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29 November 2020

Release of the Book "Phonegate" by Dr. Marc Arazi at Massot Editions

I just finished reading "Phonegate". I liked it very much! Once I started reading, I could not put  it down. I would like to thank Dr. Arazi for writing this book in a simple and accessible way for everyone. He helped me to better understand his commitment and the enormous difficulties (manufacturers, public authorities, media, ...) he faced in exposing the truth about the Phonegate scandal and the deception of the cell phone industry. It is a deeply human story, which gives an account of the courage that the author, a whistle-blower, and his supporters in France and around the world have shown throughout this struggle to finally reveal it to the pubic. I highly recommend that you read it. Afterwards, you won't look at your cell phone in the same way ever again.  
(Meris Michaels)

Release of the book “Phonegate” by Dr. Marc Arazi at Massot Editions
Equipe Phonegate,  8 Nov 2020
[In French only for now]

We are pleased to announce the release, on November 12, 2020, of the book “Phonegate” written by our President and published by Massot Editions. In this story, intended as a logbook, you will live with Dr. Marc Arazi these four years of alert of this international health and industrial scandal. You will discover many important revelations that have remained secret and that confirm even more the importance of this exceptional affair.

“Overexposed & Deceived
Our mobile phones are endangering us all”

The scandal finally revealed for the first time worldwide


We are more than five billion mobile phone users in the world and many of us have been keeping them close to us since a very young age. Some of us even sleep with them. We have been lied to for years: OUR MOBILE PHONES ARE DANGEROUS. The manufacturers of our beloved smartphones have knowingly overexposed us to radio waves well beyond safety standards. Worse, some have falsified the test results with software as in Dieselgate. This scandal has a name: PHONEGATE.

The vast saga began in 2016 with the help of courageous women and men – physicians, lawyers, politicians, scientists, friends and volunteers who fought alongside Marc Arazi to expose the truth. After reading the book, you will be keen to change your use and especially that of your children. A few simple gestures can protect your health and that of your loved ones. You will also understand why a moratorium is essential before any deployment of 5G. We cannot trust the mobile telephony industry!

THE ALERT IS LAUNCHED: Become an advocate for change by spreading this message.

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