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15 January 2020

Mainz Statement, 4–6 October 2019: For Advances in Radiation Protection – For New Precautionary Policies

Mainz Statement: For Advances in Radiation Protection – For New Precautionary Policies 
International Public Symposium “Biological Effects of Wireless Technology”
Mainz, 4–6 October 2019

Summary of the document:

For advances in radiation protection – for a new precautionary policy

The most urgent key issues that need to be addressed first are listed below. According to our assessment, they form the basis for a new precautionary policy:

Stop the rollout of 5G until genuine, independent technology risk assessments provide relevant risk analyses regarding health and the environment.

Adequate risk awareness, especially in politics and industry – supporting and promoting research that is free of industry interests – raising public risk awareness without limits

Substantial review of current exposure limits to issue guidelines that replace the physics-based limits, which cannot protect living organisms, with guidelines that are based on biological and biophysical conditions of life

Significant reduction in emissions with regard to present wireless technologies – research and support of alternative wireless communication technologies, e.g. light technologies – expansion of the powerful fiber-optic network

Wi-Fi-free educational institutions, daycare centers and schools prefer hardwired solutions – upto-date risk disclosure in the context of children/adolescents/family

• Swift end to the exclusion of the increasing number of persons who are affected by electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) – recognition of relevant symptom patterns – establishment and support of protective zones with low or no exposure

We believe action should be taken immediately. We think that especially the government and its agencies are obligated to finally provide space for precautionary policies that allow for a humane development – a new precautionary approach that demands and supports progress that is compatible with human health and the environment.

For the Board’s Team of the Kompetenzinitiative e.V.

Mario Babilon, Klaus Buchner, Peter Ludwig, Karl Richter


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