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30 October 2018

Doctors Worldwide Reporting the Incredible Benefits of Reducing EMF Exposure

Doctors worldwide reporting the incredible benefits of reducing EMF exposure
Posted by Erin Elizabeth |healthnutnews.com, Oct 30, 2018
Posted by Nick Pineault | Oct 30, 2018

In the middle of the nationwide roll-out of brand new 5th generation (5G) networks and the addition of millions of new cell phone antennas, the discussion about possible health effects of man-made “electrosmog” is nearly absent from mainstream media.

It has become pretty clear that the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) emitted by our wireless technologies might increase risks of cancer in the long run, and the recent 2018 findings of “clear carcinogenicity” in rats in mice by the $25 National Toxicology Program study made that connection even stronger.

But what about the short-term effects?

Can you get symptoms from just being exposed to a simple wifi router, cell phone, tablet, smart meter, or cell phone tower?

Electrosmog Levels Are Unprecedented

29 October 2018

Why Isn't the Canton of Geneva Protecting Its Population from the Risks of Wireless Radiation?

RE-POSTED:  29 October 2018:  
In the canton of Geneva, no one wants to take responsibility to protect the population, especially vulnerable persons, from exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

Why Isn't the Canton of Geneva Protecting Its Population from the Risks of Wireless Radiation?
by Meris Michaels, 10 March 2017, updated
29 October 2018

Recently, we wrote to the government official responsible for health in the canton of Geneva, Mauro Poggia, enclosing a copy of ARA's  letter to the State Administrator in Geneva, Esther Alder, which is posted on this blog.

In his letter, Mr. Poggia writes, [translation from French] :

"I am aware that certain persons are affected by non ionizing radiation. However, like you, I note that use of various modern communication media are developing significantly. This tendency cannot be reversed...

"You therefore understand that it is impossible to apply constraining limitations for users in our canton. Moreover, my department does not have the competence to issue specific recommendations in this domain. It is in fact the Federal Office for Public Health... which is solely competent to issue norms and directives concerning use of emitters of non ionizing radiation. I however note that scientific studies published to date in editorial policy journals declare the absence of danger to public health in general.

28 October 2018

Silicon Valley Nannies Are Phone Police for Kids

Silicon Valley Nannies Are Phone Police for Kids
By Nellie Bowles, The New York Times, 26 October 2018

Child care contracts now demand that nannies hide phones, tablets, computers and TVs from their charges.
Photo Illustration by Tracy Ma/The New York
Times; Shutterstock (child and phone)

Leer en español

SAN FRANCISCO — Silicon Valley parents are increasingly obsessed with keeping their children away from screens. Even a little screen time can be so deeply addictive, some parents believe, that it’s best if a child neither touches nor sees any of these glittering rectangles. These particular parents, after all, deeply understand their allure.

But it’s very hard for a working adult in the 21st century to live at home without looking at a phone. And so, as with many aspirations and ideals, it’s easier to hire someone to do this.

Enter the Silicon Valley nanny, who each day returns to the time before screens.

“Usually a day consists of me being allowed to take them to the park, introduce them to card games,” said Jordin Altmann, 24, a nanny in San Jose, of her charges. “Board games are huge.”

How the Tech Industry Uses Psychology to Hook Children

How the Tech Industry Uses Psychology to Hook Children
Victoria L. Dunckley M.D.psychologytoday.com, 24 October 2018

Why do kids struggle to look up from devices? The answer is persuasive design.

This guest post is written by Richard Freed, Ph.D., psychologist and author of Wired Child: Reclaiming Childhood in a Digital Age, and Meghan Owenz, Ph.D., assistant teaching professor at Penn State University and founder of ScreenFreeParenting.com.

"Something’s wrong with my son. He won’t spend time with us, won’t do his homework… all he wants to do is be in his room and play his game.”

Parents, educators, and healthprofessionals around the world are expressing frustration and alarm that children are being lost to video games, social media, and phones. What’s vital to understand is that children’s fixation with gadgets and entertainment applications is by design. Actually, a relatively new concept called persuasive design.

Veteran MD Drops Bombshell At Michigan’s 5G Small Cell Tower Legislation Hearing

"We have to examine epidemics in terms of EMF exposure." [diabetes, deterioration of mental health (suicide, violence)...]

Veteran MD Drops Bombshell At Michigan’s 5G Small Cell Tower Legislation Hearing
By Arjun Waliacollective-evolution.com, 26 October 2018

YouTube link to Dr. Goldberg's testimony:

Video testimony also available within this article.


The Facts: 
Dr. Sharon Goldberg, an internal medicine physician & professor gives her testimony regarding the dangers of electromagnetic radiation. She says: “Wireless radiation has biological effects. Period."

Reflect On: Are you aware of the dangers of 5G and 4G radiation from our internet, cell phones and computers? What do you do to mitigate these effects? Do you limit your exposure to these items throughout the day?

5G is a new technology currently being implemented and continually going through the process of implementation in many areas. It will bring wireless data and internet connections to the world. But, recent research has shown great cause for concern with regards to our electromagnetic radiation exposure, not just 5G, but all sources of this radiation that surround us, from our wireless devices, our wireless routers, cell phone towers and more.

Ireland: Develop National Protocol on Smartphone and Social Media Use, Mental Health Committee Says

Develop national protocol on smartphone and social media use, mental health committee says
by Sean Murray, thejournal.ie, 17 October 2018

A policy should be developed alongside parents and young people, according to the Oireachtas joint committee.

THE DEVELOPMENT of a national protocol for the use of smartphones and social media is one of 22 recommendations made in a new report by the Oireachtas joint committee on the future of mental health care that has been published today.

Such a policy for social media should involve stakeholders including schools and representative parents and young people, the report said.

Smartphones and social media use were among general trends identified as contributing to mental health ill health, and this also included sleep deprivation, overwork, alcohol and other substance abuse.

