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06 June 2018

The Phonegate Scandal with Dr. Marc Arazi: Exclusive Interview by Canadian Journalist Nicolas Pineault

Exclusive Interview:  The Phonegate Scandal with Dr. Marc Arazi
 (90% of cell phones exceed limits) - (6 June 2018 - 33 mn)

(in French with English sub-titles)


Dr. Arazi is a French physician who has become a real crusader for cell phone and EMF safety. After months of legal action, he found out that the tests by the French National Frequencies Agency (ANFR) show that 90% of mobile phones that are already quite obsolete exceed the radiation limits.

In this exclusive interview, Nicolas Pineault, an investigative journalist and author of "Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs", gets to the bottom of what could well be called the biggest industrial scandal in history, which unfortunately is still ignored in most media around the world.

Links mentioned:

- CBC Canada documentary:  "The Secret Inside Your Cellphone": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wm69i...
- Phonegate Alert's  official website: https://www.phonegatealert.org/
- The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs (English only): http://getbook.at/emf
- Electrosmog Rx -- The World's 1st EMF Course For Health Practitioners (English only): http://electrosmogrx.com/ 
- "Air Tube" ear pieces from the U.S. company Defender Shield:

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