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27 June 2022

Wireless Radiation Exposure Presentation by Children's Health Defense

On 24 June, Children's Health Defense presented an excellent discussion of wireless radiation exposure on its weekly program, "Roundtable". Among the speakers were attorney W. Scott McCollough, part of the legal team who challenged the FCC regulations in 2019, Dr. Natalie Sadler, psychiatrist, and doctors and presenters of the CHD team.

Here is the link to the program:

Scott McCollough began by explaining what are electromagnetic fields (EMF), radiofrequency radiation (RFR), modulation, pulsation. Electromagnetic energy evokes a biological response in all living things. Dr. Sadler mentioned the particular sensitivity and extreme vulnerability of children to exposure to EM radiation.

Mr. McCollough went on to explain 5G, emphasizing that we need to be concerned about all types of EM radiation. 5G is more useful to large industries than to consumers. "All these so-called consumer applications are merely the excuse that is being used to convince people that they should accept the exploding number of transmitters close to their home." But 5G is also the means of implementation for digital passports, credit scores... It is built for surveillance and control.

Mr. McCollough was asked how people can protect themselves from RFR.  Those not yet experiencing symptoms from exposure should not be around these devices, detailing what to do. Although one cannot cite health concerns in arguing to keep operators from installing cell phone antennas, there are other valid arguments that one can use (ugliness, lowering property value etc.) The electrical wiring of homes should be grounded. Dr. Sadler discussed the symptoms of microwave sickness/ electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

For someone who has been raising awareness of the harm of wireless technology for many years, I found the presentation clear and informative - and learned some things!

See CHD's section on Electromagnetic Radiation and Wireless:

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