Japan and Korea Planning Their Own Cell Phone Animal Studies Verifying NTP Cancer Findings

Japan and Korea Planning Their Own Cell Phone Animal Studies
Verifying NTP Cancer Findings

microwavenews.com, 23 October 2018

Japanese and Korean officials are working on a partial replication of the U.S. National Toxicology Program (NTP) animal study on cancer risks from cell phone radiation. The project is expected to be approved and get underway late next year.

Though collaborating on a common experimental design, each country will carry out its own exposures with animals from the same breeder. If the designs are similar enough, the two sets of data will be combined in a joint analysis.

“We have been discussing this issue in Japan,” said Masao Taki of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Tokyo Metropolitan University, who was a member of ICNIRP from 1996 to 2008. Taki, who is usually well informed on national EMF/RF policies, did not offer any other specifics. He is not alone. Many insiders would not comment at all. The few who were willing to talk insisted on anonymity.

Location, Location, Location - Aggressive Brain Tumors Tell a Story - GBM Rise Only in Frontal and Temporal Lobes

Click here for an updated version of the article and addition, "De Vocht Comments, Philips Offers Another Graph", 29 October 2018.

Location, Location, Location
Aggressive Brain Tumors Tell a Story

GBM Rise Only in Frontal and Temporal Lobes

microwavenews.com, 26 October 2018

Click here for an updated version of the article and addition, "De Vocht Comments, Philips Offers Another Graph", 29 October 2018]
A U.K. epidemiologist has confirmed that glioblastoma (GBM), the most aggressive type of brain tumor, is on the rise in England. In a new paper, Frank de Vocht of the University of Bristol reports that he sees a significant and consistent increase in GBM in the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain over the last 20-30 years.

Alasdair Philips, an independent researcher based in Scotland, and three colleagues first documented the increase last March (see our story). It was not due to improved diagnosis, they said, but they could not pinpoint which “environmental or lifestyle factor” was responsible. There was one obvious possibility: cell phones.

Not so, says de Vocht. His model —based on “synthetic counterfactuals,” a somewhat arcane modeling technique— tells him that whatever might be at work, it is “unlikely” to be cell phones. De Vocht maintains that the most probable explanation remains improved diagnosis, “especially in the elderly.”

27 October 2018

World Health Organization International Agency For The Research On Cancer’s Position On Wireless And Health

World Health Organization International Agency For The Research On Cancer’s Position On Wireless And Health
Environmental Health Trust, October 2018

The World Health Organization International Agency for the Research on cancer recommends reducing exposure to radio frequency radiation (RFR) from cell phones. This is stated in the 2011 Press Release. There are also expert advisors of the World Health Organization who are making clear statements that radiofrequency radiation is a carcinogen backed by scientific evidence. On this page we have the documentation of the statements and videos of the World Health organization experts speaking.

It is important to note that the World Health Organization International Agency for the Research on Cancer is a different entity than the World Health Organization EMF Project. The EMF Project was started with industry money and has been criticized for lack of transparency and deep rootsto industry. As an example, we are not informed as to who writes the factsheets and content and when asked, there is no response. The one paid staff member on the EMF Project is an engineer who has a history of support by wireless companies.

A Dark Consensus About Screens and Kids Begins to Emerge in Silicon Valley

A Dark Consensus About Screens and Kids Begins to Emerge in Silicon Valley

“I am convinced the devil lives in our phones.”

Photo illustration by Tracy Ma/The
New York Times; Getty Images
(woman and child)
By Nellie Bowles, The New York Times, 26 October 2018

SAN FRANCISCO — The people who are closest to a thing are often the most wary of it. Technologists know how phones really work, and many have decided they don’t want their own children anywhere near them.

A wariness that has been slowly brewing is turning into a regionwide consensus: The benefits of screens as a learning tool are overblown, and the risks for addiction and stunting development seem high. The debate in Silicon Valley now is about how much exposure to phones is O.K.

“Doing no screen time is almost easier than doing a little,” said Kristin Stecher, a former social computing researcher married to a Facebook engineer. “If my kids do get it at all, they just want it more.”

Will Censuring Colleagues Who Work in Tech Save Kids from Screen Addiction?

Will censuring colleagues who work in tech save kids from screen addiction? These psychologists think so.
By Tara Bahrampour, The Washington Post, 8 August 2018

In 1991, a lawsuit against R.J. Reynolds Tobacco accused the company of targeting children with its “Joe Camel” ad campaign. The ads featured a cartoon camel character that the suit said lured children to become smokers. Six years later, the company settled out of court and voluntarily ended the Joe Camel campaign.

This week, a group of psychologists launched a battle against a more nebulous foe: the role their profession plays in developing technology that hooks children to social media, video gaming and other digital habits.

Sixty psychologists signed a letter addressed to the president of the American Psychological Association “to call attention to the unethical practice of psychologists using hidden manipulation techniques … [that] increase kids’ overuse of digital devices, resulting in risks to their health and well-being.”

26 October 2018

Italy Fines Apple and Samsung EUR 15 Million Over 'Planned Obsolescence"

Italy fines Apple and Samsung EUR 15 mln over 'planned obsolescence'
CET | News / telecompaper.com, 24 October 2018

Italian antitrust watchdog AGCM has fined Apple and Samsung EUR 10 million and EUR 5 million respectively for unfair commercial practices following a 10-month investigation into allegations of planned obsolescence of their devices. In a statement, the antitrust body said it ascertained that the two smartphone makers “induced consumers… to install software updates that are not adequately supported by their devices without adequately informing them, nor providing them an effective way to recover the full functionality of their devices.”

The practice breached articles 20, 21, 22 and 24 of Italy’s Consumer Code in that the companies failed to inform consumers of the serious malfunctions that the new firmware could cause due to the greater stress placed on the device's hardware and the high repair cost of out-of-warranty repairs connected to such malfunctions, added the regulator.

