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17 July 2016

Australia: Celebrity Chef Pete Evans Says ABC Journalist Suspended for Claiming Wi-Fi Causes Brain Tumors Was Right

Celebrity chef Pete Evans has defended
ABC journalist Dr. Maryanne Demasi who
was suspended over her report on the ill
health effects of Wi-Fi.
Celebrity chef Pete Evans says ABC journalist suspended for claiming Wi-Fi causes brain tumours was RIGHT - as he reveals he turns the internet off every night

- Celebrity chef Pete Evans defends ABC journalist Dr Maryanne Demasi
- The journalist was suspended over controversial 'Wi-Fried' episode
- Episode was found to be in breach of the ABC's impartiality standards
- 'Wi-Fried' aired views from scientists that said Wi-Fi caused health issues
- The My Kitchen Rules judge has agreed with the controversial Wi-Fi claim
- The Paleo chef said he protects his family by switching off Wi-Fi at night

Celebrity chef Pete Evans has defended an ABC journalist who was suspended after claiming in an episode of a science program that Wi-Fi causes brain tumours.

Catalyst host Dr Maryanne Demasi's 'Wi-Fried' episode was found to have breached accuracy and impartiality standards after it went to air in February.

However, the My Kitchen Rules judge has claimed she was 'only telling the truth', and revealed he protects his family from electromagnetic fields at home by switching the internet off at night as he believed Wi-Fi could lead to health issues.

'We... turn off Wi-Fi at night at home and have our house EMF friendly,' the Sydney chef wrote on Facebook in response to a follower's question about 'the dangers of Wi-Fi in our schools and houses'.

'If people have not educated themselves on this yet, then I urge them to do so as well. EMFS are causing a lot of issues for people.'

On Wednesday night, the controversial Sydney chef called on his 1.5 million Facebook followers to throw their support behind Dr Demasi in an effort to implore the ABC to reinstate her.

'Maryanne is a journalist that is willing to tell the truth to help let Australians make wiser choices with the information she thoroughly investigates and shares,' Evans wrote on Wednesday evening.

'I am proud to call her my friend, and what is happening to her at the moment is unfair on so many levels.'

When her suspension first emerged last week, the TV personality quickly jumped to her defence on social media, saying Dr Demasi 'has just been suspend [sic] from her job for sharing the TRUTH.'

'SO SAD! One of our most professional and courageous journalists that we have in our country,' he wrote on Facebook last week.

'Maryanne cares about the health of all Australians and works tirelessly to bring to life the stories that can change peoples lives for the better (which is a very rare thing in the media these days!)

'Lets hope she is back on air SOON so she can once again share the stories that matter.'

The defence comes after the TV personality received backlash for his controversial comments about 'poisonous' sunscreen and women trying to have children should not follow a vegan diet.

The father-of-two, who lives in Sydney's eastern suburbs, was recently slammed after telling fans on Facebook not to follow the diet if they are 'trying to reproduce'.

Vegan mothers spoke out to urge caution over his claims, fuming he should not be giving advice on the matter because he is not a health professional.

Despite their fury, the 43-year-old TV personality maintained his position, telling Daily Mail Australia 'the most sensible approach' to pregnancy was a diet filled with animal fats and protein.

Over the weekend, Evans prompted fury by telling fans not to wear conventional sunscreen because it is riddled with 'poisonous chemicals'.

The My Kitchens Rules star had warned fans against using conventional sunscreen which he said was full of 'chemicals' and promoted an unregulated zinc-based product on Facebook.


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