea pigs, but the most disgusting thing is that this includes fetuses, infants and young children, who will live with the consequences of exposures now for the rest of their lives.

  4. Living cells operate at 7.83Hz. Schumans resonance. Water, lightening, trees, grass, roses, dogs, people, all life. Wifi technology does not emmit electromagnetic fields that are safe around adults, let alone children who do not have fully developed bones, bodies, skulls... Ever found your ear burning while talking on a mobile phone. This is the cells surrounding your ear being disrupted from normal cellular activity, causing heat as a by product.

    Icnerp are the safety regulators of mobile technology. They are funded by telecom companies, and it seems when research discovered answers that didnt compile with sales projections, funding was withdrawn and goal posts were moved. For more info. Watch resonance beings of frequency freely available on you tube by flat frog films.


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