Comments on the US National Toxicology Program technical reports on toxicology and carcinogenesis study in rats exposed to whole-body radiofrequency radiation at 900 MHz and in mice exposed to whole-body radiofrequency radiation at 1,900 MHz

Comments on the US National Toxicology Program technical reports on toxicology and carcinogenesis study in rats exposed to whole-body radiofrequency radiation at 900 MHz and in mice exposed to whole-body radiofrequency radiation at 1,900 MHz
Authors: Lennart Hardell and Michael Carlberg,
International Journal of Oncology

View Affiliations
Published online on: October 24, 2018 https://doi.org/10.3892/ijo.2018.4606

For full text, in article, click on right-hand side of "Article options" - "Download PDF"


Bayer Stock Crashes After Monsanto Cancer Verdict Upheld By Judge; Analyst Estimates $800 Billion In Future Liability

Bayer Stock Crashes After Monsanto Cancer Verdict Upheld By Judge; Analyst Estimates $800 Billion In Future Liability
By Sayer Ji, Contributing writer for Wake Up World, 24 October 2018

Bayer greedily bought and swallowed the ‘poison pill’ of Monsanto without considering its true liability. Fifty-seven billion Euros of market cap down the drain later, now their headache is taking on epic proportions…

Growing uncertainty about how San Francisco Superior Court Judge Suzanne Ramos Bolanos would rule in Bayer’s appeal of the Monsanto cancer verdict was resolved Tuesday morning, as the judge upheld the jury’s decision that the glyphosate-based weedkiller (Roundup) sold by Monsanto caused a California man’s terminal cancer and that Monsanto intentionally hid its dangers.

25 October 2018

Ban Entire Pesticide Class to Protect Children's Health, Experts Say

Ban entire pesticide class to protect children's health, experts say
by Arthur Neslen, The Guardian, 25 October 2018

A crop duster sprays a field of crops in Alabama. 
Photo:  Dave Martin/AP
Evidence is ‘compelling’ that organophosphates increase risk of reduced IQs, memory and attention deficits, and autism for prenatal children

Evidence that an entire class of pesticides threatens the health of children and pregnant women is now so arresting that the substances should be banned, an expert panel of toxicologists has said.

Exposure to organophosphates (OPs) increases the risk of reduced IQs, memory and attention deficits, and autism for prenatal children, according to the paper, published in Plos Medicine.

24 October 2018

Dr. Arazi invited to Madrid to discuss the health issues of the PhoneGate scandal

Dr. Arazi invited to Madrid to discuss the health issues of the PhoneGate scandal
Equipe PhoneGate, phonegatealert.org, 23 October 2018

We would like to warmly thank the Spanish association for “The right to health of people electro and chemo sensitive (EQSDS)” for its invitation to participate on November 5, 2018 in a conference organized around the theme: “5G and health in the information society “. This meeting is held in the premises of “The Madrid Press Association (APM)”. The President of PhoneGate Alert will speak of: “PhoneGate: health and industrial issues of a global scandal”.

Know the full program (in Spanish) and other speakers via their website

23 October 2018

Monsanto Trial: Judge Rejects Bid to Overturn Landmark Cancer Verdict

Monsanto trial: judge rejects bid to overturn landmark cancer verdict
by Sam Levin in Oakland, The Guardian, 23 October 2018

Dewayne 'Lee' Johnson reacts after hearing the verdict in
his case against Monsanto. 
Photo: Josh Edelson/ AP
Dewayne Johnson originally won $289m after finding Roundup weedkiller caused illness, but judge reduces financial award

A California judge has rejected Monsanto’s appeal to overturn a landmark jury verdict which found that its popular herbicide causes cancer.

The judge’s ruling on Monday largely sided with Dewayne “Lee” Johnson, a father of three and former school groundskeeper, who won a $289m awardover the summer after alleging that his exposure to Roundup weedkiller gave him cancer. During the trial, the first of its kind, the 46-year-old also alleged that Monsanto had failed to warn him of the risks of using its product.

PowerWatch: 1,670 Scientific Papers on Electromagnetic Fields

PowerWatch: 1,670 Scientific Papers on Electromagnetic Fields
shared by Joel M. Moskowitz, Ph.D., Director, Center for Family and Community Health, School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley
Electromagnetic Radiation Safety, 22 October 2018

This list is a compilation of citations for 1,670 peer-reviewed papers about electromagnetic fields (EMF) published in scientific journals from 1979 through 2018. The list includes all papers that PowerWatch published on its website as of October 11, 2018.

This is not a comprehensive list of studies. PowerWatch selected these studies from their internal database of 15,000 (approx.) scientific papers, most of which address EMF.

Powerwatch has been researching the links between EMF and health risks for more than 25 years. The organization, which is completely independent of government and industry, gathers information to help the lay person understand this issue. For more information about PowerWatch go to: https://www.powerwatch.org.uk/docs/aboutus.asp.

Powerwatch recently added a search engine to its website which enables the user to search specific fields in their database for specified time periods.

This list is published on the Electromagnetic Radiation Safety website with the permission of Alasdair Philips, the Science Director and co-founder of PowerWatch.

22 October 2018

DR. ALEXA — Amazon Patents Alexa Tech to Tell if You’re Sick, Depressed and Sell You Meds

Amazon patents Alexa tech to tell if you’re sick, depressed and sell you meds

by JON BRODKINarstechnica.com, 11 October 2018

Echo could analyze your voice to detect a "physical or emotional abnormality."

An Amazon Echo
Amazon has patented technology that could let Alexa analyze your voice to determine whether you are sick or depressed and sell you products based on your physical or emotional condition.

The patent, titled "Voice-based determination of physical and emotional characteristics of users," was issued on Tuesday this week; Amazon filed the patent application in March 2017.

