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31 May 2020

Love nature? Why back 5G?

Love nature? Why back 5G?
Letter of the Day, gazetteseries.co.uk/, 30 May 2020

Love nature

I MUST congratulate you with the amount of nature you show in your paper every single week. What I am also noticing, is that through the Covid -19 crises people are becoming more conscious about the environment, they talk more about it and they enjoy it more.

Therefore, I find it so very bizarre some people backing 5G.

For 5G can have a massive effect, not just on humans, on birds, bees, insects and trees - where the radiations from 5G damage the bark.

I give you an example, my grandson has 40 bee hives near a field, the bees are dying because of the power of the radiation which throws the bees off the track to their hives.

Also, the insects figures are lowering in this country and specialists say partly because of 5G.

The next point I want to make is that there is an assumption that all our biological make ups are the same.

However, that is a dangerous assumption for people’s tolerance really are quite different.

About 4 years ago we had a working group, consisting of some councillors and other people - one being my good friend Richard House.

The difficulty was that when we met in houses, two of us couldn’t cope at all with the radiations (then 3G), basically they couldn’t sometime function and even talk at all!

Only when we moved out and met in a field, where there was no 3G, things improved. Now, with 5G it will be a nightmare because it is much more fierce than ever.

It is estimated that there are already over 500,000 people in this country who can’t leave their homes because of the effects of the radiations emitted from 5G technology.

From the point of view of the deniers, you can argue that there is not enough evidence of the damaging effects of 5G on humans.

I would say to that, there is not enough evidence that no harm is done by 5G!

We should be more cautious, there are now many other local governments around the world who are putting a stop on the rolling out of 5G because they want to see more research done.

Can I make one final point, in and around Stroud there is a lot of opposition.

Over the last two years there have been three good full meetings with speakers against 5G.

That excludes people giving out anti 5G leaflets on the street, week in week out.

John Marjoram



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