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09 June 2014

List of 94 Organizations Submitting an Amicus Brief on Electrohypersensitivity in the Case of Arthur Firstenberg

Below is the annotated list of the 94 organizations in 22 countries which joined the Amicus Brief. This is also a valuable resource for anyone looking for information on electrohypersensitivity.

Identification of Amici Curiae


CENTER FOR SAFER WIRELESS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Haymarket, Virginia. Its mission is to educate parents, children, health providers, educators, and governments about the risks and safer use of wireless technology.

CLEAR LIGHT VENTURES is a social venture firm in Los Altos Hills, California whose primary mission is the reduction in environmental health threats to improve human health and performance.

STOP SMART METERS is a California based organization that has been fighting the deployment of smart meters since 2010. It has received written testimony from over 2,000 people reporting adverse health effects from smart meters and related infrastructure.

WAVE ANALYSIS VERIFICATION RESEARCH is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, based in Green Bank, West Virginia, that is building the first radiation-free refuge for people with EHS in the U.S.

WIRELESS EDUCATION ACTION is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Portland, Oregon, that seeks to further public knowledge of the biological hazards of wireless technology, especially to children.

THE EVERGREEN CENTER is a medical center in Oregon City, Oregon, dedicated to research, education and treatment for people with autism.

STOP SMART METERS NY is a New York State based community action group working to educating the public, elected officials and government agencies about the health, privacy, fire and cyber security risks associated with smart meters.

THE MAINE COALITION TO STOP SMART METERS successfully instigated the first ever in-depth investigation by the Maine Public Utilities Commission into the health and safety impacts of smart meters.

COALITION FOR HEALTH AGAINST SMART METERS, based in Florida, seeks immediate local, state, and national moratoria on the deployment of wireless meters and their infrastructures.

PEOPLE AGAINST CELL TOWERS AT SCHOOL, founded in 2008 in Tampa, Florida, is a group of citizens who stand for the principle that it is unethical, unreasonable and reckless for school districts to lease school property to cell tower providers. They also oppose WiFi and all other wireless devices in schools.

EMF REFUGEE: INTERNATIONAL COALITION FOR AN ELECTROMAGNETIC SAFE PLANET is educational and support organization, presently based in California, and a web-based forum, for people with EHS.

CENTER FOR ELECTROSMOG PREVENTION is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in California whose mission is the prevention and reduction of electromagnetic pollution.

NAPERVILLE SMART METER AWARENESS is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit, organized in Naperville, Illinois to raise awareness of the potential issues of and advocate for informed consent and choice in the installation of "Smart" meters.

MARYLAND SMART METER AWARENESS is a 1,000-member advocacy organization in the state of Maryland dedicated to educating the public about the dangers of smart meters.

SEDONA SMART METER AWARENESS, founded in 2010, is a grassroots organization of residents of Sedona focused on the health, privacy, security and safety issues associated with the use of electromagnetic and microwave radio frequencies.

HEALING EARTH & EMF REFUGE is an informal organization, founded in 2013 and based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is dedicated to creating safe refuges for people and ecosystems, with respect to climate change and new technologies.

EMR ACTION DAY was founded in 2012 by concerned people in North America, South America, Europe and Africa to raise awareness every year on Earth Day of the environmental effects of electromagnetic pollution. It proposes new choices for safer energy consumption and advocates for radiation-free zones.

GLOBAL RADIO FREQUENCY RADIATION DEFENSE TEAM, based in Massachusetts, founded in 2008 and it is dedicated to bringing public awareness to the harm the automated metering infrastructure is doing to humans and wildlife.

DEFENDERS OF THE BLACK HILLS is an all volunteer organization without racial or tribal boundaries, whose purpose is to preserve, protect, and restore the environment of the 1851 and 1868 Treaty territories made between the United States and the Great Sioux Nation. Defenders is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization and began its work in August, 2002. It is run by a Board of Directors and incorporated in the state of South Dakota.

CITIZENS FOR A RADIATION FREE COMMUNITY is “citizens from all walks of life with one common denominator - we wish to live in a world, free from involuntary exposure to debilitating and deadly microwave radiation as emitted from cell towers, smart meters, WiFi and other involuntary radiation sources.” The Los Angeles-based organization gives lectures to communities and testifies for governmental bodies.

TEXANS AGAINST SMART METERS was organized to demand a moratorium on smart meter rollout in Texas.

LUBBOCK AGAINST SMART METERS was organized to prevent the rollout of smart meters in Lubbock, Texas.

