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19 May 2020

Germany: Doctors' Letter Against 5G

Doctors' letter against 5G,
klaus-buchner.eu, 4 May 2020 - translation by "Towards Better Health"

We doctors and psychotherapists with an interest in environmental medicine see a connection between electromagnetic pollution, immune deficiency and global epidemics

We call for a drastic reduction of the high-frequency emissions spread worldwide.

Dear Federal Chancellor,

The inhabitants of the globe are currently experiencing a widespread wave of disease caused by the SARS corona virus 2. At risk are mainly elderly people (with frequent deficiencies in essential nutrients) and those with previous illnesses or a weakened immune system (e.g. due to vitamin D deficiency which is particularly prevalent in winter and spring). The loss of human life and the consequences for the economy and employees due to the politically decreed massive restrictions on contact cannot be estimated, nor can the psycho-social consequences.

We, the undersigned doctors and psychotherapists, consider two other factors besides those mentioned above to be significant. Apart from the degree of infectiousness of the virus, it is above all the receptivity of the "host" that plays a role, i.e. specifically how well the immune system functions and whether specific virus antibodies are missing or have already been produced. In prevention and therapy, it is therefore important above all to prevent a weakening of the immune system and also to strengthen the immune system in many ways by therapy. Damage to the immune system is caused, for example, by widespread toxins, malnutrition, some drugs, air pollution and certain lifestyle factors (alcohol, nicotine).

In addition, since the last two decades, new harmful environmental influences have emerged, the effects of which we have been able to observe more and more frequently in our medical and psycho-therapeutic activities. These are the permanent exposure to mobile phones (mobile phones and smart phones as well as the corresponding base stations) and similar technologies with pulsed high frequencies (WLAN with the frequencies 2.4 and higher than 5 GHz, DECT cordless phones, baby monitors, tablets, Bluetooth, "intelligent" measuring systems - so-called "smart meters", radar etc.)

There is already a wealth of research results on the above-mentioned wireless devices and the previous mobile communications standards 2G (GSM), 3G (UMTS), 4G (LTE), most of which were worrying. According to many experts independent of industry, pulsed radio frequency technology is now considered to be partly responsible for many of the health problems that are encountered today (e.g. sleep disorders, headaches, depression and exhaustion, behavioral disorders).

There is also scientific research on changes in heart rhythm, gene expression, metabolism, stem cell development, cancer, cardiovascular disease, cognitive impairment, DNA damage, effects on general well-being, increased levels of free radicals, learning and memory deficits, impaired sperm function and quality (see the list of scientific studies in Internationaler Wissenschaftler-Appell 2015, Appell: Stopp von 5G: Firstenberg 2018).2 Infections in the vicinity of base stations have also been found in large numbers as an indication of a weakened immune system (Waldmann-Selsam 2005, Szmigielski 2013, Moskowitz 2020). This weakening of the immune system may also play a role in Wuhan in China, South Korea, in the northern Italian cities and New York, where the new mobile phone generation 5G has already been introduced. In addition to undisturbed melatonin production (Reiter, Robinson 1995), vitamin D3 is of decisive importance for the functioning of the immune system. Mobile telephony inhibits the binding site for vitamin D3 (vitamin D receptor, VDR) so that it cannot develop its immune-regulating effect (Kaplan 2006, Marshall 2017).

The human being is a bioelectromagnetic being, the living cells possess electrical currents (in the millivolt range) at the cell membranes. Their function can be disturbed by low-frequency electric fields and wireless waves. A weakening of the cell membrane potential demonstrably leads to different clinical symptoms.

As early as 1991, the Radiation Protection Commission determined that radiofrequency radiation below the limit values opens calcium channels in the cell membrane (SSK 1991). In the meantime, Prof. Pall, among others, has confirmed that common mobile communication frequencies could cause negative effects due to the influx of calcium into the cells (Pall 2018). In a study of the Agricultural University of Wuhan, China, Bai and colleagues report that corona viruses in the intestinal epithelia of pigs increased the influx of calcium and thus promoted virus multiplication; special drugs, the calcium channel blockers, could inhibit the infection (Bai 2020).

5G is also currently being rolled out in major German cities and individual rural regions. What is demanded here by political decision-makers in cities, communities and rural districts is clearly stated in a letter from Minister of Transport Scheuer and Minister of the Environment Schulze from the beginning of April: "They must participate in the search for locations for the new mobile communications systems and ultimately support the planned transmitters on site". Three different frequency ranges are used: around 700 megahertz (used at major events), around 3.6 gigahertz (smart cities), around 26 gigahertz (indoor supply, supply networks). (Federal Government 2017).

This increases the antenna density and thus the radiation exposure of the population many times over. Before the introduction of 5G, however, no risk assessment was carried out in disregard of the precautionary principle, and the few existing studies show highly questionable results. The reference to the allegedly "safe limits", which were laid down in the 26th BImSchV, and which has been persistently repeated by industry and authorities, is misleading. The ICNIRP e.V. (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection), on whose recommendation to politicians the limit values are based, is biased because of its links to industry (ICNIRP and EPRS 2020 to SCENIHR 2015). In our view, the current situation with the dangerous SARS coronavirus 2 requires decisive action.

We doctors and psychotherapists appeal again and emphatically to all those responsible in government and health care:

1. Stop 5G.
2. Reduce the omnipresent forced radiation of the population.
3. Inform the population comprehensively about the harmful health effects of mobile communications and the other high frequency technologies mentioned here.
4. End the dominating influence of ICNIRP and the mobile communications lobby on the Radiation Protection Commission, the Federal Office for Radiation Protection and the government. Instead of - as in the past - governmental support for the expansion of mobile communications and the mobile communications industry, the top priority now is to support the health of the population, their ability to work and their care with all means.

In the interest of health for us all!

[Signatories and references at end of original article.]

Original letter in German:

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