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24 April 2016

Switzerland: Invest in an Awareness-Raising Campaign to Protect the Population from Electromagnetic Pollution

Doctors are concerned about the eventual increase in
the [emission] strength of mobile phone installations.
Invest in an awareness-raising campaign
by Meris Michaels, readers' mail, 24 heures,
18 April 2016

Re:  "Fighting against mobile phone antennas" ("Montée au front contre les antennes mobiles" - 24 heures, 12 April 2016)

Thank you to the author for her excellent article on mobile antennas which includes the warning by Doctors in Favor of the Environment (MfE) regarding health risks of mobile phones.  The fact that the limit values, based solely on thermal effects (and not biological), are ten times lower in Switzerland compared to other countries in Europe does not make electromagnetic (EM) pollution safer.  In the magazine published in January 2016 by CSS Insurance, the president of MfE, Dr. Peter Kälin, asserts:  "More and more evidence suggests that electromagnetic pollution, even below the limit values, is harmful to health."

The increase in limit values will encourage use of mobile phones and fatten the profits of telecommunications companies.  In fact, isn't the purpose of this action to power the economy?  What about the health of the population?

One does not understand why Switzerland continues to deny the several thousands of international scientific studies showing biological effects of EM pollution, including from mobile antennas.  Undertaking more research serves to defer the establishment of policies protecting the population against this pollution, especially those most vulnerable:  children and pregnant women.  Money would be better invested in an awareness-raising campaign for the population on how to use wireless technologies in order to reduce EM fields, according to Dr. Kälin:  "disconnect, switch off, distance oneself".


  1. Does this mean , one can protest somehow ?? send a letter or somethin ?? in Switzerland ?

    1. We wish... Do you live in Switzerland? I've just now contacted the member of the Swiss Parliament, Margret Kiener Nellen, who launched the motion regarding EHS, asking who in Parliament is the focal point for questions concerning EM pollution. We are so few in our association in French-speaking Switzerland, ARA, (81 members) that I doubt we can make an impact. I intend to write to Dr. Kälin in MfE, but there too, messages go through the Secretariat and we usually receive a standard reply.

      Most of the population is enthralled by wireless tech and the telecoms lobby is very powerful, the conventional medical milieu outside MfE will not take a stand re. health effects of EM pollution. Almost always, the Government takes into account only studies by Swiss researchers, including Martin Röösli, who has just been elected to ICNIRP. In short, the population is unaware of the proposal to raise limit values. They need to be educated. All they care about is having better reception in order to watch videos on their smartphones and laptops while traveling in the train... Please share any ideas you have of raising awareness.

  2. Please, do whatever is possible to keep the current limit values in Switzerland. Swiss exposure limits are good "model" or template for many countries which make their own laws for protection of the population. If Swiss increase their limits (which is generally considered protective), that same be occurring in other European countries that have maintained the same standard (a maximum 0.1 W/m2 for mobile services). This is extremely important.


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