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12 January 2015

Ireland: Three Teenagers Discover Irish Water Ltd. Smart Meters Affect Mobile Phones

Young Scientist: Three Teenagers discover Irish Water Ltd. Smart Meters Affect Mobile Phones
Extract of article by Evelyn Ring, Irish Examiner, 
9 January 2015

Three teenagers who are also students at Kinsale Community School found that radio frequencies from recently installed water meters affect mobile phone signals.

Claire Bernard, Alana McSweeney, and Sarah Cotter of Kinsale Community School found that water meters are having an effect on mobile phone frequency, but they haven’t told Irish Water just yet.

Second-year students, Alana McSweeney, 14, Claire Bernard, 13, and Sarah Cotter, 14, found that the signal of a mobile phone weakened if it was within 3m of a water meter.

They have not told Irish Water about their findings but are happy that they have proved their case. “We did a lot of testing,” said Sarah. “We conducted 1,413 tests in 471 houses. We analysed all the data and got a 95% confidence level.

The students want to develop their project to see if the radio frequency from water meters could be interfering with anything else.

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