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27 January 2016

Symposium "For the Recognition of Electrosensitivity": National Assembly, Paris, 11 February 2016


Symposium "For the Recognition of Electrosensitivity"
11 February 2016 - 14:00 to 18:00

National Assembly - Salle COLBERT, 126 rue de l'Université, Paris 7e

Organized by Laurence Abeille, Member of the National Assembly and Michèle Rivasi, Member of the European Parliament

With the support of Mrs. Gro Harlem Brundtland, former 
Director-General of WHO

Free entry. Mandatory inscription before 4 February. For reasons of security, access to the National Assembly will be refused without inscribing before 4 February.

With the current deployment of the Linky smart meter, testing of 5G for mobile telephony and more and more Wi-Fi in public places, we are more than ever surrounded by a "sea of waves". At the same time, a court recognized a handicap of 80% of a woman suffering from electohypersensitivity.
This is why it seems to crucial to us to place this major public health issue on the table and in particular to address this issue to physicians and health professionals.

Scientists and physicians who will be making presentations at the Symposium on the issue and who are specialists in electromagnetic waves will show the true impact on health and why certain persons become "allergic" to these waves.

14h00 - Opening and introduction
Laurence Abeille, Member of the National Assembly
Michèle Rivasi, Member of the European Parliament

14:30 - Round table: EHS, a recognition in terms of science and medicine ?
- Pr. Pierre LE RUZ - European expert, President of the Independent Commission for Research and Information on Electromagnetic Waves
- Pr. Dominique BELPOMME, oncologist and President of Association for Research and Treatment Against Cancer
- Docteur André VANDER VORST, engineer and physicist
- Docteur Pierre BIBOULET, Medical expert

16:30 - Testimonies and debate: physicians' observations and experience of victims of waves
- Dr Béatrice MILBERT - Family physician
- Dr Alain COLLOMB - Environmental Health Association Provence
- Catherine NEYRAND, kinesiologist
- Marie-Christine NAHON, electrohypersensitive person
- Bruno BESSON, spouse of an electrohypersensitive person
- Olivier CACHARD, Professor of Law, University of Lorraine
- Maitre François LAFFORGUE, lawyer specialized in public health

17:30 - Conclusion - Launch of the appeal of physicians and medical professionals: "Electrohypersensitivity is a public health issue" - presentation of the appeal to a representative of the Ministry of Health - "sous réserve"

18:00 - Conclusion of the Symposium

Link for inscription: https://www.weezevent.com/ehs

(Translation by Meris Michaels)


  1. Thank you for this post and update. I made the following federal testimony several weeks ago at UCLA for a public hearing related to the new ESSA Education law: http://eduresearcher.com/2016/01/22/essa/. I've also created a collection of related research, accessible at http://bit.ly/wifi_research and will add your blog and updates to it as well.

    1. I appreciate very much the links you have shared with me. I would like permission to post your testimony, however, I would be able to only post part of the text and a link to the rest. If you ever wish to have something posted on my blog, please send it to me. One of my collaborators attended the symposium and I will hear from him shortly. I also have direct contact with Pr. Belpomme's team. Thank you again.


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