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20 July 2015

Expert Forum on Cell Phone and Wireless Risks, 22 June 2015: Presentation by Karl Maret, MD

Video: Karl Maret, MD, Expert Forum on Cell Phone and Wireless Risks, 22 June 2015
View video here:  https://vimeo.com/132039697

Karl Maret, M.D., M.Eng. is President of Dove Health Alliance, a non-profit foundation in Aptos, CA. He holds an M.D., Masters in Biomedical Engineering and B.S. in Electrical Engineering. As such, he is uniquely qualified to address present day concerns about the biological effects of electromagnetic fields. He has presented at many international conferences, including annual presentations at the German Society for Energy and Informational Medicine for the last 10 years, and he educates physician groups on the biological impacts of communication technologies, such as cell phones, wireless technologies and infrastructure and ‘smart meters’. In this presentation, Dr. Maret addresses risks to children in WiFi classrooms, presenting case studies involving real-time, continuous dossimetry measurements, including cumulative exposures and the percentage of each school day unacceptable exposure levels occurred.

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