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22 October 2018

DR. ALEXA — Amazon Patents Alexa Tech to Tell if You’re Sick, Depressed and Sell You Meds

Amazon patents Alexa tech to tell if you’re sick, depressed and sell you meds

by JON BRODKINarstechnica.com, 11 October 2018

Echo could analyze your voice to detect a "physical or emotional abnormality."

An Amazon Echo
Amazon has patented technology that could let Alexa analyze your voice to determine whether you are sick or depressed and sell you products based on your physical or emotional condition.

The patent, titled "Voice-based determination of physical and emotional characteristics of users," was issued on Tuesday this week; Amazon filed the patent application in March 2017.

The patent describes a voice assistant that can detect "abnormal" physical or emotional conditions. "For example, physical conditions such as sore throats and coughs may be determined based at least in part on a voice input from the user, and emotional conditions such as an excited emotional state or a sad emotional state may be determined based at least in part on voice input from a user," the patent says. "A cough or sniffle, or crying, may indicate that the user has a specific physical or emotional abnormality."

Spain: "5G and Health in the Information Society": 5 November 2018, Madrid

"5G and health in the information society"

The course will be held on November 5 in the auditorium of the Press Association of Madrid (entry by C / Claudio Coello, 98).

The training and information course is open to journalists from different sectors, with special interest in the group specialized in health, but also in those working in the areas of consumption, environment, technology, education and disability. Taking advantage of the list of experts that will participate in the program, we also invite to participate in the course organizations that work for the rights of health, consumption and environment, sectors closely related to the subject we will address.

REGISTRATION: Fill in this form before 3 November 2018


9:30 Reception and registration (It is recommended to arrive 10 ' before for accreditations).

9: 30- 9: 40 Presentation

9: 40- 10:20 "Electromagnetic Fields (CEM) and chronodisruption in Biomedicine":
Dr. Darío Acuña 40 min.

“Smart” Playgrounds Emerge While Reports Indicate Kids Already Suffer From Too Much Tech

“Smart” Playgrounds Emerge While Reports Indicate Kids Already Suffer From Too Much Tech
By B.N. Frankactivistpost.com, 11 October 2018

Activist Post has reported many times about mainstream articles, news reports, magazine segments, and research about screen addiction and other health issues associated with kids’ excessive use of technology. Medical professionals are concerned about this. Documentary filmshave been produced including Child, Disrupted and Screenagers. Former tech designers, inventors, and investors are even remorseful because they’ve knowingly played a role in this:

“Nest Founder: ‘I Wake Up In Cold Sweats Thinking, What Did We Bring To The World?’”

OMG! So when communities install and promote “Smart” Playgrounds as a way to get kids to go outside and play, it sounds more like a skit on Saturday Night Live than something that’s actually happening. But it really is happening, and according to a spokesperson from Biba “it just makes so much sense”:

Researchers 'Shocked' to See How Often Experts Misdiagnose Certain Brain Tumors in Kids

Researchers ‘shocked’ to see how often experts misdiagnose certain brain tumors in kids
By Susan Keown / Fred Hutch News Service, 19 October 2018

New study: Molecular tests reveal critical differences in cancers thought to be the same, highlight implications for treatment

(Image): Based on these microscopic images, shown here side by side, both of these pediatric brain cancers would have been diagnosed as CNS-PNET. But molecular tests revealed that the one on the left is glioblastoma, and the one on the right is a supratentorial embryonic tumor. The two cancers have vastly different prognoses and treatment strategies.
Images courtesy of Dr. Bonnie Cole / Seattle Children’s Hospital

Traditional methods of diagnosing certain brain cancers in children are deeply flawed, a new study shows. As a result, some children with these particular rare tumors have been getting the wrong diagnoses and, in some cases, the wrong treatment, the researchers say.

Britain’s First 5G Court Case and the People Won

Britain’s First 5G Court Case and the People Won
smombiegate.org, 12 October 2018

Mark Steele, a 5G campaigner, has been highlighting the dangers of a secret 5G rollout by Gateshead Council where residents are complaining of increased illness and Cancer in the affected area. There’s enough evidence to conclude the new smart 5G arrays on the top of new LED lampposts emit Class 1 Radiation frequencies and should be treated as a danger to the Public. Gateshead Council ignorantly rebutted clear evidence and created false allegations on social media posts and printed leaflets stating that Mark Steele is spreading Pseudo Science and that the arrays are not dangerous or 5G:

“Please be assured that there is no scientific basis or credible evidence for any of these scare stories about street lights causing cancer and other illnesses.”

They misused Police Powers to gag Mark Steele and yesterday he left a free man and Gateshead Council to fork out £11k of taxpayers money to cover the court cost amounting to woeful ignorance. In Court, none of the Council Officers could explain what 5G is; and their leading Government expert refused to attend the Court hearing. In conclusion, the Judge refused to gag Mark, stating:

“The public have a right to know.”

