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10 January 2020

Peer Reviewed Science on Risk of Cancers from Cellphone Use

Peer Reviewed Science on Risk of Cancers from Cellphone Use
by Lloyd Morgan, 7 January 2020

A document written by L. Lloyd Morgan, Berkeley, CA USA
Co-Founder and Board Member, International EMF Alliance
Senior Research Fellow, Environmental Health Trust
Director, Central Brain Tumor Registry of the United States

Download the document here.

To date there are eleven individual types of cancers and/or tumors from many countries. In addition there are four studies reporting many tumors within these four studies. Three of the studies are studies of military personal (Israel, Belgium and Poland), and one is a study of California Middle School Teachers with many different types of cancer. Two large animal studies (United States, and Italy) found many of the same cancers, previously reported in epidemiological studies.

This brief overview notes that there are studies that provided corroboration (increasing cancer incidence rate for the same cancer and some brain absorption studies). Lastly, there is a discussion of fifth generation millimeter wave radiation (5G-MWR), and the increasing complexity of modulation as the “carrier” frequencies increase.

Footnotes allow the reader to find each individual, peer-reviewed, epidemiological science study, should this be useful.

Download the document here.
January 7th, 2020

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