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15 July 2012

Interview with Barrie Trower, Microwave Expert: Part 7 - Children are deliberately being experimented on and killed

Children are deliberately being experimented on and killed

Julius remarks that in 1993, he had a mobile phone and whenever he passed a tower it made a noise.  He said to himself, this isn’t right.  “Since then, every time I see a mobile tower, the word Nazi comes to mind.”

“I’ve read interpretations of documents going back to hundreds of years B.C. – the Tibetan Book of the Dead, the Egyptian Book of the Dead, Ptolemy, right up until today,” says Trower.  “The only time in history other than now that I’ve read of children being deliberately experimented upon and killed was Dr. Joseph Mengele at Auschwitz.  Until today.  We are probably the 40,000th generation of human beings and this is the first time I’ve known of a worldwide study on children for autism, miscarriages, bone cancer, leukemia, all the things they’re getting.  This is the first time in the history of the human race that children are being deliberately experimented on without parents’ consent, where parents have been lied to, without the children’s consent.

“WHO said they started studying children in 2009 and they will not have a result for another 10 years, apart from a summary in 2012.  It is an experiment by WHO on children and this is the first time in the history of the human race that we are exposing children.  What does this say about the human race? 

“WHO is business-funded and they look after business.  They certainly don’t look after human beings.”

Julius refers to a 2008 study of 100,000 pregnant women and 30,000 7-year-old children.  It showed that these children had behavioral problems, probably as a result of exposure of unborn babies to radiation.   

Trower says there is a recent study by someone who can measure the radiation that the child is exposed to and know how ill the child will be when he’s born.

“What is happening as a human race that we’re experimenting on the unborn?  How I see this is there is a whole row of children in heaven waiting to be born, looking down and probably saying. ‘I hope I don’t go to one of these families who are being experimented on so that I’ll have autism or a genetic disorder.  I just want to be born ordinary so that I can play, have fun and grow up.’  I see them looking down.

“I was in court. There was a break so I went across the road to the pub for a beer and sandwich and sat down.  The barrister representing the mobile industry came in and sat down and said, ‘you know you’ve lost, don’t you?’

“I said, ‘probably.  Would you tell me just one thing – answer one simple question?  You and I are on the downward part of the slide of life and it’s getting faster and faster.  When I was young, I’ve been stupid but as an adult I’m trying to do good, maybe what some people would describe as God’s work – preventing suffering.  When I die and stand before the judges, I’ll say, look, here I was stupid but I try to succeed here and I’ll have tics in some boxes and crosses in others, but I’m not afraid with what I’ve achieved, but you on the other hand, take a lot of money and you find loopholes to win cases that are going to cause suffering and death.  When you reach the end of this slide and have to stand before the judges, whatever religion, where you are naked and nobody’s impressed with your big house, your Mercedes, your yacht and you can’t take your money with you, you can’t drive anywhere, and you have one sentence to defend yourself when you look at all the suffering you’ve caused, what would you say, when you cannot lie because they can see through and it’s telepathic, what is your sentence?’  I ask this of decision-makers and not one has this sentence prepared.  It’s too late.  They cannot answer.”

“If we could get this message to decision-makers, maybe when they go to bed at night, they may think, ‘I can’t avoid this.  I could buy my way out of everything, I can do anything, but I cannot avoid this.’  I think this will be a strong thought if they know.  It may just help us out.

“I think of Adolf Hitler, what he would say, and these decision-makers who are deliberately causing more damage.  They will be in the same boat and I don’t think they realize that.”

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