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14 August 2018

Mobile Phone Ban Is Unthinkable in Swiss Schools

We are ashamed with Switzerland for allowing children's use of cell phones in the classroom for "learning" purposes. Children receive "media education" but this sounds like it only goes as far as dealing with social media: fake news, photos, cyberbullying.  Little is taught about safe ways to reduce exposure to the microwave radiation emitted by these devices which could potentially cause physiological harm.

(Photo): Swiss schools deliberately use smartphones as a didactic tool for group work. GETTY IMAGES
It is also used in the classroom. The fact that cell phones are banned at school, as in France, is impossible in Switzerland. Here the smartphone serves as a learning tool.

Mobile phone ban is unthinkable in Swiss schools
by Christiane Binder, blick.ch, August 2018 -

Smartphones interfere with the classroom, foster bullying, make people stupid and anti-social - these are the arguments of opponents of smartphones in the school. France has just passed a general ban on smartphones in its schools.

France Takes on Cellphone Addiction with a Ban in Schools

France Takes On Cellphone Addiction With a Ban in Schools

‘Children don’t have the maturity’ for smartphones, a French mother says. ‘Some adults don’t either.’

France Takes On Cellphone Addiction With a Ban in Schools

‘Children don’t have the maturity’ for smartphones, a French mother says. ‘Some adults don’t either.’

"These devices are not just addictive, but negatively affect health, especially the health of children. Radiation devices should not be used by children, and do not belong in schools! Radiation is NOT a toy or a learning device. It's been proven that kids do not retain much information while on a wireless device, and they lose fine motor coordination. On top of that, pulsed microwave radiation affects every cell and organ of their bodies, including their thyroid, eyes, heart and brain. It also affects fertility of both girls and boys. (Remember that girls are born with all of their ova, so the radiation affects their reproductive organs even before puberty)." (comment from a Facebook friend)

We are ashamed of certain Swiss media that have not reported on the study by one of their own citizens on the damage cell phone radiation can do to teenagers' memory, although the results of this important study have been reported globally.  We also cannot understand why Switzerland will still allow the use of cell phones in classrooms "for learning purposes" while studies have reported the negative effects of mobile device use on learning.  Use of cell phones in schools will only add to the risk of addiction to these devices, since children also use these for many hours at home.  
France Takes on Cellphone Addiction with a Ban in Schools
By Sam Schechner, wsj.com, 13 August 2018 

'Children don't have the maturity' for smartphones, a French mother says. 'Some adults don't either'.

(Photo): A new French law will ban students ranging from ages 3 to 15 from using smartphones anywhere on school grounds, with only narrow exceptions. Above, visitors at the Eiffel Tower. LIONEL BONAVENTURE/AFP/GETTY IMAGES

PARIS—Solal Paroux’s friends all have smartphones, and the 12-year-old Parisian has been needling his parents to get him one too. But his parents are resisting.

And now they have the law on their side.

When school starts up in September, a new French law will ban students ranging from ages 3 to 15 from using smartphones anywhere on school grounds, with only narrow exceptions.

12 August 2018

Hacked Satellite Systems Could Launch Microwave-Like Attacks, Expert Warns

Hacked satellite systems could launch microwave-like attacks, expert warns
by Alex Hern in Las Vegas, The Guardian, 9 August 2018 - US news blog

At Black Hat conference in Las Vegas, researcher says theoretical threat to ships, planes and military is ‘no longer theoretical’

The satellite communications that ships, planes and the military use to connect to the internet are vulnerable to hackers that, in the worst-case scenario, could carry out “cyber-physical attacks”, turning satellite antennas into weapons that operate, essentially, like microwave ovens.

According to research presented at the Black Hat information security conference in Las Vegas, a number of popular satellite communication systems are vulnerable to the attacks, which could also leak information and hack connected devices. The attacks, which are merely a nuisance for the aviation sector, could pose a safety risk for military and maritime users, the research claims.

Head of British Government Communications HQ Fears Chinese Spies Will Hijack Superfast 5G Mobile Services

It is worrying that Huawei already has cooperation agreements in Switzerland with Swisscom, Sunrise and Schindler. The Swiss communications minister visited Huawei recently in China to see what benefits implementation of 5G would bring to her country.

GCHQ fears Chinese spies will hijack superfast 5G mobile services
by Tommy Stubbington | The Sunday Times, 11 August 2018

GCHQ has warned of security concerns over the 5G mobile
broadband technologies likely to come from China.
China’s dominance of the technology that will power the next generation of super-fast mobile broadband threatens to leave Britain vulnerable to Chinese espionage, Britain’s top spy has warned.

Jeremy Fleming, head of GCHQ [Government Communications HQ], said “fifth generation” mobile services (5G) — which are expected to be launched in Britain next year and could eventually underpin everything from driverless cars to energy-saving “smart cities” — are among a host of new technologies that risk making “us more vulnerable to terrorists, hostile states and serious criminals”.

11 August 2018

Study Finds Cell Tower Radiation Is Linked To Type Of Damage In Human Blood That Predicts Cancer

Study Finds Cell Tower Radiation Is Linked To Type Of Damage In Human Blood That Predicts Cancer
ehtrust.org, posted August 2018

A newly published study comparing people living close (within 80 meters) and far (over 300 meters) from a cellular antennas found that the people living closer to the cellular antennas had statistically significant effects- increases in blood damage considered biomarkers predictive of cancer. Researchers measured the radiofrequency (RF) radiation exposures to the two groups and found that although the levels were within government limits, the people living closer to the cellular antennas had a much higher RF exposure.

