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05 July 2020

France: The Display of the SAR Reinforced and Extended as of 1 July 2020: ANFR to Carry Out Tests "to Ensure Compliance with the New Provisions"

Thank you very much to all the associations and people, in particular Dr. Marc Arazi, President of the Phonegate Alert Association, who are working to ensure standards that better protect the health of users of mobile telephony devices.

The display of the SAR reinforced and extended in France as of 1 July 2020
by Alexander Boero, clubic.com, 3 July 2020 - translation

All radioelectric devices emitting more than 20 milliwatts must display their specific absorption rate (SAR) as of the beginning of the month, under the control of ANFR .

Until now, only smartphone manufacturers were legally required to inform consumers about the specific absorption rate of devices, better known as SAR. As of 1 July 2020, this obligation has been extended to all radioelectric devices that emit more than 20 milliwatts (mW) that can be used close to the body.

The SAR, an indicator measured by ANFR in France

First of all, let's recall what the SAR is. The specific absorption rate is an indicator that is becoming increasingly important in a society where radioelectric equipment is in abundance. In concrete terms, it allows us to measure the energy transported by the electromagnetic waves absorbed by the human body. Waves that are propagated by the devices.

04 July 2020

Phonegate Alert: Launch of Campaign: "Protect Yourself from Your Smartphone's Waves"

Launch of our campaign:
"Protect yourself from your smartphone's waves".

Dear supporter,

✅ We are pleased to present our first awareness campaign on the dangers of mobile phones for our health.

It was made possible thanks to your support. Thank you!

Discover the posters and animated videos specially designed to protect users and advise on the proper use of mobile phones.

Thank you in advance for helping us to relay them as widely as possible ➡️🌎👍

Best regards,
The Phonegate Alert Team

30 June 2020

US FCC Sides with Wireless Industry in Historic Berkeley Cell Phone Right to Know Case

https://ehtrust.org/, 24 June 2020

The US FCC has filed a brief siding with the CTIA wireless industry against the historic Berkeley Cell Phone Right To Know Law.

Read the FCC filed Brief

The FCC contends that Berkeley is pre-empted from enacting a law requiring consumers being provided information at point of sale. In addition the FCC argues that ensuring consumers have the information is not necessary.

The FCC Brief states, “The FCC has also determined that the information on its website and in cell phone user manuals about RF exposure is adequate to inform consumers of this issue without overwarning or creating the false impression that RF emissions from FCC-certified cell phones are unsafe. ”


27 June 2020

Roundup Maker to Pay $10 Billion to Settle Cancer Suits

Roundup Maker to Pay $10 Billion to Settle Cancer Suits
By Patricia Cohen, nytimes.com,  June 24, 2020

Bayer faced tens of thousands of claims linking the weedkiller to cases of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Some of the money is set aside for future cases.

Bayer, the world's largest seed and pesticide
producer, added Roundup to its portfolio when
it acquired Monsanto.
Credit: Daniel Acker/
When Bayer, the giant German chemical and pharmaceutical maker, acquired Monsanto two years ago, the company knew it was also buying the world’s best-known weedkiller. What it didn’t anticipate was a legal firestorm over claims that the herbicide, Roundup, caused cancer.

Now Bayer is moving to put those troubles behind it, agreeing to pay more than $10 billion to settle tens of thousands of claims while continuing to sell the product without adding warning labels about its safety.

The deal, announced Wednesday, is among the largest settlements ever in U.S. civil litigation. Negotiations were extraordinarily complex, producing separate agreements with 25 lead law firms whose clients will receive varying amounts.

22 June 2020

5G and Its Effects on Human Health

This article has indeed disappeared from the Website which published it, but we have found a copy thanks to help from our network.

5G and its effects on human health
by Abbas Haider, electronics360.globalspec.com, 18 June 2020

What are the health risks of 5G? Source: 
There has been a lot of discussions surrounding 5G technology for the past few years, but the process of rolling out the new standard of wireless has already begun earlier this year from carriers such as AT&T, Sprint and Verizon. However, there is still a year or more before 5G is widely available and it will only be rolled out in a few cities this year.

Yet, it is not stopping device manufacturers and service providers from 5G bandwagon usage. Mobile manufacturing companies are designing new devices with 5G compatibility. Before getting into the details of 5G and its effects on human health, read on for an explanation about what 5G is.

