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20 June 2017

Mobile Waves Thicken Blood: Study

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Mobile waves thicken blood: Study
Deccan Chronicle, 20 June 2017

Overuse of electronic gadgets decreases volume flow of blood: Study

Hyderabad: The surface tension of human blood is found to increase due to the use of mobile phones for a long period of time, according to a study carried out by Nizam’s College in Hyderabad where it was found that the volume flow rate of blood decreased when exposed to mobile phone radiation.

Healthy adults have a surface blood parameter varying from 20 to 40 degrees C. With large-scale use of electrical appliances in different life applications, there are health drawbacks which are becoming a cause of concern. The study looked into the results of electromagnetic field effects emitted from mobile phones and their biophysical parameters on human blood.

The blood groups A, B, AB and O were collected via the normal process and the effect of radiation measured on them. The surface tension of blood was found to increase to 45 and 47 degree C.

Dr Aqeel Ahmed, who worked on the research project , explained, “The blood samples were collected from healthy persons and stored. These test samples were exposed to a mobile phone for up to one hour with an interval of 15 minutes. The results showed that the surface tension of the blood increased significantly and volume flow of the blood decreased. This shows that mobile phone radiation has a significant effect on the human blood.”

Dr K Abhilash, senior general physician, explained, “Overuse of mobile phones is resulting in irritation of eyes, headaches and also causing neurological disturbances. Extreme cases are being seen as it is found that the electro-magnetic fields affect certain human bodies while others are able to withstand it. This research gives us some insight but it has been done on collected blood samples where the effect is immediate. We have to still evaluate it further with larger studies to understand its impact and from which point or level the radiation begins to affect the human body.”


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