The study entitled, “Impact of radiofrequency radiation on DNA damage and antioxidants in peripheral blood lymphocytes of humans residing in the vicinity of mobile phone base station” (Zothansiama et al, 2017) was published in Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine.

Through blood tests, researchers found statistically significant findings in people living closer to mobile base stations – who had higher RF levels in their bedrooms than the control group.

Switzerland: Doris Leuthard: "Our Economy Needs the Technologies Made Possible by 5G"

What Doris Leuthard, head of the Swiss Federal Department of Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications, says here is very disturbing.  In order to implement 5G technology in Switzerland, she is talking of amending the Ordinance on non-ionizing radiation protection so that the limit values in Switzerland are the same as in the European Union [they are currently ten times stricter in Switzerland than in Europe], even if it means bypassing parliament.

Switzerland: Doris Leuthard: "Our economy needs the technologies made possible by 5G"
by Julie Zaugg, letemps.ch, 10 August 2018 - translation

The Federal Councilor made a quick two-day visit to Shenzhen and Hong Kong.  She looked at the latest innovations in the Middle Kingdom.

The Federal Councilor Doris Leuthard arrived Thursday in China, staying two days. She paid a visit to the tech giants Tencent and Huawei, visited a smart neighborhood and discovered innovations related to the development of mobile phone networks based on 5G.  She was even more convinced of the importance of rapidly deploying this technology on Swiss soil.  We met her in Hong Kong.

Le Temps: You visited several Chinese technology groups in Shenzhen.  What was your purpose?

Doris Leuthard: This fall, the Federal Council will vote on the country's new digital strategy.  We need to know where we stand with regard to information and communication technology.  I therefore chose to visit one of the most advanced countries in this respect, where these solutions have already been implemented and marketed.

Monsanto Ordered to Pay $289 Million in World's First Roundup Cancer Trial

Monsanto ordered to pay $289 million in world's first Roundup cancer trial
by Tina Bellonreuters.com, 11 August 2018

(Reuters) - A California jury on Friday found Monsanto liable in a lawsuit filed by a man who alleged the company’s glyphosate-based weed-killers, including Roundup, caused his cancer and ordered the company to pay $289 million in damages.

FILE PHOTO:  Monsanto Co's Roundup is shown
for sale in Encinitas, California, U.S., June 26, 2017.
REUTERS/Mike Blake/File Photo.
The case of school groundskeeper Dewayne Johnson was the first lawsuit to go to trial alleging glyphosate causes cancer. Monsanto, a unit of Bayer AG following a $62.5 billion acquisition by the German conglomerate, faces more than 5,000 similar lawsuits across the United States.

The jury at San Francisco’s Superior Court of California deliberated for three days before finding that Monsanto had failed to warn Johnson and other consumers of the cancer risks posed by its weed killers.

It awarded $39 million in compensatory and $250 million in punitive damages.

Blue Light Causes The Human Eye to Attack Itself, And Now We Know Why

Blue Light Causes The Human Eye to Attack Itself, And Now We Know Why
by MIKE MCRAE, sciencealert.com, 9 August 2018

Link to full text of study published in Nature:

(Mikhail Korochkin/istock)
Toxic glow.

Excessive exposure to blue light isn't great for our eyes, contributing to a slow loss of vision over the course of a lifetime.

Scientists from the University of Toledo in the US now understand precisely how this toxic effect works, which could be good news for anybody at risk of degenerative eye conditions.

For the rest of us, it's just one more reason to give serious thought to limiting our exposure to the cool glow of a screen long after the Sun goes down.

"It's no secret that blue light harms our vision by damaging the eye's retina," says chemist and senior researcher Ajith Karunarathne.

10 August 2018

Prof. Olle Johansson: "Wireless Radiation - the Biggest Full-Scale Biomedical Experiment Ever Done to Life on Earth"

Associate professor: Wireless radiation – the biggest full-scale biomedical experiment ever done on Earth
Av Skribentnewsvoice.se, 5 August 2018

Olle Johansson KI - Foto: NASMS A. Mcdowell
DEBATE. “For whom the Doomsday Clock tolls”. On January 25, 2018, SVT News reported – in the Swedish public service television programme “Morgonstudion” – about the so-called “Doomsday Clock” in the United States, which indicates how close we are to a nuclear war with the ensuing end to humanity, as well as to most other animals, plants and bacteria.

In addition, they spoke in the same broadcast about the ever faster spread of antibiotic resistance which will lead to two times more such cases in Sweden in 2030, and four times more such cases in 2050. Already today, an excess of 25,000 Europeans die prematurely in Europe, and SVT News pointed out that by 2050 the corresponding annual premature deaths worldwide will amount to approx. 10,000,000 people (other animal species not included).

Blue Light from Phone Screens Accelerates Blindness, Study Finds

Blue light from phone screens accelerates blindness, study finds
Press Association / The Guardian, 9 August 2018

Blue light affected retinal, the molecule that makes photo-
receptor cells in the eye sense light. 
Photo: tommaso79/Getty Images/iStockphoto
Light from digital devices triggers creation of toxic molecule in the retina that can cause macular degeneration

Scientists say they have found how blue light from smartphones, laptops and other digital devices damages vision and can speed up blindness.

Research by the University of Toledo in the US has revealed that prolonged exposure to blue light triggers poisonous molecules to be generated in the eye’s light-sensitive cells that can cause macular degeneration – an incurable condition that affects the middle part of vision.

Blue light, which has a shorter wavelength and more energy compared with other colours, can gradually cause damage to the eyes.