STOP SMART METERS GEORGIA works to warn people of the dangers of smart meters.


EUROPEAN EMF WORKING GROUP of the EUROPEAN ACADEMY FOR ENVIRONMENTAL MEDICINE (EUROPAEM). EUROPAEM is an organization of European doctors who specialize in the treatment of diseases caused by environmental pollution. The EMF WORKING GROUP is leading the organization's policy on the health effects of EMFs, including EHS.


ES.OZ is an educational organization focused on electromagnetic radiation and a support organization for people with EHS in Australia.

STOP SMART METERS AUSTRALIA, INC. is an Australian advocacy and educational organization, which was incorporated in 2013 to support and assist people who have suffered devastating health effects as a result of pulsed radiofrequencies from smart meters.

AUSTRALIAN CHEMICAL TRAUMA ALLIANCE is an organization supporting people who are sensitive to chemicals and very often electromagnetic radiation. It offers counselling, advice, referrals to appropriate medical and legal practitioners, and introductions to other members for mutual support.

OREAD PROJECT, formed in 2013, is an action group based in a community in the sensitive subtropical rainforest of north New South Wales, Australia. The project’s purpose is to educate the public and create radiation-free areas in the region to protect humans and wildlife.


CANADIANS FOR SAFE TECHNOLOGY (C4ST) is a not-for-profit, volunteer-based coalition of parents, citizens and experts whose mission is to educate the inform Canadians and their policy makers about the dangers of electromagnetic radiation from technology. One of their key focus areas is raising awareness of EHS. Part of our requests of the government in Canada is recognition that EHS exists. The CEO of C4ST is Frank Clegg, formerly President of Microsoft Canada.

The WEEP Initiative is a Canadian initiative to stop wireless, electric and electromagnetic pollution founded in 2005.

CITIZENS FOR SAFE TECHNOLOGY represents over 30,000 individuals in British Columbia. It is a nonprofit society incorporated in 2007 that provides information to the general public on the health effects of radiation from wireless technology.

KAWARTHA SAFE TECHNOLOGY INITIATIVE is a citizens group based in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada focused on removing WiFi from schools.

COALITION TO STOP SMART METERS is a non-partisan coalition established in 2010 in British Columbia consisting of residents, businesses and organizations dedicated to ensuring that the upgrading of the provincial utility infrastructure (electric, water, gas) proceeds in a manner that protects jobs, democracy, privacy, security, safety, rights, health and the environment.

THE LAKESHORE COALITION is group of concerned residents of Grand Bend, Port Franks, Ipperwash and Kettle Point, Canada whose focus is educating the public conerning the health and environmental risks associated with telecommunications towers and radio frequncy radiation. It advocates for the establishment of radiation-free refuges for people with EHS.


ESCUELA DE AUTOINDAGACIÓN (“School of Self-Inquiry”) was founded in 1998 in Colombia to promote integrative methods of education that lead to healthier societies.


EHS FORENINGEN (EHS Association of Denmark) is an information and support organization for people with EHS, founded in 1992.

RÅDET FOR HELBREDSSIKKER (Danish Council for Safe Telecommunication is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in 2010 whose primary goal is to provide evidence-based information to the public about the adverse health effects caused by exposure to wireless communication technologies.

MAST-VICTIMS.ORG is a web forum begun in 2003 and based in Denmark and the UK. Its purpose is solely to warn others of the devastating health effects of wireless technology. Since 2005 the webiste has had 10,797,607 visits and users.


ERBYLGJUFELAGIÐ (“Microwave Association”) was founded in 2011 to stop the proliferation of cell phone towers in the Torshavn Municipality, Faroe Islands, and to work to eliminate wireless technology from schools, workplaces, and public places.


SÄHKÖHERKÄT RY. is a patients’ organization for people with EHS in Finland.


NEXT-UP is a French NGO created in 2005 to inform and warn the public and protect the natural environment from electromagnetic pollution. Next-Up has created the first radiation-free refuge in Europe for people with EHS, and authored Resolution 1815, adopted by the Council of Europe, calling for the establishment of such radiation free zones.

ROBIN DES TOITS is a French NGO whose object is to warn against health hazards caused by wireless technologies. It was the first NGO in France to care about EHS and to go public with that major health problem in 2008.

ELECTRICSENSE is web-based and operated from France by Lloyd Burrell. It provides information and support worldwide to people with EHS on how to minimize exposure to electromagnetic fields.


