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17 August 2018

Mobile Phones Do Pose a Danger

Letters: mobile phones do pose a danger
Opinion, The Guardian, 22 July 2018

People are oblivious to problems they cannot see. They need to be alerted

'Wireless radiation has many potential consequences for
Photo:  Toby Melville/ Reuters
Thank you for the piece on wireless radiation and health (“Mobiles, cancer and inconvenient truths”, the New Review).

This has been of great concern to me for some years. I seek to operate my laptop as much as possible with a wired internet connection and keep my mobile in aeroplane mode for much of the time to minimise exposure, but of course I am surrounded by many sources of radiation in daily life.

It seems that most of the population are unaware or oblivious to the problem because the radiation is not seen, heard or readily evident. Thus, if I raise the issue with others, my concerns are generally dismissed. Wireless radiation has many potential consequences for health – brain tumours, for instance, are increasingly prevalent in a population saturated with waves from mobile and cordless phones, wifi, bluetooth, “smart” meters etc.

New Blog Feature (Under Construction): Articles on EHS and EMF in German and Italian

Dear Readers,

We will be adding a new feature to this blog which will include articles on electrosensitivity and electromagnetic pollution in two of the other official languages of Switzerland, German and Italian.  You will only have to click at the top of the blog, next to "Home" to access these articles.

For articles and information in French, please see our separate blog, "Mieux Prévenir".

Thank you for your patience.

16 August 2018

Girl, 13, 'Addicted to her iPhone' Researched 'Suicide Methods' and Wrote about Funeral Before Hanging Herself

This is very sad and not the first time this has happened.  Society must wake up to the dangers of cell phone addiction and to exposure to microwave radiation emitted by mobile devices.

Girl, 13, 'addicted to iPhone' researched 'suicide methods' and wrote about funeral before hanging herself
By Nick Irving, mirror.co.uk, 9 August 2018
Ellie Phillips was addicted to her iPhone, her mum told
the inquest (
Image iStock Editorial)

Ellie Phillips, from Devon, had researched online how to kill herself and written about her own funeral on her iPhone

A 13-year-old schoolgirl who became 'addicted to her iPhone' suffered self image and friendship issues before killing herself, an inquest heard.

Tragic Ellie Phillips researched suicide methods online and wrote about her own funeral.

The inquest was told that the star hockey player had issues with her school and friendship groups in her year.

German Lifeguards Warn Children Are Drowning as Parents Increasingly Distracted by Their Mobile Phones

German lifeguards warn children are drowning as parents increasingly distracted by their mobile phones
by Justin Hugglertelegraph.co.uk, 5 August 2018

The German Lifeguard Association (DLRG) has linked a
series of recent drownings to parents who were too busy
with their mobile phones.
Credit: Fabian Bimmer/
Children are being endangered by their parents’ obssession with smartphones, lifeguards in Germany have warned.

The German Lifeguard Association (DLRG) has linked a series of recent drownings to parents who were too busy with their mobile phones to keep proper watch over the children.

“Not enough parents and grandparents follow the advice: when your children and grandchildren are in the water, put your smartphone away,” Achim Wiese, a spokesman for the DLRG, said.

This summer has seen an alarming spike in drownings in Germany, as adults and children take to the country’s lakes, rivers and beaches to escape the heatwave.

More than 300 people have drowned so far this year, including 20 children under the age of 15 and 40 young people between the ages of 16 and 25.

Austria: 5G: Physicians Call for More Research on Mobile Phone Radiation

With the 5G expansion, the number of 
mobile radio antennas will increase sharply.
However, these are micro-antennas in small 
boxes with low transmission power.
(Photo: MEV)
5G: Physicians call for more research on mobile phone radiation
meinbezirk.at, 14 August 2018 - translation

The mobile industry and doctors are arguing whether cell phone radiation is harmful to health. In the run-up to the 5G expansion, scientists are indicating more research is needed.

AUSTRIA. The government has set itself the goal of making the next generation of mobile telephony, 5G, available throughout the country by 2025. This is what the 5G Strategy published by the Ministry of Infrastructure in April states. "The nationwide 5G supply is crucial for future economic development," it says in the paper.

Many new antennas

The expansion of the 5G infrastructure also means more antennas. "The total number of antennas can only be speculated," says Gregor Gradnig, spokesman for the Regulatory Authority for Broadcasting and Telecommunications GmbH (RTR), Regional Media Austria (RMA).  The estimate is tens of thousands of new antennas. The locations of the current mobile radio and broadcasting stations in Austria are listed in the transmission register.

