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31 May 2015

Beau Biden, U.S. Vice President's Son, Dies at 46 of Brain Cancer

Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Beau.
(Towards Better Health's choice of photo)
Beau Biden, vice president’s son, dies at 46 of brain cancer
by Paul Kane, The Washington Post,
30 May 2015

Joseph Robinette “Beau” Biden III, the son of Vice President Biden and former state attorney general of Delaware, died Saturday after battling brain cancer for several years.

Biden, 46, the oldest son of the vice president and the rising star of a family dynasty, had been admitted recently to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda as he fought the cancer, a battle that his father largely kept private in the last weeks as his son clung to his life.

“The entire Biden family is saddened beyond words. We know that Beau’s spirit will live on in all of us — especially through his brave wife, Hallie, and two remarkable children, Natalie and Hunter,” Vice President Biden said in a statement that was released Saturday night.

Reflections on the Use of Wireless Technology

Reflections on the Use of Wireless Technology
by Meris Michaels, 7 April 2013, re-posted 31 May 2015

With cell phones and wireless technology, we are probably where our relationship with tobacco was 50 years ago.

Look at this brief history of the tobacco industry:

- 1964 - Surgeon General’s report on smoking and health links smoking and lung cancer and other diseases.  (Note that this is the first official announcement of a link between smoking and lung cancer in the United States.  In 1956, the British Medical Journal published the results of a British doctors study started in 1951 that gave irrefutable evidence that tobacco smoking increased the risk of lung cancer.)
- 1965 – first warning labels placed on cigarette packs
- 1971 – tobacco ads banned on TV
- 1986 – Surgeon General reports on dangers of secondhand smoke – ban of smoking in public places begins
- 1998 – an agreement forces the tobacco industry to acknowledge the harm it has done
- 2009 – through the Family Prevention and Tobacco Control Act, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has authority to regulate manufacturing and sale of tobacco products.

But the tobacco industry does not give up. In 2008, it spent $10 billion on marketing cigarettes in the United States, targeting especially African Americans and low-income groups.

So, where are we with wireless technology? The U.S. health authorities have not yet recognized the link between cancer and other diseases and electromagnetic radiation EMR) emitted by wireless technology. Once again, we are not learning the lessons from the tobacco scourge in terms of high health costs and human suffering.

30 May 2015

Top Ten Facts about Wi-Fi in School

Children are more vulnerable to microwave radiation
than adults.
Top Ten Facts about Wi-Fi in School
Safe Tech for Schools Maryland, 29 May 2015

Every Parent Needs To Know the Facts
We might assume that Wi-Fi is safe ? Nope.
Regulations and codes may be met, but that doesn't mean it is "safe".
Not a single medical organization states that Wi-Fi is "safe".

Just because it is legal to put in a classroom, doesn't make it right.
Wi-Fi in the classroom could be a serious health hazard for students.

1. Worldwide Schools are Removing Wi-Fi.

Private schools in the United States are removing wireless networks due to health and safety issues.

France has banned constant Wi-Fi in elementary schools and over a dozen countries and have enacted policies to reduce wireless radiation in the classroom.

2. Children are More Vulnerable than Adults.

28 May 2015

All I Really Need to Know About EMF I Learned After My Wife Got Sick: A Brief History of Electrosmog

All I Really Need to Know About EMF I Learned After My Wife Got Sick
A Brief History of Electrosmog

by Jonathan Mirin, spiritofchange.org, 
26 May 2015

"Doubt is our product since it is the best means of competing with the 'body of fact' that exists in the minds of the general public. It is also the means of establishing a controversy." — Tobacco executive internal memo, 1969

"There really are people who feel pain, etc., related to EMF, etc., and rather than have them becoming hysterical, etc., I would quietly leave them alone." — Former California Public Utilities Commission President Michael Peevey in an email to Pacific Gas & Electric's Brian Cherry seized by California authorities, 2010.

