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15 December 2021

Switzerland: Exceeding Limits the Order of the Day: Telecoms Companies Cooperate in 5G Control Measurements

Can we really trust the mobile telephony operators or the government to protect us from the risks of radiofrequency radiation, as we learned from the Phonegate scandal?  In the case of 5G antennas in Switzerland, "extensive test measurements already show that the calculated results are often far from reality and that the limit values are exceeded many times over. In addition, the measurement protocols are usually kept secret."

Exceeding limits the order of the day
Media release "Telecom companies cooperate in 5G control measurements"

https://schutz-vor-strahlung.ch/, December 13, 2021 - auto-translation

Zurich, December 13, 2021 Radiation from 5G antennas cannot be effectively measured today. "Measurement" results are based only on model calculations. They are ultimately estimates that can be influenced by the mobile network operators. The population is thus exposed to uncontrollable radiation. We demand an immediate 5G moratorium and compliance with the limit values at all times as long as radiation exposure cannot be measured effectively.

The nimble adaptive 5G antennas still cannot be measured properly. Therefore, assumptions have to be made and calculation models invented. The federal government proposes a measurement during low utilization with subsequent extrapolation. The data for this extrapolation should be based on information from the mobile network operators. Objectivity is a different matter! Extensive test measurements already show that the calculated results are often far from reality and that the limit values are exceeded many times over. In addition, the measurement protocols are usually kept secret, and acceptance measurements are not even carried out for numerous antennas. Therefore, we demand once again the immediate shutdown of this uncontrollable adaptive technology that endangers people!

This is how the measurement works

Every building permit for a new construction or conversion of a mobile radio installation contains requirements for the inspection and measurement of the installation. In most cases, an acceptance measurement must be carried out at all critical locations (OMEN) within three months of the system being put into operation. If it is found that the limit value is exceeded at one or more locations, the operator must reduce the power of the antenna. Subsequently, the measurement company or the operator itself checks whether the limit value is being complied with.

Faith makes you blissful

However, our research shows that acceptance measurements of adaptive 5G antennas are more a matter of faith than a precise science, due to the measurement method for 5G. According to the Swiss Federal Office of Metrology (METAS), publisher of the measurement method, an acceptance measurement runs as follows in simplified form: The measurement technician measures only the signal that is sent to synchronize the signals. During the measurement, he calls up two pieces of relevant information from the mobile network operator: Information on the current and approved antenna power and an antenna correction factor. Back in the office, he calculates the theoretical maximum radiation exposure from the measured values, this operator information and other values.

The measurement can be influenced

The final result of the "acceptance measurement" is therefore only a calculation based on a model, an assumption, and not a direct measurement result. One calculates the radiation exposure for the moment when the antenna radiates as strongly as it was approved. From a technical point of view, however, the antenna could easily radiate much stronger. This "measurement method" must be viewed more than critically. Firstly, the mobile phone operators know about the measurement during the acceptance measurement and can adjust the installation accordingly, and secondly, they contribute the bases for the extrapolation themselves. The measurement technician must believe their information, he cannot check it.

Thus, the acceptance measurement is not objective. The METAS measurement method merely pretends that adaptive antennas are "measurable".

Maximum values are often clearly exceeded

It is therefore hardly surprising that test measurements on adaptive antennas of the Aachen University of Technology (RWTH) show enormous deviations between actual radiation and extrapolation predictions. The actual radiation exposure can be significantly higher than calculated in the extrapolation. The university writes in various publications that previous measurement methods could no longer be used for 5G. Research is currently being conducted into a suitable and precise measurement method.

Every fifth antenna radiates too strongly

Despite these facts, the authorities regularly order "acceptance measurements", and the courts blithely approve further adaptive antennas. The magazine K-Tipp has requested and evaluated measurement protocols or statistics on measurement protocols from numerous cantons. In about one fifth of them, limit values were exceeded. We assume that the limit violations are due to both conventional and adaptive antennas. Operators often have the limit values measured only after a year has elapsed since an antenna was upgraded, or there is simply no measurement at all because the system was converted without a planning application in the so-called minor procedure. The only problem is that these small-scale procedures are, firstly, illegal and, secondly, the antenna has usually been completely replaced with the exception of the mast. In the surrounding buildings, massive limit value violations may very well occur, for example, if the antenna is tilted a few degrees further than approved. This can only be checked by means of measurement and is not visible purely optically.

In locked drawers

All the measurement results, the data provided by the mobile phone operators, the projections and the final results are in locked drawers at the authorities and operators. More than 50 members of the association Schutz vor Strahlung have asked the responsible authorities for the measurement protocols, but only three bodies have sent such protocols. According to the protocol, the adaptive 5G antennas were not yet in operation at the first antenna, all important information was blacked out at the second antenna, and the protocol of the third antenna explicitly contained the information of the mobile network operators.

Authorities must intervene now

The situation around the acceptance measurement is catastrophic. We must assume that the limit values are regularly exceeded at at least 500 installations. This affects thousands of antenna residents, for example, of antennas "approved" in the trivial procedure. As a result of the pseudo "measurements", numerous further limit value violations around the adaptive antennas are to be expected.

So, in fact, there is currently no suitable measurement procedure. In the interest of the health of the Swiss population, we therefore call on the authorities to order the shutdown of the adaptive antennas until they can be reliably measured.

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5G antennas are so poorly controlled

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