The patent describes a voice assistant that can detect "abnormal" physical or emotional conditions. "For example, physical conditions such as sore throats and coughs may be determined based at least in part on a voice input from the user, and emotional conditions such as an excited emotional state or a sad emotional state may be determined based at least in part on voice input from a user," the patent says. "A cough or sniffle, or crying, may indicate that the user has a specific physical or emotional abnormality."

Spain: "5G and Health in the Information Society": 5 November 2018, Madrid

"5G and health in the information society"

The course will be held on November 5 in the auditorium of the Press Association of Madrid (entry by C / Claudio Coello, 98).

The training and information course is open to journalists from different sectors, with special interest in the group specialized in health, but also in those working in the areas of consumption, environment, technology, education and disability. Taking advantage of the list of experts that will participate in the program, we also invite to participate in the course organizations that work for the rights of health, consumption and environment, sectors closely related to the subject we will address.

REGISTRATION: Fill in this form before 3 November 2018


9:30 Reception and registration (It is recommended to arrive 10 ' before for accreditations).

9: 30- 9: 40 Presentation

9: 40- 10:20 "Electromagnetic Fields (CEM) and chronodisruption in Biomedicine":
Dr. Darío Acuña 40 min.

“Smart” Playgrounds Emerge While Reports Indicate Kids Already Suffer From Too Much Tech

“Smart” Playgrounds Emerge While Reports Indicate Kids Already Suffer From Too Much Tech
By B.N. Frankactivistpost.com, 11 October 2018

Activist Post has reported many times about mainstream articles, news reports, magazine segments, and research about screen addiction and other health issues associated with kids’ excessive use of technology. Medical professionals are concerned about this. Documentary filmshave been produced including Child, Disrupted and Screenagers. Former tech designers, inventors, and investors are even remorseful because they’ve knowingly played a role in this:

“Nest Founder: ‘I Wake Up In Cold Sweats Thinking, What Did We Bring To The World?’”

OMG! So when communities install and promote “Smart” Playgrounds as a way to get kids to go outside and play, it sounds more like a skit on Saturday Night Live than something that’s actually happening. But it really is happening, and according to a spokesperson from Biba “it just makes so much sense”:

Researchers 'Shocked' to See How Often Experts Misdiagnose Certain Brain Tumors in Kids

Researchers ‘shocked’ to see how often experts misdiagnose certain brain tumors in kids
By Susan Keown / Fred Hutch News Service, 19 October 2018

New study: Molecular tests reveal critical differences in cancers thought to be the same, highlight implications for treatment

(Image): Based on these microscopic images, shown here side by side, both of these pediatric brain cancers would have been diagnosed as CNS-PNET. But molecular tests revealed that the one on the left is glioblastoma, and the one on the right is a supratentorial embryonic tumor. The two cancers have vastly different prognoses and treatment strategies.
Images courtesy of Dr. Bonnie Cole / Seattle Children’s Hospital

Traditional methods of diagnosing certain brain cancers in children are deeply flawed, a new study shows. As a result, some children with these particular rare tumors have been getting the wrong diagnoses and, in some cases, the wrong treatment, the researchers say.

Britain’s First 5G Court Case and the People Won

Britain’s First 5G Court Case and the People Won
smombiegate.org, 12 October 2018

Mark Steele, a 5G campaigner, has been highlighting the dangers of a secret 5G rollout by Gateshead Council where residents are complaining of increased illness and Cancer in the affected area. There’s enough evidence to conclude the new smart 5G arrays on the top of new LED lampposts emit Class 1 Radiation frequencies and should be treated as a danger to the Public. Gateshead Council ignorantly rebutted clear evidence and created false allegations on social media posts and printed leaflets stating that Mark Steele is spreading Pseudo Science and that the arrays are not dangerous or 5G:

“Please be assured that there is no scientific basis or credible evidence for any of these scare stories about street lights causing cancer and other illnesses.”

They misused Police Powers to gag Mark Steele and yesterday he left a free man and Gateshead Council to fork out £11k of taxpayers money to cover the court cost amounting to woeful ignorance. In Court, none of the Council Officers could explain what 5G is; and their leading Government expert refused to attend the Court hearing. In conclusion, the Judge refused to gag Mark, stating:

“The public have a right to know.”

21 October 2018

China: Cell Phones and Tablets Banned in Primary and Middle School Classrooms in Shandong Province

Primary school students take photos of sailboats during
an outdoor course in Quindao, Shandong province in
Photo: China Daily/ Asia News Network
China bans mobile phones in classrooms
10 October 2018

Primary and middle school students in Shandong province will not be allowed to use cellphones or tablets in classrooms starting from Nov 1, according to a new regulation.

The regulation, adopted by the provincial legislature last month, calls on schools to keep such devices for the students during schooltime if they bring them to school, with the aim of curbing the incidence of myopia.

Parents should also control the time their children spend on electronic devices, teach them to keep a proper distance from books and screens, and ensure a correct reading position and sufficient lighting, it says.

Switzerland: Motion 18.3855: "For a better consideration of health in the mobile telephony sector (II)"

18.3855: MOTION:  For a better consideration of health in the mobile telephony sector (II)

This is an unofficial translation from French.

Submitted by:
ESTERMANN YVETTE on 26 September 2018 to the National Council, Swiss Parliament

Status of deliberations: Not yet dealt with by the Council


The Federal Council is responsible for ensuring that the following accompanying measures are taken in the event of a change of direction  in the mobile telephony sector.