21 June 2020

New Report: The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection: Conflicts of Interest, Corporate Capture and the Push for 5G

Link to report in English mentioned in this post:

The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection: Conflicts of interest, corporate capture and the push for 5G- by Klaus Buchner and Michèle Rivasi, June 2020 :

Link to report in French, "La Commission internationale de protection contre les rayonnements non ionisants (ICNIRP) : Conflits d'intérêts, 5G et Capture réglementaire" :

New study: Industry influences the limits for health protection from radiofrequency radiation, ignoring the latest scientific findings 
Prof. Dr. Klaus Buchner, 18 June 2020 - translation

Today a study on ICNIRP (International Committee on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection) was published, commissioned by Michèle Rivasi and Prof. Klaus Buchner, two MEPs from France and Germany respectively. The result of this report is a scandal: Germany, like most countries in the western world, claims that RF radiation is not dangerous as long as it is below the limits proposed by ICNIRP. This is done in the belief that ICNIRP members are independent scientists who are free from conflicts of interest. The Rivasi-Buchner report, however, proves that ICNIRP e.V. is a private association registered in Munich. It has numerous close connections to the mobile communications industry: Most of its members have accepted money from the industry for their mobile telephony research. The association has also "fully taken into account" the suggestions of ICES [International Committee on Electromagnetic Safety] in its proposals for limit values. ("ICNIRP has delayed finalizing their conclusions to give full consideration of ICES's recommendations"). ICES is a US-American association, which is also purely private and closely connected with the mobile phone industry, especially with Motorola. ICNIRP e.V. resides rent-free in the Federal Office for Radiation Protection. In practice, the scientific secretary of the office also takes over the secretarial work of ICNIRP e.V. In order to make the "harmlessness" of radiation plausible, ICNIRP e.V. ignores the vast majority of scientific research in this field by claiming that critical studies do not meet the requirements of scientific quality. ICNIRP e.V. does this even when they have been published in the most prestigious scientific journals [1].

20 June 2020

5G Effects on Human Health

5G effects on human health
By Prof Winston Tumps Ireeta, newvision.co.ug, 5 May 2020

More research on the potential negative biological effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF) and 5G is necessary especially on the incidence of some serious human diseases.

Prof. Winston Tumps Ireeta
The fifth generation of telecommunications technologies, 5G, is fundamental to achieving a gigabit society. The coverage of areas with uninterrupted 5G wireless communication can only be achieved by having a very dense network of antennas and transmitters. This means that the number of higher frequency base stations and other devices will increase significantly.

The question is whether there is a negative impact on human health and the environment from higher frequencies and the billions of additional connections, which, according to research, will mean constant exposure for the whole population that includes children.

Switzerland: Challenges Ahead with 5G Deployment

Challenges ahead with 5G deployment in Switzerland
By Karim Hussamiinsidetelecom, 19 June 2020

In the recent months, Switzerland has faced a number of challenges regarding approval procedures and municipality restrictions that have caused delays on their 5G fast-track plan.

The concern comes just two months after allocating 5G to three mobile operators Swisscom, Sunrise and Salt. The first antennas were deployed on April 17, 2019, and operators promised that 90% of Swiss territory would be covered from December 2019.

Meanwhile, much debate lingers over the health risks related to 5G wireless connection. Some Swiss citizens express concern. Bertrand Buchs, doctor and deputy of the Christian Democratic Party (PDC) for the canton of Geneva is still surprised by the “Supersonic speed of concessions offered without any consultation on health, environmental and safety risks…”

Go slow on large-scale rollout of 5G network

This excellent opinion piece on the detrimental effects of wireless communications was published in Kenya's largest newspaper, The Standard.

Go slow on large-scale rollout of 5G network
By SCIENTISTSstandardmedia.co.ke, June 17th 2020 

In the early centuries, communication within and between communities was through sound instruments like drums of various types and sound pitches, flutes made from different plant reeds, and human song sounds.

Such communication methods world over lasted centuries before the invention of the telephone. In Africa, talented individuals in villages or communities served as communication masters of kingdoms or chiefdoms. They were respected members of society, responsible for the production and/or use of these instruments in communicating specific messages and information throughout their jurisdiction.

Today, human communication has been enhanced by the advancement in communication technology mainly due to exploits of the electromagnetic spectrum, which consists of a wide range of frequencies that can be utilised for various functions.

Electromagnetic Radiation due to Cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Technologies

Electromagnetic Radiation Due to Cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Technologies: How Safe Are We?
By A. Naran, et al., IEEE, 12 March 2020

Extract of paper:

People should be made aware that the EMR from using day to day cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices are harmful to human health. The levels of radiation observed in most cases such as phone calls, internet browsing on laptops and smartphones, using wireless routers and hotspots, Bluetooth smartwatches and smartphones are unsafe when compared with radiations limits determined by medical bodies. According to the current medical literature, various adverse health effects from exposure to RF EMR have been well documented. For now, wireless technologies must be avoided as much as possible. New and innovative wired solutions which provide the same level of user-friendliness should be encouraged. Intervention of government and medical bodies with the main purpose of protecting human health is of utmost necessity to ensure good economic development without compromising the health of the population. Countries must adopt the guidelines suggested by medical bodies which take into account both thermal and non-thermal effects of EMR. At present, all individuals must take preventive and protective measures to protect themselves from harmful EMR exposure".