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01 June 2014

Switzerland and Electrosmog: Wake Up Before It Is Too Late!

This image was published in "GHI" in 2002, a newspaper
delivered to every household in the canton of Geneva.
Reading about the history of development of wireless technologies in Switzerland, it seems that the country is regressing in terms of caring for the health of its population.

Today, in 2014, the health authorities are not speaking out, especially regarding precautionary measures which continue to lie, invisible to the general public, in their official documents.  The media used to report on these. Today it does not.  The authorities seem to follow the national studies which have declared there are no harmful non-thermal biological effects from wireless technologies, while hundreds, indeed, several thousand international studies have demonstrated the opposite.

The advertising of the telecommunications operators and manufacturers has done a splendid job of luring people into buying the latest gadgets and applications and creating addictions to them.  Revenue from these ads silences the media from reporting on health effects.  Revenue from shares in telecoms companies silences members of Parliament.

Health professionals receive no education on how to diagnose and treat environmental sensitivities.  Heavily influenced by the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, they know only how to prescribe medication for existing diseases and use expensive diagnostic tools to identify these illnesses.

Just as in the United States, there is a move in Switzerland to provide every student with a tablet from a young age, which requires installation of Wi-Fi in classrooms.

The electrosensitive, comprising at least 5% of the population - some 400,000 persons - are getting sicker from the proliferation of this technology.  No one cares about them.  They are being treated far worse than handicapped persons, by being ridiculed, ostracized, labeled crazy, just plain ignored.  Their electrosensitivity is neither recognized nor compensated, nor are they provided safer environments in which to live and work.

So, people remain ignorant, meanwhile each day radiating themselves with their beloved gadgets, worse, radiating their children.

No one is taking responsibility for their health - not themselves, not physicians, not educators, not politicians, not even parents.  Only when their own children start getting sick from this technology will they wake up - and then, it will probably be too late.

by Meris Michaels

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