History was never my favorite subject. I preferred English, theatre, religion — subjects where the imagination seemed unrestricted by the weight of historical facts. Of course, I had heard the truism about not being able to understand the present without knowing the past. I appreciated the idea intellectually. But it wasn't until my wife Godeliève Richard, a Swiss dancer/choreographer and visual artist, became sick in the spring of 2010 and we came to understand, after three torturous years, that the root of her suffering was her sensitivity to RF (radio frequency) wireless radiation of the sort emitted by cell towers, cell phones, computers trying to pick up Wifi, Wifi enabled routers, cordless phones, tablets, our electric meter, etc., etc., etc., that I became an avid student of history.

27 May 2015

Cell Phones and Blood-Brain Barrier: Chinese Scientists Confirm Findings of Swedish Salford Group

(Image selected by Editor of "Towards
Better Health")
Cell Phones and Blood-Brain Barrier: Chinese scientists confirm findings of Swedish Salford group
by Dariusz Leszczynski, Between a Rock and a Hard Place, 18 May 2015

Chinese scientists, from the group of Gang Zhu, apparently confirmed, and expanded on, findings of Swedish group of Leif Salford but… nobody is talking about it…

Leif Salford, neurosurgeon at Lund University Hospital in Sweden, and his research team published several studies showing that exposure of rats to cell phone radiation causes leakage of the blood-brain barrier (BBB) and impairs cognition:

Increased blood-brain barrier permeability in mammalian brain 7 days after exposure to the radiation from a GSM-900 mobile phone. Nittby H, Brun A, Eberhardt J, Malmgren L, Persson BR, Salford LG. Pathophysiology. 2009 Aug;16(2-3):103-12.

Cognitive impairment in rats after long-term exposure to GSM-900 mobile phone radiation. Nittby H, Grafström G, Tian DP, Malmgren L, Brun A, Persson BR, Salford LG, Eberhardt J. Bioelectromagnetics. 2008 Apr;29(3):219-32.

Apple Inc. Watch Causes Skin Rashes For Some

Because of the rashes coming from wearing Fitbits, 14 users have decided to file a joint lawsuit against Fitbit. (See "100s Report Rashes from Smartwatch, Lawsuits Filed".)  Additionally, the Consumer Product Safety Commission wants to investigate the rash reports.  Wearers of the Apple Watch are also complaining that the band of the smartwatch is causing skin rashes.

Apple Inc. Watch Causes Skin Rashes For Some (AAPL)
smarteranalyst.com, 5 May 2015

Complaints about the recently released Apple Inc.Watch are continuing to roll in. First some were complaining that the sensors don’t work properly on tattooed skin or with long sleeves. Now others are complaining that the band of the smartwatch has caused skin rashes.

Apple Watch band causing rashes

Ispazio, an Italian-language website, was the first to report complaints about the skin rashes. An Apple Watch owner sent in photos showing red splotches around their wrist where the band touches the skin. There’s a space where the face of the watch would be on the arm, indicating clearly that it’s the band which is causing the skin rash.

24 May 2015

India: Recent Studies Demonstrating the Relationship Between EMF Radiation and Health Problems

From the WHO EMF Project website - recent studies from India demonstrating the relationship between EMF Radiation and health problems for the attention of the government, presented by Dr. Sharma from the Indian Council of Medical Research.  Dr. Sharma is one of the 200 scientists who signed the EMF Scientist Appeal to the United Nations and WHO.  You may view here his recent presentation on radiofrequency radiations and human health to the WHO/IAC Meeting, 4-6 May 2015.

Short report on the national activities on EMF
Dr. R. S. Sharma, Sr. Deputy Director General & Scientist - G Indian Council of Medical Research Ansari Nagar, New Delhi-110029, India.

General research activities in India related to EMF health –

i. Shahin S, Mishra V, Singh SP, Chaturvedi CM. 2.45-GHz microwave irradiation adversely affects reproductive function in male mouse, Mus musculus by inducing oxidative and nitrosative stress. Free Radic Res. 2014; 48(5):511-25. 

20 May 2015

5th Paris Appeal: Idiopathic Environmental Intolerance: What Role for Electromagnetic Fields and Chemicals?