The Federal Law on Protection against the Dangers of Non-Ionizing Radiation and Sound (LRNIS) stipulates that the health risks to humans and animals must be clearly indicated. In this respect, particular emphasis should be placed on the fundamental rights of respect for the home and private sphere (art. 13, para. 1), and also on physical and psychological integrity and freedom of movement (art. 10, para. 2). The damages caused by mobile telephony require clear regulation, based on the principle of causality, according to which injured parties and persons seeking advice should now only be advised by neutral persons.  Similar to the Gene Technology Act, the LRNIS is reflected in the LPE [Federal Act on the Protection of the Environment], Cst. [Federal Constitution] and CP [Swiss Criminal Code].

Switzerland: Motion 18.3856: "For a better consideration of health in the mobile telephony sector (I)"

18.3866: MOTION:  For a better consideration of health in the mobile telephony sector (I)

This is an unofficial translation from French.

Submitted by  ESTERMANN YVETTE on 26 September 2018 to the National Council, Swiss Parliament

Status of deliberations: Not yet dealt with by the Council


The Federal Council is responsible for not raising the limit values applicable in Switzerland, not even due to a new measurement procedure. In order to prepare for a technological shift, an alternative to 5G must be sought immediately, the main objective being to separate outdoor mobile telephony from mobile telephony inside buildings.

By publishing his final report on the "MiniWatt" project on 18 March 2003, Professor Werner Wiesbeck made public the potential for such a dissociation: outside buildings, the radiation was about 100 times lower. Inside, the cabling of the Internet connection (via optical fiber or coaxial cable) eliminated the radiation. The above-mentioned dissociation would also be an effective measure to save energy. Today's mobile phones must use unnecessarily high power, electrical energy and radiation to penetrate building insulation - and this is particularly serious in the case of 5G.

20 October 2018

Washington DC is Ground Zero for the Race to 5G

Washington DC is Ground Zero for the Race to 5G
but is the American Public Fully Informed?
by  Devra Lee Davis, PhD, MPH, Founder & President of Environmental Health Trust & Visiting Professor of Medicine The Hebrew University
thriveglobal.com, 19 October 2018

For both reporters and scientists, frank and candid discussions of telecommunications science has become a third rail – – touch it and you perish. Last month PC Magazine reporter J.C. Dvorak highlighted important gaps in understanding of new technology, in “The Problem with 5G.” 5G is the highly touted system that will connect the internet of things allowing your coffee pot, refrigerator, and garage door to talk to your cell phone. Dvorak revealed that 5G is still on the drawing boards but will employ both the current wireless frequencies of 3G and 4G and add in higher millimeter wave frequencies which can uniquely penetrate the eyes and skin.Moreover, these frequencies have the distinction of having been field tested as a military weapon for crowd control. Soon after his report appeared both Dvorak and his article were summarily removed and replaced with “What is 5G“ –an article boasting of growing markets for 2019.

Stunned by his experience, Dvorak explained that “5G Got Me Fired” warning readers “to be a little more than cautious when believing anything. As his suppressed article had also indicated, “many systems calling themselves 5G are currently 4G using 5G as a marketing tool” whereas “true 5G …needs all these mini-towers all over the place” which “leaves plenty more time for the public to get a clue and be freaked out.”

United Kingdom: Mobile Phone Cover-up? Gov't Advisory Body Disbanded - Inaccurate and Misleading Conclusions Remain

Mobile Phone Cover-up? Gov’t advisory body disbanded – inaccurate and misleading conclusions remain
by Annelie Fitzgerald, truepublica.org.uk, 17 October 2018

TruePublica recently ran a piece highlighting the most censored stories in Britain. One story that never made it into the mainstream media or even any independent media outlets in the UK at the time was the disbanding of the UK Advisory Group on Non-Ionising Radiation (AGNIR) in May 2017. This followed the revelation in December 2016 that AGNIR’s latest assessment of the science on the health impacts of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMFs)—the type emitted by modern wireless technologies—was inaccurate and subject to conflicts of interest, a story that elicited no media interest in the UK either.

19 October 2018

Switzerland: Motion: The Federal Council is responsible for amending the legislation to allow the sale of all types of light bulbs in Switzerland

18.4043 MOTION The Federal Council is responsible for amending the legislation to allow the sale of all types of light bulbs in Switzerland

This is an unofficial translation from French.

Introduced by:
ESTERMANN YVETTE on 28 September 2018 to the National Council

Status of deliberations:
Not yet dealt with by the Council

The Federal Council is responsible for amending the legislation to allow the sale of all types of light bulbs in Switzerland


The consumer must be able to decide for himself how he wishes to equip and light his private premises. Generally, he chooses a healthy, warm and safe light. A free and independent country like Switzerland should be able to offer a range of light bulbs. However, it is the State that decides which bulbs can be used.

The “Phonegate Scandal” Makes its Entry in the French Wikipedia

The “Phonegate Scandal” makes its entry in the French Wikipedia
Equipe PhoneGate, phonegatealert.org,  17 October 2018

Link to French version of the Phonegate scandal on Wikipédia:

The free encyclopedia Wikipedia has become in a few years a reference for all those who do research on the Internet. Students, researchers, journalists, or simple readers, use it several times a day to explore a subject or to learn more. To enter, one must meet several criteria set by the administrators, such as these first three founding principles that have a direct impact on the content of the encyclopedia:

  • Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, so neither a dictionary, nor a space for personal advice, promotion, etc.
  • Wikipedia seeks the neutrality of point of view, which is ensured by the verifiability, the requirement of secondary sources of quality (therefore a certain notoriety) and therefore it advises against autobiographies and prohibits unpublished works;
  • Wikipedia is published under a free license, but with respect for copyrights.“

Top Ways That Digital Technology Has Affected Our Kid’s Health

How Does The Modern Technology Affecting Our Kid’s Health?
By William Orrthefashionobserver.com, 17 October 2018

Technology! It is the single most thing that influenced the existence of the human in the last 100 years up to a very great extent. It is everywhere! Smartphones, tablets, personal computers and so on. Our life is surrounded by technology and our children are using it at home, at school, we can say everywhere. Let’s find out how technology is affecting our kid’s health.