21 October 2018

China: Cell Phones and Tablets Banned in Primary and Middle School Classrooms in Shandong Province

Primary school students take photos of sailboats during
an outdoor course in Quindao, Shandong province in
Photo: China Daily/ Asia News Network
China bans mobile phones in classrooms
10 October 2018

Primary and middle school students in Shandong province will not be allowed to use cellphones or tablets in classrooms starting from Nov 1, according to a new regulation.

The regulation, adopted by the provincial legislature last month, calls on schools to keep such devices for the students during schooltime if they bring them to school, with the aim of curbing the incidence of myopia.

Parents should also control the time their children spend on electronic devices, teach them to keep a proper distance from books and screens, and ensure a correct reading position and sufficient lighting, it says.

Switzerland: Motion 18.3855: "For a better consideration of health in the mobile telephony sector (II)"

18.3855: MOTION:  For a better consideration of health in the mobile telephony sector (II)

This is an unofficial translation from French.

Submitted by:
ESTERMANN YVETTE on 26 September 2018 to the National Council, Swiss Parliament

Status of deliberations: Not yet dealt with by the Council


The Federal Council is responsible for ensuring that the following accompanying measures are taken in the event of a change of direction  in the mobile telephony sector.

The Federal Law on Protection against the Dangers of Non-Ionizing Radiation and Sound (LRNIS) stipulates that the health risks to humans and animals must be clearly indicated. In this respect, particular emphasis should be placed on the fundamental rights of respect for the home and private sphere (art. 13, para. 1), and also on physical and psychological integrity and freedom of movement (art. 10, para. 2). The damages caused by mobile telephony require clear regulation, based on the principle of causality, according to which injured parties and persons seeking advice should now only be advised by neutral persons.  Similar to the Gene Technology Act, the LRNIS is reflected in the LPE [Federal Act on the Protection of the Environment], Cst. [Federal Constitution] and CP [Swiss Criminal Code].

Switzerland: Motion 18.3856: "For a better consideration of health in the mobile telephony sector (I)"

18.3866: MOTION:  For a better consideration of health in the mobile telephony sector (I)

This is an unofficial translation from French.

Submitted by  ESTERMANN YVETTE on 26 September 2018 to the National Council, Swiss Parliament

Status of deliberations: Not yet dealt with by the Council


The Federal Council is responsible for not raising the limit values applicable in Switzerland, not even due to a new measurement procedure. In order to prepare for a technological shift, an alternative to 5G must be sought immediately, the main objective being to separate outdoor mobile telephony from mobile telephony inside buildings.

By publishing his final report on the "MiniWatt" project on 18 March 2003, Professor Werner Wiesbeck made public the potential for such a dissociation: outside buildings, the radiation was about 100 times lower. Inside, the cabling of the Internet connection (via optical fiber or coaxial cable) eliminated the radiation. The above-mentioned dissociation would also be an effective measure to save energy. Today's mobile phones must use unnecessarily high power, electrical energy and radiation to penetrate building insulation - and this is particularly serious in the case of 5G.

20 October 2018

Washington DC is Ground Zero for the Race to 5G

Washington DC is Ground Zero for the Race to 5G
but is the American Public Fully Informed?
by  Devra Lee Davis, PhD, MPH, Founder & President of Environmental Health Trust & Visiting Professor of Medicine The Hebrew University
thriveglobal.com, 19 October 2018

For both reporters and scientists, frank and candid discussions of telecommunications science has become a third rail – – touch it and you perish. Last month PC Magazine reporter J.C. Dvorak highlighted important gaps in understanding of new technology, in “The Problem with 5G.” 5G is the highly touted system that will connect the internet of things allowing your coffee pot, refrigerator, and garage door to talk to your cell phone. Dvorak revealed that 5G is still on the drawing boards but will employ both the current wireless frequencies of 3G and 4G and add in higher millimeter wave frequencies which can uniquely penetrate the eyes and skin.Moreover, these frequencies have the distinction of having been field tested as a military weapon for crowd control. Soon after his report appeared both Dvorak and his article were summarily removed and replaced with “What is 5G“ –an article boasting of growing markets for 2019.

Stunned by his experience, Dvorak explained that “5G Got Me Fired” warning readers “to be a little more than cautious when believing anything. As his suppressed article had also indicated, “many systems calling themselves 5G are currently 4G using 5G as a marketing tool” whereas “true 5G …needs all these mini-towers all over the place” which “leaves plenty more time for the public to get a clue and be freaked out.”

United Kingdom: Mobile Phone Cover-up? Gov't Advisory Body Disbanded - Inaccurate and Misleading Conclusions Remain

Mobile Phone Cover-up? Gov’t advisory body disbanded – inaccurate and misleading conclusions remain
by Annelie Fitzgerald, truepublica.org.uk, 17 October 2018

TruePublica recently ran a piece highlighting the most censored stories in Britain. One story that never made it into the mainstream media or even any independent media outlets in the UK at the time was the disbanding of the UK Advisory Group on Non-Ionising Radiation (AGNIR) in May 2017. This followed the revelation in December 2016 that AGNIR’s latest assessment of the science on the health impacts of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMFs)—the type emitted by modern wireless technologies—was inaccurate and subject to conflicts of interest, a story that elicited no media interest in the UK either.