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16 May 2018

Cell Tower Cancer Link Confirmed?

Cell tower cancer link confirmed?
by Alan Peterson, M.D.lancasteronline.com/opinion, 16 May 2018

A recent Italian study, as well as one by the U.S. National Toxicology Program, has proven cancer in lab animals’ hearts. And the Italian study found increases in malignant brain cells in some. Cancers occurred at legally permitted levels.

These two studies reinforce others providing clear evidence that radiofrequency radiation causes acoustic neuromas and gliomas, and should be classified as carcinogenic to humans, according to a physician-epidemiologist from Sweden.

Another from the University of Toronto stated that the evidence indicating wireless technology is carcinogenic has increased and can no longer be ignored. Concerns, therefore, have increased for those living near or attending a school close to a cell tower.

We should be educating on reducing exposure from cell towers, cellphones or Wi-Fi in schools, says another expert from the University of Albany. Children exposed now may not show tumors for many years.

More than a dozen countries recommend reducing radiofrequency radiation exposure to children. Even Russia and China have more regulations on this than the U.S. The California Public Utilities Commission urges cell towers to be away from schools.

So why has a recent cell tower been approved close to a school in Hempfield School District? Was it money? Was it industry pressure?

In medicine we are taught, “First, do no harm.” Is that what is being followed here? No.

It may be years before the final scientific answer is complete on this question. Do you really want to place hundreds of children in jeopardy until we know?

Alan Peterson, M.D.
Pequea Township


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