Technology has changed virtually every aspect of our life right from the way we work to the way we socialize in our daily life. Although it has so many benefits when used responsibly like it can help us connect with others and find the answer to our questions and helps us to improve our productivity. We can create, communicate and build. Sure, we love that what the modern age of advanced technology has provided to us. But like most of the things, there are always two faces of the coin, good and bad. It completely depends on us that how we use the particular thing. There are some negative impact from technology if we overuse it, having serious consequences into our children’s lives and affecting their mental health.

Following Are The Top Ways That Digital Technology Has Affected Our Kid’s Health:

It Slows The Brain Functionality

United Kindgom: Suicide Fear Over 'Weapons Grade' Technology Being Tested in Cornwall

Suicide fear over 'weapons grade' technology being tested in Cornwall
By Amy Porter and Max Channon, devonlive.com, 18 October 2018

Cornwall is one of two confirmed test areas for the new 5g phone system a US professor has called 'a massive experiment on the health of all species'

File picture of a mobile phone mast transmitter
(Image: hpgruesen/Pixabay)
A 'weapons grade' new phone technology which is being tested in Cornwall is sparking health concerns - after a spate of suicides at Bristol University.

Cornwall and Cumbria have been confirmed as test areas for the new 5G mobile technology in rural areas, it has been revealed.

However, a public health professor at the University of California has described 5g as "a massive experiment on the health of all species".

And there are also fears the 5g network will require a huge proliferation of new masts, with one for every 10-20 homes.

Now organisations, including Cornish group Villagers Against Masts (VAM), have launched campaigns to call for greater scrutiny of mobile phone technology and coverage, citing serious concerns over health risks, especially mental health.

Testimonies of 'Devastating' Cost to Public Health of 'Toxic' Passenger Jets Submitted to The Hague

Testimonies of 'devastating' cost to public health of 'toxic' passenger jets submitted to The Hague
Ben Gelblumthelondoneconomic.com, 18 October 2018

Campaigners have written to the International Criminal Court in The Hague to provide it with evidence that they say they have compiled that toxic substances in passenger airplane cabins are damaging the health of air crew and passengers.

The former flight staff say that they are submitting scientific evidence and testimonies of hundreds of people whose health has suffered to the court in the Hague in The Netherlands.

“Cabin air, knowingly polluted by highly toxic, thermally degraded substances, is in direct violation of the WHO guidelines,” the former air crew of the Aerotoxic Association have written in an open letter, alleging:

“The airline industry acts with malice and knows or should know that the bleed-air supply to the breathing air in aircraft cabins is dangerous, and fails to warn customers about the risks, while claiming that ‘human health is always a priority.”

The letter alleges that: “The evidence presented, demonstrates the aviation industry’s wilful negligence. ”

Call for Truly Protective Limits for Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (100 kHz to 300 GHz): for Signature by Scientists, Medical Doctors and NGOs

Dr. Hardell is asking scientists, medical doctors and NGOs to join his EMF call on November 1, 2018 asking the UN, and WHO and governments to update and consider medical guidelines for wireless radiation.

Here is the document mentioned in his letter:
"Call for Truly Protective Limits for Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (100 kHz to 300 GHz)"

Dear Scientists, Medical Doctors and NGOs.

The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) issued draft Guidelines on July 11, 2018 for limiting exposure to electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields (100 kHz to 300 GHz). These guidelines are unscientific, obsolete and do not represent an objective evaluation of the available science on effects from this form of radiation. ICNIRP’s opinion and guidelines are unscientific and protect industry, not public health.

New truly protective guidelines are needed. We ask the United Nations, the World Health Organization, and all governments to support the development and consideration of medical guidelines, that are independent of conflicts of interests in terms of direct or indirect ties to industry, that represent the state of medical science, and that are truly protective.

The ‘Internet of Bodies’ Is Setting Dangerous Precedents

The WorldPost Opinion

The ‘Internet of Bodies’ is setting dangerous precedents
By Mary Lee, washingtonpost.com, 15 October 2018

Mary Lee is a mathematician at the RAND Corporation.

This pill-sized origami robot can perform internal
surgeries. (Melanie Gonick/MIT)
As smart devices in health care evolve, the line between human and machine is blurring — and creating new concerns about consumer safety and privacy rights. Smart contact lenses are being developed to monitor glucose levels and could eliminate the daily blood sugar pinprick for people with diabetes. You could even have an artificial lens implanted in your eye to correct your vision, but such lenses could also one day record everything you see. Bluetooth-equipped electronic pills are being developed to monitor the inner workings of your body, but they could eventually broadcast what you’ve eaten or whether you’ve taken drugs. And while you can restore hearing with a cochlear implant, be aware that it could log data on the audio environment surrounding you.

18 October 2018

Aerotoxic Association Submits Evidence of Devastating Personal Experiences to International Criminal Court

Aerotoxic Association Ltd. 27 Old Gloucester St., 
Bloomsbury, London. WC1N 3AX UK

Office of the Prosecutor
The International Criminal Court The Hague
Information & Evidence Unit
PO Box 19519
2500 CM The Hague
The Netherlands

October 11, 2018


Toxic Air in Public Transport Aircraft Cabins

As chairman of the Aerotoxic Association (AeA)*, I am writing to the International Criminal Court The Hague (ICC) to provide it with crucial evidence in a matter of public interest concerning health and safety in jet aircraft.

In May 2018 the AeA called for updates, evidence and testimonies from the international public and aircrew, in addition to the countless testimonies already received since 2006 concerning the issue of toxic substances contaminating cabin air in Public Transport aircraft.

