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22 February 2016

Petition: Urgently Recognize Electro-hypersensitivity as a Disability

Please sign the petition (French text).  Persons outside France may sign.

PETITION - Urgently recognize electro-hypersensitivity as a disability

Link to the petition:
Letter to French Ministry of Health, Secretary of State for Disability (auto-translation with tweaks)

Petition started by Michèle RIVASI, Member of the European Parliament, representing South East France for Europe Écologie–The Greens, Brussels, Belgium

For the first time, environmentalist MP and MEP Laurence Abeille and Michèle Rivasi held a symposium in the National Assembly on February 11th for the recognition of electro hypersensitivity as a disability.

There is urgency to act now, because with the current deployment of connected objects, the experimentation of 5G mobile telephony, and ever more wifi in public places, we are more than ever surrounded by "electrosmog" harmful to everyone's health.

In late August, a court recognized a woman with electro-hypersensitivity as being 80% disabled.

Professor Belpomme, present at the symposium, presented his research on over 1200 electro-hypersensitive and chemically-sensitive cases; it demonstrates the reality of this pathology.

Physicians, paramedics and health professionals, as citizens, we call on you to sign this appeal, released at the symposium, having already collected 50 initial signatures of doctors and health professionals:

We, doctors, scientists and health professionals, Considering the appeal of Fribourg launched in 2002 by physicians, we find in recent years during our consultations, a dramatic rise in severe and chronic diseases among our patients, such as:

Symptoms usually found in mobile phone use:

- Pain and / or heat in the ear
- Disorders of the surface sensitivity type dysesthesia (tingling, tingling, burning or itching) on the face, scalp or arm

Then gradually, and permanently:

- Headache, associated typically with stiffness and pain in the neck.
- Tinnitus, hyperacusis,
- Visual disturbances type of blurred vision,
- Anomalies of deep sensitivity (false vertigo), malaise
- Skin lesions with sensation of burns (causalgia) and / or itching,
- Muscle disorders (myalgia, spasms, twitching) and / or joints (arthralgia, stiffness)
- Cognitive disorders.

Second stage:

- Onset of severe cognitive disorders (attention deficit and concentration, loss of short term memory)
- Vegetative symptoms sympathomimetic (chest tightness, tachycardia)
- Digestive or urinary disorders,
- Insomnia, chronic fatigue and possibly depressive tendency.

And finally, in the absence of treatment and protection measure, evolution is marked by progressive constitution of pathological lesions, totally irreversible: delirium, absences, spatial disorientation or temporal state of dementia resembling Alzheimer's, including among young subjects.

In children headache and sleep disorders, dyslexia, attention disorders and concentration, loss of memory attachment, sometimes behavioral problems (child refusing to go to school without reason)

Considering that we know the residential environment and habits of our patients, we often see a correlation in time and space, between the occurrence of these disorders and the beginning of the proliferation of electromagnetic radiation, in cases such as:

- The installation of a mobile phone mast in the vicinity of the home or the patient's workplace,
- Intensive use of a mobile phone,
- The use of a wireless DECT telephone at home or at work.

Electromagnetic fields thus appear to partly explain the appearance of these disorders.

As indicated by the International Scientific Statement on Electro Hypersensitivity and sensitivity to multiple chemicals, signed by scientists and doctors from around the world gathered at the Royal Academy of Medicine in Brussels in May 2015, on the initiative of the ECERI, biomarkers have been identified in the EHS sufferers that establish the existence of true debilitating conditions.

So much so that some people must shield places polluted by electromagnetic fields (WiFi, mobile phone etc.) to continue to live under the most normal conditions possible. However, this disease is still not recognized by the French health authorities.

In the context of the recognition by the Disability Dispute Tribunal of Toulouse of the 80% of disability suffered by a patient with electro-hypersensitivity, we believe it is finally time to discuss this major public health issue.

This pathology is complex and multifactorial, we are clueless about these people, whose physical suffering is real and symptoms found. Although scientific controversy remains in some respects on the subject, these patients exist and responses must be made medically to alleviate their suffering.

We need to be better informed on health impacts of electromagnetic fields and to be equipped with tools to better help these patients.

We call solemnly as the French government, and particularly the Minister of Health, to view the health impact of electromagnetic fields as a health priority, and to consider these patients, more and more, who are for the most part in great difficulties and experience social insecurity.

It seems essential, as a precaution, to lower the general population's exposure to electromagnetic fields; and especially in terms of children, to reduce their exposure to wifi and tablets in schools.

An independent and thorough research should be conducted on the subject and electro hypersensitive persons should be able to take refuge in "white zones".

Finally, decisions of certain Departmental Organisations for Disabled Persons (MDPH) to recognize electro-hypersensitivity as a disability must be definitively validated, and applied by all MDPH so that all people with EHS are supported.

[Thank you to Dave Ashton (and Google) for this translation.]

Original petition in French:

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  1. Thanks so much Dave. Card I wrote you to follow. Can anyone help start a petition to halt a bill to WiFi all the national parks or at least limit the areas that will be WiFi'd to small areas only. Many of us go to the National and State forests to find relief for an hour, a day or for longer. Some of us have bought land and built next to National Forestas as a last resort or as a twentieth or fiftieth relocation to get away from WiFi and the health problems it is causing us. I am not able to spend much time on line now but will try to start a petition unless someone else does it first. I will sign these other petitions you sent as quickly as I can. Thanks so much, once again. from Jen


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