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15 January 2017

Scientists in Ireland Make Autism Breakthrough

Scientists based in Dublin believe they have identified a
region of the brain specifically affected by autism
spectrum disorder.  iStock
Scientists in Ireland make autism breakthrough
irishcentral.com, 6 January 2017

Scientists who carried out research in Trinity College Dublin are believed to have made an important breakthrough as to the cause of autism, identifying a region of the brain that may be specifically affected. By discovering the part of the brain associated with social deficits in those with the condition, it is hoped that new types of therapies can be developed.

A team of scientists based at ETH Zürich, Trinity College, Oxford University and Royal Holloway ran MRI brain scans on people affected with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and on healthy volunteers, hoping to pinpoint the region of the brain where a social deficit occurred. Comparing the differences between the two groups, the team now believes that they have identified the region in question – the gyrus of the anterior cingulate cortex. This is generally the part of your brain that responds when somebody else finds something surprising.

Presentation on Environmental Elements Associated with Autism: Park City, Utah, 17 January 2017

At 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, 17 January 2017, Peter Sullivan, founder and CEO of Clear Light Ventures, will give a presentation, “Reducing the Symptoms of Autism by Treating Your Family’s Environment,” at the National Ability Center, 1000 Ability Way at Quinn’s Junction, Park City, Utah.

Presentation will cover environmental elements associated with autism
parkrecord.com, January 2017

Peter Sullivan will speak at NAC

Nearly one percent of the world’s population has autism spectrum disorder, according to the Autism Society, a nonprofit that strives to improve the lives of all affected by autism.

That means nearly one in 48 people are on the spectrum

This is a far cry from 1978 when one in nearly 10,000 were diagnosed with the complex developmental disability that includes, but is not limited to, delays in speaking, poor motor skills and sensory sensitivities, said Peter Sullivan an environmental health funder who focuses on toxins and wireless safety.

Sullivan spent the last 15 years helping his two sons work through autism and sensory issues. In the same time period, he recovered from mercury poisoning and the effects of high levels of wireless and electric magnetic field (EMF) exposure.

Health Policy Groups Question FCC’s Allowing Manufacturer Violation Of Its Cell Phone Microwave Radiation Exposure Limit

"The FCC’s lack of reply to important questions contained in the letter raises serious concerns of regulatory responsibility and competency."

Health Policy Groups Question FCC’s Allowing Manufacturer Violation Of Its Cell Phone Microwave Radiation Exposure Limit

Majority of cell phones on market may exceed FCC’s stated RF safety limit of 1.6 W/kg, experts warn

Washington, D.C., January 10, 2017. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC)’s General Counsel, Howard Symons, Esq., and Associate Chief Counsel in the Office of Engineering and Technology, Bruce Romano, Esq., have offered no acknowledgement or reply to an inquiry posing questions about whether the FCC is adequately enforcing its existing cell phone radiation safety limits.

14 January 2017

Parents, Put Down the Phone! Campaign Launched by Augsburg

Parents, put down the phone!
From Christian Rost, Augsburg, sueddeutsche.de, 11 January 2017 (Google translate with grammatical corrections)

  • More and more parents are neglecting their children because they are always occupied with their smartphones.
  • In the Augsburg area, posters are now being hung up and postcards distributed to encourage parents to stop and think - and to be a model for their children.
  • The initiative was launched by the Office for Youth and Family in the Landratsamt.

Teachers are talking about a "smart-ridden generation" that is just growing up and cannot even focus on one thing for a quarter of an hour. In schools, the use of mobile phones is therefore generally prohibited. But what contribution are parents making to a more conscious use of devices, which are already becoming prostheses and worse, at night? This question is at the center of a recent campaign launched by the district of Augsburg, initiated by adults who are critically questioning their use of the smartphone. For the sake of children.

World Economic Forum: Top Five Global Risks for 2017

"Environmental risks have dominated the WEF's Global Risks Report for the past seven years and the group's 2017 edition has proved to be no exception."

Top five global risks for 2017:  WEF

by Sam Meredith | @smeredith19, cnbc.com, 11 January  2017 

Full report available here.

The World Economic Forum's (WEF) flagship annual report surveyed 750 experts to identify the most significant global concerns. Here are the top five:

Economy: Growth and reform

Rising income and economic disparity ranked first among experts as the most critical risk which could shape global developments over the next decade.