More news from this conference will be shared with  readers.  The abstracts of the presentations are available on-line in English.

5th Paris Appeal Congress, 18th of May, 2015 Royal Academy of Medicine, Belgium 


Introductive Conference
Lennart Hardell, Epidemiologist, Professor at Örebro University Hospital, Orebro, Sweden

Some persons experience side effects from electrical and wireless equipment with symptoms like headache, nausea, dizziness, skin problems such as itching, pricking and heating, heart arrhythmias, concentration, memory and sleep problems, aches in muscles and joints and so on. The symptoms may depend on the frequency of the electromagnetic field (EMF), and also be very individual depending on sensibility and weakness. The intensity of the symptoms can vary from weak to strong within seconds and last from minutes to several days and make life very disabling.

08 May 2015

Parliament of Canada: Standing Committee on Health: Radiofrequency Radiation: 28 April 2015: Presentation by Dr. Riina Bray

"We see EHS in people who have predisposing stressors such as cardiac arrhythmias, neurological problems, physical and mental exhaustion, previous prolonged exposures as with teachers and technicians working in wireless institutions, the airline industry, computer and information technology, and health professionals in institutions where wireless technology is used for monitoring.

In my opinion... those at highest risk for EHS include the fetus, children, the elderly, the infirm, those with predisposing morbidities—usually cardiac and neurological—and those with a toxic overload. They are all at risk for adverse health effects from this insufficiently regulated, poorly studied, man-made environmental health hazard—the radio and microwaves ranging from 10 kilohertz to 10 gigahertz to hundreds of gigahertz." : Dr. Riina Bray

Parliament of Canada
Standing Committee on Health: Radiofrequency Radiation - EVIDENCE - 28 April 2015

Dr. Riina Bray (Medical Director, Environmental Health Clinic, Women’s College Hospital, As an Individual):

 Good afternoon. My name is Dr. Riina Bray. I have a degree in chemical engineering and a master's in pharmacology in the area of addictions and toxicology. I studied medicine at the University of Toronto and did a specialty in family practice. I have a master's in health sciences, public health, in family and community medicine.

Parliament of Canada: Standing Committee on Health: Minutes on Wireless Radiation, 23 April 2015: Presentation by Dr. Magda Havas

"Schools that have installed Wi-Fi, the telecommunications industry that installs antennas on hospitals and in residential communities, and provincial and municipal governments that do not have expertise in this area, all hide behind Health Canada's Safety Code 6, with the false perception that they are being protected. What they don't realize is that this guideline was designed to protect military personnel from heating of tissue averaged over a six-minute period. It was not intended to protect the infant in the crib lying next to a wireless baby monitor that emits microwave radiation for 12 hours a day":  Dr. Magda Havas 

Parliament of Canada
H.E.S.A. committee minutes on wireless radiation, Standing Committee on Health, 23 April 2015

Dr. Magda Havas (Professor, Environmental and Resource Studies, Trent University, As an Individual):

Thank you very much for the invitation to address you today. My name is Dr. Magda Havas and I'm an associate professor of environmental and resource studies at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario.

For the past 25 years I have been teaching university students about the biological effects of electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic radiation, which are collectively referred to as “electrosmog”. It is my belief that electrosmog is the emerging public health issue, due largely but not entirely to the rapid proliferation of wireless technology. Concern among health care practitioners and the public is growing as chronic illness increases and health care costs rise.

Parliament of Canada: Standing Committee on Health: Minutes on Wireless Radiation, 23 April 2015: Presentation by Mr. Frank Clegg

"We're asking the committee to take three decisive steps.  First, conduct a national campaign to educate Canadians about methods to minimize exposure to RF radiation, ban Wi-Fi in day care centres and preschools, and ban the marketing of wireless devices to children.  Second, protect individuals who are sensitive to RF radiation by accommodating them with safer levels of wireless exposure in federal workplaces and federal areas of responsibility.  Third, and finally, create an adverse reporting system for Canadians and a publicly available database to collect improved data regarding potential links between health effects and exposure to RF radiation":  Frank Clegg

Parliament of Canada
H.E.S.A. committee minutes on wireless radiation, Standing Committee on Health, 23 April 2015

Mr. Frank Clegg (Chief Executive Officer, C4ST, Canadians For Safe Technology):

Mr. Chair and committee members, I'd like to thank you for the invitation to speak with you this afternoon and for deciding to invest committee time on Safety Code 6.

