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11 January 2018

"In the Open-Plan Office, It Is a Disaster": Testimony of Electrosensitivity from Switzerland

Headache, fatigue, insomnia:  There are people who feel
impaired by Wi-Fi radiation. 
Image:  Stephanie Pilick
«In the open-plan office it is a disaster» 
20min.ch, 10 January 2018
(Google translation)

MZ * (49) suffers from electrosensitivity. Wi-Fi [WLAN] and mobile phone radiation cause headaches and insomnia. Nevertheless, he can live with it today.

The 20-minute article received a strong reaction:  A man from the Olten region went to court against his neighbor for allegedly physically suffering from the emissions of the neighbor's Wi-Fi. More than 400 comments have been written. In many, it becomes clear:  electrosensitive people often meet with incomprehension or even ridicule. "Should he also sue nature that gives off rays," says one reader.

However, electrosensitivity is not a minor problem, says Peter Schlegel, electrosmog expert on «Gesundheitstipp» [Swiss health magazine]: According to surveys in recent years, over ten percent of the Swiss population would react to electromagnetic fields in everyday life.

Holidays opened K.'s eyes

One of them is MZ * (49). The IT expert cannot stand cell phones, wireless systems (Wi-Fi) or even cordless phones. For years, he suffered from sleep disturbances, headaches and sudden onset of muscle inflammation.

He realized ten years ago on a trip to Namibia that his complaints could have something to do with the environment at home and at work. "I felt really good there and slept like a baby," he recalls. Back at home, he woke up again at night and lay awake until the morning. Even in a hotel in Mainz, where he stayed a short time later on the occasion of a company course, he was able to sleep better.

Coincidentally, Z. came across the topic of electrosmog and bought a corresponding measuring device. "I was surprised how high the radiation was in my apartment," he says. No wonder: In his bedroom, a cordless phone and a wireless router were located, which even emitted radiation when the wireless was disabled. At night, the phone was next to his bed.

What is not needed remains switched off

Z: He switched off and unplugged everything he did not need, especially at night. He also bought a cordless phone with Ecomode Plus, which only radiates when you make a phone call. "I even gave one to the neighbor," says Z. The measures had an effect. Today he is doing much better - at least at home, he says. "It makes me feel great there, but in the open-plan office it's still a disaster." That's why he works a lot from home and in the office makes sure that he sits in a corner "far away from the electronic transmission sources".

Z's conclusion: Although his situation noticeably improved, he could not free himself completely from electrosensitivity. "At least, I do not know anyone who ever did."

* Name known to the editor

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