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18 January 2022

Experts Blast David Robert Grimes for His Failure to Understand Science and Love of Self-Citation

Industry-paid David Grimes pens sham "review" on RFR wireless radiation.

Experts Blast David Robert Grimes for His Failure to Understand Science and Love of Self-Citation
by Paul D. Thacker, disinformationchronicle.substack.com, 18 Jan. 2022

David Grimes in an online advertisement
for Vodafone.
While claiming to debunk conspiracies and speak for science, Grimes ignores published research and channels corporate PR.

When is scientific “debunking” really just a way to dismiss pesky scientists whose findings trouble corporate interests? For physicist David Robert Grimes, it seems quite often.

Researchers with decades of experience in toxicology and epidemiology are crying foul and calling for retraction of a recent essay in JAMA Oncology written by Grimes, in which the assistant professor of biomedical physics at Dublin City University ignored and dismissed much of the peer reviewed literature and government findings that point to dangers from radiofrequency radiation—scientific evidence that the telecom, IT and power industries find uncomfortable. In what has emerged as Grimes’s preferred technique to belittle those he disagrees with, he also heaped scorn on contrary scientific evidence as “fringe science” while exaggerating the importance of his own opinions on “misconceptions and conspiracy theories.”

Such rhetoric has been all too common in recent years, and comes from a small community of self-styled experts on “conspiracy theories” whose “debunking” just happens to favor corporate interests. In the past, Grimes also promoted a narrative favored by Monsanto that argued against the science evidence on harm caused by the pesticide glyphosate.

“I’m surprised a journal published this,” said Ron Melnick, who continues to teach physicians about the dangers of radiofrequency radiation, after spending almost three decades at the National Toxicology Program. “It’s not a review. It’s an op-ed. To be less generous, it’s an advertisement.”

In truth, David Robert Grimes did an advertisement for Vodafone in 2020, where he downplayed any ill health effects from 5G. But in a recent review of the scientific literature, researchers found “no human experimental studies” on 5G and urged research in this area.

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