17 October 2018

United States: Sidelined Children's Health Official, Dr. Ruth Etzel, Says EPA Inaction Means "Kids Are Disposable"

Sidelined children's health official says EPA inaction means "kids are disposable"
cbsnews.com, 15 October 2018

Dr. Ruth Etzel, the EPA's top pediatric
expert, was sidelined by the Trump
Administration.  CBS News
Making sure children are protected from environmental toxins has been Dr. Ruth Etzel's job at the Environmental Protection Agency. She's the agency's top pediatric expert – the author of textbooks and policy handbooks on children's environmental health. As director of the Office of Children's Health Protection (OCHP), it was her job to determine the impacts of regulations on children.

"I often think of the Office of Children's Health as the conscience of EPA, because, you know, we're kind of nagging at them: 'Is this okay for children? Are you sure this is okay for children?'" she told correspondent Anna Werner.

But from the beginning of the Trump administration, Dr. Etzel says it seemed those above her no longer wanted her advice. "Our message is no longer welcome. The message that children are not little adults and they need special protections is not welcome," she said.

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Wi-Fi: Silent Killer

SILENT KILLER - Wi-Fi / BE AWARE OF IT  (4 min - 17 November 2017)

16 October 2018

Sixteen New Papers on Electromagnetic Fields and Biology or Health (15 October 2018)

Sixteen new papers on electromagnetic fields and biology or health, courtesy of Joel M. Moskowitz, Ph.D., Director, Center for Family and Community Health, School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley.
Electromagnetic Radiation Safety, 15 October 2018

Dr. Moscowitz has been circulating abstracts of newly-published scientific papers on wireless radiation and electromagnetic fields (EMF) about once a month since August, 2016. Several hundred EMF scientists around the world receive these updates.

Since he has received numerous requests to post the abstracts on my EMR Safety website, he has compiled the collection into a document which now contains more than 500 abstracts (including the papers below).

To see the latest studies or download the document go to the following web page:

Recent Research on Wireless Radiation and Electromagnetic Fields

Recent Papers

Systematic Derivation of Safety Limits for Time-Varying 5G Radiofrequency Exposure Based on Analytical Models and Thermal Dose

U.S. Consumer's Views on 5G Rollout, LTE Coverage, and Health Effects of Cellular Radiation

Consumer's Views on 5G Rollout, LTE Coverage, and Health Effects of Cellular Radiation
October 2018 Report

Report Highlights

Most consumers aren’t aware that 5G is about to launch
59.0% of consumers we polled didn’t know that 5G is around the corner. T-Mobile subscribers seemed to have the most knowledge of their carrier’s 5G plans.

Consumers aren’t excited about 5G

Consumers seem mostly indifferent to the pending roll-out. 38.1% of respondents reported that they weren’t excited about the new technology.

Consumers are open to the possibility of home broadband from wireless carriers
Our poll results indicate there seems to be a real opportunity in delivering home broadband using 5G, but more consumer education is required. T-Mobile stands to gain the most here.

Almost 20% of consumers struggle with 4G LTE coverage at home or at work
A total of 19.7% of consumers reported coverage issues with regular 4G LTE signal at home or at work. 8 years into the roll-out of LTE, it’s clear that a significant portion of consumers still have coverage problems

A third of consumers believe cell signal causes cancer
With largely-untested new “millimeter-wave” frequencies a key to components 5G, it’s likely that carriers will see resistance to roll-outs of the small cells required to blanket the country with the new technology.

15 October 2018

Roundup Exposure Speeds Up Antibiotic Resistance

Roundup exposure speeds up antibiotic resistance - study
By: Jamie Morton, Science Reporter, NZ Herald, 12 October 2018

Bacteria can develop antibiotic resistance up to 100,000
times faster when exposed to Roundup and another
widely-used herbicide.  Photo / File
Bacteria can develop antibiotic resistance up to 100,000 times faster when exposed to Roundup and another widely-used herbicide, a study co-authored by a New Zealand scientist has found.

The findings add to a growing body of evidence that herbicides used on a mass industrial scale, but not intended to be antibiotics, can have profound effects on bacteria, the University of Canterbury's Professor Jack Heinemann said.

This could have potentially negative implications for medicine's ability to treat infectious diseases caused by bacteria, at a time world health authorities are warning that by 2050, 10 million people could be dying annually due to antibiotic resistance.

Switzerland: Deloitte Survey Reveals Excessive Mobile Phone Use

So bad is the epidemic
Every second Swiss is mobile phone sick
by Harry Büsser, blick.ch, 14 October 2018 - translation - extracts from article

Every second person finds himself on the phone too often. Excessive use of mobile phones in Switzerland is shown by exclusive data from the consulting firm Deloitte.


A recent survey from the consulting firm Deloitte, exclusively available in the SonntagsBlick. shows that 48 percent of Swiss cell phone owners find that they use their smartphones too often . In the 25 to 34 year-old age group, it is even two-thirds. Four percent of Swiss wake up at night to check their mobile phone - 8 per cent in the 25 to 34 year-old age group.

Generally, younger people are more likely to be on the phone. In addition, it can be deduced from the data of Deloitte: The larger the phone, the longer owners use it.


Scientists do not agree when  discussing cell phone addiction. U.S. studies define it as an addictive behavior when someone reaches for their cell phone more than 60 times a day.  The average American adult checks his phone more than 200 times a day.

Cell Phones and Breast Cancer

Cell Phones And Breast Cancer
Environmental Health Trust

Is there a link between cell phone placement and breast cancer? What you Need to Know:

1. Cellphones are two-way microwave radios that should not be kept directly on the body.
2. The soft fatty tissue of the breast readily absorbs this radiation.
3. Case Reports are accumulating of young women with no family history getting a diagnosis of breast cancer. The tumors were unusually located directly underneath the skin where they placed their cell phones in their bra.
4. Doctors voice this precautionary advice: Women should not store their cell phones in their bra.

