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16 September 2020

France: A damning poll for 5G: two out of three French people are "Amish" ...

A damning poll for 5G: two out of three French people are "Amish" ... 
by Lionel Laparade, ladepeche.fr, 15 September 2020 - translation

'An OpinionWay poll carried out on August 26 and 27 reveals the very strong rejection of 5G technology in France. This Tuesday morning, Emmanuel Macron compared the opponents of this new technology to the "Amish" '

65% of French people are asking for a 
suspension of the deployment of 5G
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While nearly 70 mayors co-signed a forum this Sunday in which they demand a moratorium on 5G in France, an OpinionWay survey carried out on August 26 and 27 on behalf of the law firm MySmartCab reveals that 65% of French people are also in favor of the immediate suspension of the deployment of the fifth generation of mobile telephony standards.

85% of those consulted and opposed to 5G, for example, prefer fiber which, according to them, should rather cover the entire territory. 76% that the speed obtained with 4G is sufficient, but above all, 82% of respondents consider that all the health studies required must be carried out impartially before the arrival of the new technology in France.

4 collective actions launched against 5G

If MySmartCab commissioned this survey, it is because for this law firm specializing in class actions, the French are not intended to be subjected to new mass technologies, whether it is the Linky meter or 5G, and are in any case entitled to know how they can impact their daily life or their health. This is what the conclusions of the work carried out within the framework of the last Climate Convention suggest: 98% of the citizens associated with this initiative voted in favor of a moratorium on 5G, until a scientific consensus - for or against - emerges.

In support of this wish expressed within the framework of the Citizen's Convention for the Climate, the MySmartCab firm has therefore just launched four collective actions aimed at obtaining the suspension of the deployment of 5G in France, while ARCEP, the telecommunications regulatory authority is preparing, at the end of September, to auction the last available frequency bands. They should bring in 2.1 billion euros for the State.

Auctions of 2.1 billion for the State

"Should we be surprised then that the day after the broadcast of the tribune of mayors hostile to 5G, the President of the Republic himself replied by adding to the mockery,  having compared these opponents to the Amish", declares this Tuesday Me Arnaud Durand, partner of the Toulouse lawyer Christophe Léguevaques. According to him, the intervention of Emmanuel Macron aims only to preserve the financial interests of the State: "If the controversy swells and investor confidence deteriorates, the auctions risk yielding less than expected", suggests the lawyer who recalls that in matters of electromagnetic fields, data capture and impact on health, all independent scientific investigations are to be carried out ...

"Few health risks" according to a report submitted to the government on Tuesday

However, coincidence of the calendar? It is this Tuesday morning that the General Inspectorate of Social Affairs (IGAS) and the General Inspectorate of Finance (IGF) submitted their report on 5G to the government. In summary, this text underlines the delay taken by France compared to its more or less distant neighbors and does not raise any real health concerns after the analysis of several studies conducted in several countries where 5G is already deployed.

To date, the collective actions launched by the MySmartCab firm have collected nearly 4,000 registrations.

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