When I ran the Canadian operations for Microsoft, I learned that it is critical to focus on process. Today, as a board member for Indigo Books and Music, my role has shifted more towards governance and oversight. In both roles, process is critical to success. Government is the largest corporation of all, so process is of paramount importance. As someone who regularly examines success and failure, I believe I can explain why the Safety Code 6 process is a failure by all metrics and has left Canadians unprotected.

05 May 2015

Canada: 7th Grade Student Conducts Experiment: Do Cell Phones Inhibit Growth?

Lucas Brenninkmeijer is a grade 7 student at Oakville Christian School who recently tied for first place in their Science Fair competition. In his project , Do Cell Phones Inhibit Growth?, Lucas conducted an experiment to determine what would happen to the growth of seeds if they were exposed to a cell phone. The experiment compared the growth of seeds on a tray with a cell phone in the middle and on a tray without a phone. The results of the experiment consistently showed that the seeds grown on the tray with the cell phone were shorter and less dense than the seeds grown on the tray with no phone. Lucas will be going to the Bay Area Science and Engineering Fair (BASEF) in Hamilton in March to present his project.

Source: Terence Young
Member of Parliament, Oakville, Ontario, Canada

04 May 2015

Switzerland: Review of Electrosmog Norms : Letter to Members of the Parliament (National Council)

Cell phone antennas in Switzerland
(Image selected by the Editor of Towards Better Health)
Challenging the Electrosmog Norms for Switzerland 
Press document, Association Romande Alerte aux ondes électromagnétiques (ARA) , Morges,
4 May 2015 (translated from French by the Editor of this blog)

Morges, 4 May 2015 - Recently, ARA (Association Romande Alerte aux ondes électromagnétiques) sent to each one of the 200 members of the Swiss National Council an information file on the risks of electromagnetic pollution.  This file consists of a brochure entitled "Electromagnetic Waves - They have been causing headaches for nearly 100 years" by Pierre Dubochet, the DVD "Microwaves, Science and Lies" by the Septième Factory [1], and a covering letter in French and German.

This summer, the National Council will be debating solutions relating to the saturation of the mobile phone network, due to increasing demand.  In spite of the many scientific studies showing that electromagnetic fields, even at low levels, have biological effects, our members of Parliament remain ill-informed of the health issues.  A large majority of them believe they are protected by the norms of ORNI (Ordinance on protection from non-ionizing radiation) without knowing that these norms are solely based on thermal effects.

02 May 2015

Cordless DECT Phones: Even More Dangerous Than Cell Phones

Your cordless phone is bombarding you with microwave radiation
by Dena Schmidt, staff writer in EMF Pollution, naturalhealth365.com, 29 April 2015

(NaturalHealth365) With all of the focus on the dangers of cell phones and EMF pollution, not as much has been discussed about the significant dangers posed by cordless phones. However, when it comes to microwave radiation, cordless DECT phones (DECT = Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) are actually even more dangerous than cell phones.

We, at NaturalHealth365, have been highlighting the dangers of EMF pollution – for some time now. But, the problem remains, most people find this information hard to ‘digest’, especially when you consider that it’s an invisible threat. (Unlike toxic pesticides in our food supply)

When you double the microwave radiation, you double the cancer risk

Not only does a cordless DECT phone transmit electromagnetic radiation while you’re using it; it’s also continually emitting microwave radiation from its base even when not in use. (Cell phones transmit harmful radiation while not in use as well). When not in use, cordless DECT phones are emitting radiation from both the handset and the base on a continual basis in your home.