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14 July 2018

Cell Phones: A Major Health Risk: Three-Part Video News Report

Three Part News Report: Cell Phones: A Major Health Risk
Environmental Health Trust, 13 July 2018

RT reporter Dan Cohen featured cell phone radiation and health in a three part series airing in July 2018.

Part 1: Cellphones: A Major Health Risk? Cancer Health Risks and Outdated Regulations

Correspondent Dan Cohen interviews Dr. Devra Davis on health risks of cell phone radiation and features the “clear evidence of cancer” found in the National Toxicology Program, the corroborating findings in the Ramazzini Institute study and the outdated FCC limits. Cohen also interviewed successful businessman Gerald Mitchell who was diagnosed with a stage 4 glioblastoma after heavy cell phone use. “ I just don’t understand how the cell phone companies won’t stand up and bear some level of responsibility…”

Part 2: Cellphones: A Major Health Risk? The French Cell Phone Tests #Phonegate Document that Phones Exceed Cell Phone Radiation Limits at Body Contact

Several models of cell phones are being recalled in France due to the french government tests that found excessive radiation levels when tested in body contact positions- the very way people use phones in their pockets or their bra or resting on their abdomen. The Neffos X1 and the Hapi30, Orange were recalled. Netflos informed customers they can exchange the phone for another model on their website. As stated in the ANFR press release, software updates were created for the Alcatel PIXI 4-6 , Echo Star Plus and Huawei Honor 8 to reduce radiation emissions.

Part 3: Cellphones Health Risk: Virtual Reality, Cell Phone Radiation and National Toxicology Program Cell Phone

Radiation Study

The first of it’s kind study on cell phone radiation from smartphone enabled virtual reality “Absorption of wireless radiation in the child versus adult brain and eye from cell phone conversation or virtual reality” published in Environmental Research was presented. It found specific areas of the eyes and critical parts of the brain absorbed between 2 to 5 times more cell phone radiation in the youngest child models when compared to the adult model. Children’s health specialists are concerned that higher exposures to unprecedented levels of microwave radiation pose risks of permanent damage to vision, hearing and brain development, and cancer. Cohen also covered the “clear evidence” findings in the National Toxicology Program Cell Phone Radiation Study.


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