Why This Nuclear Engineer Says Every Nuke Plant in the US Should Be Shut Down Yesterday

In announcing the agreement on the closing of Indian Point in New York,
Governor Andrew Cuomo described it as a "ticking time bomb."  But
the real problem, writes Grossman, is this:  There are more of them.
(Photo:  Matt Champlin - Getty Image)
Why This Nuclear Engineer Says Every Nuke Plant in the US Should Be Shut Down Yesterday
by Karl Grossman, Common Dreams, 13 January 2017

"I’d like to see every nuclear plant shut down­ yesterday.”

The good—the very good—energy news is that the Indian Point nuclear power plants 26 miles north of New York City will be closed in the next few years under an agreement reached between New York State and the plants’ owner, Entergy.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has long been calling for the plants to be shut down because, as the New York Times related in its story on the pact, they pose “too great a risk to New York City.” Environmental and safe-energy organizations have been highly active for decades in working for the shutdown of the plants. Under the agreement, one Indian Point plant will shut down by April 2020, the second by April 2021.

AT&T Makes Major Statement on 5G Plans

“Broadband virtual reality is sexy and fun but basic video entertainment is driving the bulk of the capacity needs right now and it is what is going to drive future demand,” he said. “In the higher spectrum it gets very expensive to deploy all the base stations to feed service indoors. That’s problematic and we don’t have access to spectrum below 6 GHz yet to penetrate buildings.”

AT&T Makes Major Statement on 5G Plans
by J. Sharpe Smith, Senior Editor, AGL eDigest, 12 January 2017

In terms of 5G announcements, this year is starting off where 2016 left off only this time it was AT&T setting the tone. But instead of the Mobile World Congress, the venue was the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

13 January 2017

Technology Killed Steve Jobs (2011 Article)

Technology Killed Steve Jobs
emfguy, Posted on October 7, 2011

Technology Killed Steve Jobs

That’s not Steve Jobs “killed technology” or spawned “killer technology” in the awesome, sick, hot, cool product sense.

Though iTunes and Steve Jobs killed the record & CD industry. 

Rather, it was technology killed Steve Jobs in a quite literal sense.

Steve Jobs replied to my email years ago in Silicon Valley. I asked him why he’s not touting Apple’s great security. He replied he just didn’t want to draw publicity to it for fear hackers may focus on Apple products. Always a step ahead.

5G: Warning!

5G: Warning!
by Meris Michaels, Readers' Mail, Tribune de Genève,
11 January 2017 (translated from French)

5G technology will increase the levels of electrosmog in our environment. The presence of billions of connected objects will make us more stressed, vulnerable to cybercrime, disconnected, and sensitive to radiation. Health services will be put under pressure to cope with the pandemic of illnesses resulting from increased exposure. The economy will be affected through the rise in health costs and loss of productivity at work.

Although the development of new technologies is accelerating, at the same time there is a tendency to disconnect. We are treating addiction to devices. In France, laws oblige businesses to respect rest times of employees by regulating communication at any time and even limiting the exposure to radiation at work of pregnant women and workers under age 18.

Third of Breast Cancer Patients Treated Unnecessarily, Study Says

Third of breast cancer patients treated unnecessarily, study says
by Liz Szabo, Kaiser Health News, edition.cnn.com,
updated January 10, 2017

One in three women with breast cancer detected by a mammogram is treated unnecessarily, because screening tests found tumors that are so slow-growing that they're essentially harmless, according to a Danish study published Monday in Annals of Internal Medicine, which has renewed debate over the value of early detection.

The study raises the uncomfortable possibility that some women who believe their lives were saved by mammograms were actually harmed by cancer screenings that led to surgery, radiation and even chemotherapy that they didn't need, said Dr. Otis Brawley, chief medical officer of the American Cancer Society, who wrote an accompanying editorial but was not involved in the study.
Researchers increasingly recognize that not all breast cancers pose the same risk, even if they look the same under a microscope, Brawley said. While some early tumors turn into deadly monsters, others stop growing or even shrink. But assuming that all small breast lesions have the potential to turn deadly is akin to "racial profiling," Brawley wrote in his editorial.