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15 February 2014

Where Can We Live? Electro-magnetically Sensitive People Speak Out

Ongoing InterOccupy conference calls on EMF Harm

Where can we live?- Electro Magnetically Sensitive people Speak Out

Welcome to Inter Occupies continuing shows on Electro Magnetic Radiation and microwave dangers. We have been getting educated on the dangers of how these frequencies effect people and environments and how this danger is increases through time.

I was setting up a new Group Interaction site on Facebook, EMF Harm International, (link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/EMFHarm/), when I came across a Group, called “Electrical Sensitivity Support Group”. Upon reviewing this group’s 158 people’s postings, I became frighteningly aware of the mounting danger we have ahead of us as a world. Of a world where no one can live, where the damage of the technology we are addicted to, not only destroys us, but tortures us – and becomes an unbearable place to live … where the greed of people who make billions of dollars from us on technological, microwave devices, have burdened and enslaved us with no place to run and no place to hide… and with no place to live.

I’m including a 7-minute trailer from a new Swedish documentary, “Where Can We Live? About 2 women with electro sensitivity who each had to give up city-life and careers, and move to the country: a post by Kim Goldberg,an author- who is presently writing a book on this subject.

Please join us, we need your participation in understanding what it feels like to live with electromagnetic hypersensitivity and how it has effected your life.- and how it is effecting millions of other people.

To get a call in number for this conference, follow the link here:

You can download a copy of this conference and previous conferences from our Hub, at EMF Harm on Inter Occupy.net, or on our website, www.occupyemfharm.org, and facebook group, https://www.facebook.com/groups/EMFHarm/

As our activist community grows bigger, we need more participants who want to help us educate others. We also would like to set-up regional networks for those in need to contact us on a help Line, do research, do activism, and start locating and congregating to Safe living zones. We now have a video from Kriston Fisher- a newscaster from WUSA, who has done a segment on Electro Sensitive people looking for safe living zones. You will see that link on our Hub.

Please email me at sandyows@aol.com,

Please note our Hotline number is; 1-800-967-3070. If you have any Breaking news to share, please use emf_harm@yahoo.com. Our specialists and activists have access to this Hotline and will respond directly to your immediate concerns. We will list all the upcoming show agendas on facebook and on our website; www.occupyemfharm.org. Please spread the word. See you next time.

Every Thursday 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern

To register for these calls, please go to the following link, and after entering your info, scroll to the bottom, under the list of upcoming calls, to get your access numbers:

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