BÜRGERWELLE E.V., DACHVERBAND DER BÜRGER UND INITIATIVEN ZUM SCHUTZ VOR ELEKTROSMOG (“Umbrella Organization of Citizens and Initiatives to Protect Against Electrosmog”) is a registered nonprofit organization founded in 1997 in Germany with the aim of protecting people from electromagnetic pollution, caused primarily by wireless communications. It has branches also in Switzerland, Italy and Austria.

ÄRZTEINITIATIVE BAMBERGER APPELL is a large group of physicians in Bavaria working since 2004 to stop the expansion of wireless infrastructure, and advocating for the establishment of radiation-free zones for people with EHS. In 2004 it published a letter on behalf of 130 doctors demanding to stop the proliferation of wireless technology because of proven health risks.

VEREIN FÜR ELEKTROSENSIBLE UND MOBILFUNKGESCHÄDIGTE E.V. (The Association of Electrosensitives in Munich) was founded in 1992. It is an informational and support organization for people with EHS.

GRUPPE STRAHLEN-ENTLASTUNG (“Radiation Relief Group”), founded in 2006 in the German state of Baden-Württemberg, is a group of concerned citizens and sufferers of EHS that advises government officials and supplies information to schools about the safe use of wireless technology.

STRAHLENFREIER AMMERGAU (“Radiation-free Ammergau”) is a citizens’ initiative organized in 2001. Its members include includes a physician, a building biologist, three electrical engineers, a nurse, members of municipal councils, and ordinary citizens, including numerous people with EHS, who are working to reduce radiation and eliminate cell towers from Ammergau, a popular tourist region in southern Bavaria.

BÜRGER GEGEN ELEKTROSMOG E.V. (Citizens against Electrosmog) is an education organization founded in 2004 in Nuremberg, Germany focusing on the biological effects of electromagnetic radiation. It keeps a voluntary registry of people who have been injured by radio frequency radiation.


STICHTING EHS (EHS Foundation) is a Dutch foundation that acts as an independent center of expertise about electrosensitivity. They collect reports from people with EHS, perform measurements of their exposure levels, and apply scientifically sound field reduction materials and methods.


CITIZENS RESOURCE AND ACTION INITIATIVE, in Gujarat state, India, works in the spheres of public good, universal justice and health.

ASSOCIACIÓN INDIA (INICIATIVA NADIE MÁS DAÑADO POR IRRADIACIÓN DE ANTENAS) (“No More Damage by Antenna Radiation”) works against the indiscriminate building of mobile phone antennas in urban centers and residential zones in Spain.

THE CUFFE PARADE RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION is the residents’ association of a prominent area of Mumbai, India, with over 4,500 members and speaking for over 25,000 residents. Other residents associations in Mumbai who are joining this brief are:
















All the Mumbai residents associations are focused on the unregulated installation of cell towers in India that are making people sick.


IRISH DOCTORS ENVIRONMENTALASSOCIATION is a charitable organization of doctors in Ireland, founded in 1998 for the purpose of raising awareness about electromagnetic radiation and other environmental problems.

IRISH ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION VICTIMS NETWORK is a support and information group founded in 1999 to support people with EHS. It works with the Irish Doctors Environmental Association.

PARENTS FOR SAFE TECH IRELAND is an organization of parents formed to educate the public about the danger to children’s health from microwave radiation from wireless technology.


NO RADIATION FOR YOU (NoRad4u) is Israeli based and headed by Amir Borenstein, a computer and electronics engineer. It operates the primary web-based resource in Israel on EHS and the health effects of electromagnetic fields.


RETE NO ELETTROSMOG ITALIA (“No Electrosmog Network”) is a network of national and local organizations in Italy. Its aims are: to deliver free information to members and social networks on the problem of electrosmog; to urge the European Parliament to enact lower exposure limits for electromagnetic radiation; and to improve access for people with EHS to public buildings, hospitals, schools, etc.

ASSOCIAZIONE PER LE MALATTIE DA INTOSSICAZIONE CRONICA E/O AMBIENTALE (“Association for Illness from Chronic and/or Environmental Toxicity”) is a Rome-based NGO that works in Europe for the research and information about the environmental causes of diseases as well as for the political recognition of the rights of people with environmental illnesses, particular Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and EHS.


LIFE-ENVIRONMENT NETWORK is a self-help group for people with EHS and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (which is recognized as a disease in Japan) in Japan and it is involved in advocacy and promoting research on EHS.

MEETING ON EMF AND OTHER ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES OF THE KANSAI REGION is an educational and support organization for people with EHS and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity in Japan.


