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07 June 2012

The Dangers of iPads

The following news about the dangers of iPads provided by safeinschool.org was published recently by the  WEEP Initiative.  iPads are also being purchased for schools in Europe.  A private school in Geneva, Switzerland, is already using these in classrooms.

In addition to the videos listed below, view this one from March 2013, "iPad with WiFi Radiation..." which shows the measuring of WiFi radiation with the wireless router switched on.

“I would like to bring to your attention that Wi-Fi-enabled iPads (which are used in direct contact with chidren's bodies - hands, lap, abdomen etc.) represent a health hazard comparable to cellphones, to our younger generation.

"An average smartphone uses 35 times the bandwidth of a regular cellphone", "tablet uses up to 121 times the bandwidth." 

“In Canada, parents and schools are spending thousands and thousands of dollars purchasing iPads for use in homes and classrooms (even though they are 3 times the price of a netbook which can be wired). Toddlers are given iPads as toys and I was horrified to hear that a parent put an iPad next to a young child's pillow for bedtime stories and music. Parents need to be warned.

“I have measured the microwave radiation of an iPad (with Wi-Fi button turned on only, not browsing the internet and not downloading anything). The measurements from the WiFi-iPad spiked several times HIGHER than an iPhone on talking mode. I have also checked an iPad's magnetic field (Wi-Fi off, just playing an already downloaded game) and it read 20 milligauss. I would like to share the following videos with you. Please feel free to test on your own. I think this danger which is fast-advancing in schools and homes across nations need to be brought to public awareness. 

“On the Apple forum, there have been repeated posts of complaints from people feeling dizziness and nausea after using iPad and had to return them. 

“Here are 2 videos to illustrate the comparison between an iPad on Wi-Fi mode and an iPhone on talking mode:

iPhone on Talking mode:

iPad on Wi-Fi mode:

"The highest I have measured of an iPad on Wi-Fi mode was actually at 90 μW/cm2, but I was not filming that time. Also, the probe of the RF meter is located in the middle of the spherical casing, about 2cm further from the outer shell of the case. As a result, the readings indicated in the video are not from "direct" contact of the iPad, which would be even higher; whereas the children's bodies would be in direct contact with the iPad - sometimes in the hands, sometimes on their laps against their reproductive organs."

Apple iPad2 Magnetic Fields:


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  1. I love to use apple gadgets but it very expensive. Any ways i like your post and with this post i know about the fact about apple's i-pad.
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