Old fears

15 August 2018

CDC Finds Brain, Liver And Thyroid Cancers Increasing Among U.S. Children 2001-2014

CDC Finds Brain, Liver And Thyroid Cancers Increasing Among US Children 2001-2014
Environmental Health Trust, 2018

The CDC presented new findings of increasing rates of brain cancer, renal cancer, hepatic (liver) cancer, and thyroid cancer among individuals under 20 years old in the USA after analyzing 2001–2014 US National Cancer statistics tumor data from 48 states (covering 98% of the US population).

These findings of increased nervous system rates were presented at the 2018 American Society of Pediatric Hematology Oncology Conference in May, 2018 and also at the 67th Annual Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) Conference April 16–19, 2018.

"Rates of brain, renal, hepatic, and thyroid cancers increased…"  US CDC 2018).

See selected excerpts from the 2018 CDC presentations below (including PDF).

2018 American Society of Pediatric Hematology Oncology Conference

Cell Phone Radiation Associated Brain Tumor Rates Are Rising: Scientific Documentation

Cell Phone Radiation Associated Brain Tumor Rates Are Rising: Scientific Documentation
Environmental Health Trust, 2018

Cell Phone Associated Brain Tumor Rates Are Rising

There is evidence that the numbers of people diagnosed with the type of brain tumor linked to cell phone use- glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is increasing as documented in some US and international cancer registries. Brain, renal, liver and thyroid cancers are rising in US children.

Glioblastomas (the type of brain cancer linked to cell phone radiation) and central nervous system tumors are increasing in young Americans, in precisely the areas of the brain that absorb most of the microwave radiation emitted or received by phones.

On this page we are maintaining a list of the scientific documentation of these cancer increases as well as the science linking cell phones to brain cancer. (Scroll down for scientific citations).

Concern Over IoT Security Grew for Most Black Hat USA Attendees in Past Year, Reveals Survey

Concern Over IoT Security Grew for Most BHUSA Attendees in Past Year, Reveals Survey
by RAY LAPENAtripwire.com, 10 August 2018

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the greatest forces driving technology today. According to Statista, the number of IoT devices is expected to reach 1.2 billion by the end of 2018. That number will grow to over 20 billion by 2020, per Gartner’s estimates, with more than 65 percent of enterprises deploying IoT products at that time.

Such growth in IoT poses a risk to organizations. More devices means potentially more vulnerable products that digital attackers can infect with malware like Mirai and enlist in distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. In total, Gartner predicts that a quarter of all identified attacks against enterprises will involve IoT by 2020.

With security obviously a major consideration with the Internet of Things, Tripwire decided to survey 167 Black Hat USA (BHUSA) attendees to determine how they felt about IoT security.

United States: Schools Can Now Get Facial Recognition Tech for Free. Should They?

by Issie Lapowskywired.com, 17 July 2018

Chris Ryan/ Getty Images
LIKE MANY PARENTS in the United States, Rob Glaser has been thinking a lot lately about how to keep his kids from getting shot in school. Specifically, he’s been thinking of what he can do that doesn’t involve getting into a nasty and endless battle over what he calls “the g-word.”

It’s not that Glaser opposes gun control. A steady Democratic donor, Glaser founded the online streaming giant RealNetworks back in the 1990s as a vehicle for broadcasting left-leaning political views. It’s just that any conversation about curbing gun rights in America tends to lead more to gridlock and finger-pointing than it does to action. “I know my personal opinions aren’t going to carry the day in this current political environment,” Glaser says.

United States: San Francisco Educators Pass Resolution Calling for Safer Technology Standards

Resolution On Reducing Exposure To Radiofrequency Radiation
Environmental Health Trust, August 2018



The United Educators of San Francisco (UESF) has approved going forward with a resolution for safer technology next semester at a joint health committee with the San Francisco Unified School District.

The resolution became official as of May 23rd, 2018 and the Resolution and press release be found on UESF website.

(SAN FRANCISCO) – San Francisco educators closed the school year with the passage of a safer technology resolution that aims to provide simple steps to reduce exposure to radio frequency (RF) wireless energy for children, adolescents and educators in San Francisco schools.

While the science pertaining to technology safety is still evolving, a 2018 RF study by the US National Toxicology Program found exposed rodents developed malignant gliomas, a type of brain cancer, as well as heart tumors and DNA damage. This raises concern regarding long-term exposure to wireless technology and high use of cell phones.