RADIATION AWARENESS NAMIBIA is a citizens’ initiative in Namibia working for the precautionary siting of masts & antennas away from homes & schools, and the safer use of cell phones & wireless technology.


ESNZ TRUST is an independent private trust formed in 2012 to raise awareness of EHS in New Zealand. ESNZ is seeking formal recognition of EHS in New Zealand, and has prepared a report to the New Zealand Human Rights Commission seeking recognition of EHS as a disability.

SAFER WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY NZ, INC. is a New Zealand organization focused on the health effects of WiFi in schools, libraries, and public places, as well as cell towers.


FOLKETS STRÅLEVERN (“Citizens’ Radiation Protection”) is a Norwegian NGO that provides education about EHS, support for people with EHS, and advocacy for lower radiation levels.


ELÖVERKÄNSLIGAS RIKSFÖRBUND (Swedish Association for the Electrohypersensitive) is a national organization in Sweden for people with EHS, with over 3,000 members. It is a member of the Swedish Disability Federation. EHS is an officially recognized disability in Sweden.

VÅGBRYTAREN is an independent nonprofit association in Sweden working with the aim of reducing electromagnetic radiation to levels that do not cause harm to health or environment.


ASSOCIATION ROMANDE ALERTE AUX ONDES ÉLECTROMAGNÉTIQUES (“French-Swiss Association Alert to Electromagnetic Fields”) is a nonprofit informational organization and a support organization for people with EHS. Their website has had over 1,650,000 visitors.

GIGAHERZ – SCHWEIZERISCHE INTERESSENGEMEINSCHAFT ELEKTROSMOG-BETROFFENER (“Swiss Interest Group for the Electrosmog-Affected”) is a Swiss initiative against electromagnetic radiation that had its origin in protests against the Short Wave Transmitter at Schwarzenburg, which caused health problems in the surrounding area from 1971 until it was permanently removed in 1998. The group is now focused on securing the rights of people harmed by wireless technology.


AVAATE - ASOCIACIÓN VALLISOLETANA DE AFECTAD0S POR LAS ANTENAS DE TELECOMUNICACIONES (“Valladolid Association of those Affected by Telecommunications Antennas”) provides information about the health risks of electromagnetic fields and support for people with EHS. Founded in 1999, it is a registered association in the autonomous region of Castilla y León, Spain.

ELECTROSENSIBLES POR EL DERECHO A LA SALUD (“Electrosensitive for the Right to Health”) is a national environmental organization, based in Madrid, Spain, that was founded in 2012 for the purpose of securing basic human rights for people with EHS.

LA COORDINADORA DE LA PLATAFORMA ESTATAL CONTRA LA CONTAMINACIÓN ELECTROMAGNÉTICA (PECCEM) (“National Platform Against Electromagnetic Contamination”) represents more than 90 associations in Spain. They include neighborhood associations, ecological groups, associations of people with EHS, scientific committees, experts in electromagnetic radiation, and lawyers.

FUNDACIÓN VIVO SANO is a registered foundation organized in 2011 in Madrid, Spain. It is an independent, private-initiative health organization. One of their major areas of work is raising public awareness about the health risks of electromagnetic fields.

ASSOCIACIÓ ENSALUT, incorporated in June 2012, is an association of citizens in the Catalán region of Spain whose focus is the prevention of environmental conditions that affect health. It is developing a proposal for the Catalan Parliament to reduce the legal limits of exposure to electromagnetic radiation and address the deployment of smart meters.

DOMOSALUD ASOCIACIÓN CIUDADANA POR LA SALUD AMBIENTAL (“Domosalud Citizens’ Association for Environmental Health”) is established in Barcelona, Spain, to defend environmental health, including the defense of people with EHS. They are experts in environmental health, doctors, architects, physicists, pharmacists, biologists, and other specialists in various environmental disciplines.


ELECTROSENSITIVITY UK (ES-UK) is a charity organization in the UK founded in 2003 that runs a helpline and a website, provides printed and digital information about EHS, sponsors meetings, sends out a quarterly newsletter, and engages with the medical profession and government officials.

RADIATION RESEARCH TRUST is a charitable organization in the UK whose mission is to provide the facts about electromagnetic radiation and health to the public, the media, and the government.

FOODS MATTER is one of the UK’s largest web resources for allergy and intolerance and the many health conditions that relate to them.

MCS-AWARE is the UK charity for environmental illness. It provides information and support to people affected by chemical, food and electrosensitivities.

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