Click on the images below to view a Powerpoint Presentation on Tiffany Frantz and her struggle with breast cancer after storing the cell phone in her bra for 5 years and to read an open Letter from Traci Frantz. She hopes that you will read her letter at a Council meeting to raise awareness of this issue.
[See original article.]

Published Research on Breast Cancer and Environmental Risks:

Breast Against Cell Phone: Danger

RE-POSTED 15 October 2018

Breast Against Cell Phone:  Danger
by Meris Michaels, Tribune de Genève - Letter to the Editor
19-20 October 2013

(Choice of image by Editor, "Towards Better Health")
Breast cancer in young women is increasing in Geneva.  This trend has been confirmed by studies in other parts of Europe.   Could one of the reasons be the habit of young women of keeping their cell phone tucked in their bra?  The makers of cell phones warn users to avoid direct contact with the skin.  The manual of Apple, for example, advises keeping one’s iPhone at a distance of 5/8 of an inch from the body, since these devices emit electromagnetic radiation, classified as a possible human carcinogen by the World Health Organization.  In the United States, doctors are seeing more and more breast cancer in women aged 21 to 39, who have no genetic predisposition to cancer but who, for several years, have been carrying their cell phone in their bra for part of the day.  These tumors are sometimes aggressive and, in spite of a mastectomy, the cancer metastasizes.  Keeping a cell phone in the bra is more common than one would think among young women:  during jogging, driving a car, hiding it at school and at work… Raising awareness of young women of the risks of this practice must now be a part of campaigns for the prevention of breast cancer.

(Note:  About 10 days ago, we sent to the Geneva English-Speaking Cancer Association a copy of Dr. Devra Davis's (President, Environmental Health Trust) recent Webinar presentation to the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition on the latest research and information on the health effects of cell phone radiation as our contribution to breast cancer awareness.  No response has yet been received.)

Dr. Davis's Webinar:

14 October 2018

Scientists Create New Map of Brain Region Linked to Alzheimer's Disease

Scientists create new map of brain region linked to Alzheimer's disease
University of Southern Californiamedicalxpress.com, 8 October 2018

Curing some of the most vexing diseases first requires navigating the world's most complex structure—the human brain. So, USC scientists have created the most detailed atlas yet of the brain's memory bank.

Cartographers of the cranium, a USC research team has illustrated the internal circuitry of the hippocampus in detail that would make the great ancient mapmaker, Ptolemy, proud. Using fluorescent tracers and 3-D animation, the scientists show structures, nerve connections and functions in vivid detail. The study appears today in the journal Nature Neuroscience.

13 October 2018

United Kingdom: Eton Faces Backlash After Banning Mobile Phones in the Classroom

Eton faces backlash after banning mobile phones in the classroom 
by Camilla Turner, education editor, telegraph.co.uk, 12 October 2018

Simon Henderson, headmaster at the £40,000-a-year
school, wrote to parents at the start of the academic
year to announce the ban
Eton College is facing a backlash from teachers after banning students from using mobile phones in the classroom.

Simon Henderson, headmaster at the £40,000-a-year school, wrote to parents at the start of the academic year to announce the ban, which he said would be introduced as a trial.

But the move left some of its teachers “spitting” with anger, with one senior master criticising it as “Luddite” and “Amish”.

Joe Francis, an English teacher at Eton College, said the experimental ban caused some consternation among masters who see mobile phones as a useful teaching aid.

5G Towers May Pose New Health Risk

5G Towers May Pose New Health Risk
By Ty Bollinger, thetruthaboutcancer.com, posted October 2018

T-Mobile recently announced that its new 5G network, already underway in 30 cities, will be available on its prepaid service in 2019. As carriers race to build the 5G networks of the future, one must ask: is 5G safe?

What is 5G?

Here are the basics: 5G stands for 5th Generation. It’s simply the latest iteration of wireless service. It promises to be faster, and to allow more devices to connect by utilizing higher frequencies, known as “millimeter waves”. These waves have a much shorter range, and so telecom companies will need to build hundreds of thousands of towers to transmit them.

Switzerland: 5G : We Must Protect the Population

5G : We must protect the population

Re article entitled : "L'arrivée de la 5G en Suisse suscite un intense débat" ["The arrival of 5G in Switzerland is generating an intense debate"] ("24 heures", 26 September 2018)

Letter to the Editor, 24heures.ch, 11 October 2018 - translation

5G requires greater capacity from our antennas but a
significant portion of the population fears exposure to
The National Council is considering the revision of the Telecommunications Act. Some provisions reducing the exposure to waves of mobile telephony users could be ruled out, for example, the installation of cables instead of Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet. In 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer classified radiofrequency electromagnetic (EM) fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B). The Wi-Fi emits the same type of waves. Today, there is enough evidence to reclassify these waves as carcinogenic (Group 1).

The law would also not ensure the protection of children and young people from the dangers associated with the use of telecommunications services.

Going Underground: Cell Sites and Other WiFi Radiation Emitting Equipment In Residential Neighborhoods and Everywhere Else

Going Underground: Cell Sites and Other WiFi Radiation Emitting Equipment In Residential Neighborhoods and Everywhere Else
by BN Frank, activistpost.com, 8 October 2018 - [View the several videos in the article.]

For decades, U.S. agencies have followed a policy that no threshold of radiation exposure is risk-free. Decades of research supports this on both ionizing and non-ionizing (cell phone and wireless WiFi) radiation.

Insurance companies have caught on and it has affected the way they do business.

But who cares, right? The “Race for 5G” and the implementation of “Smart Cities” in the U.S. is basically allowing the Telecom Industry (aka Big Wireless) to install harmful radiation emitting 4G and 5G small cell towers and other wireless infrastructure both above ground and below in residential yards, public rights of ways, etc.

Many elected officials and government employees seem to be sold on doing this because they keep introducing, pushing and passing federal legislation that prevents municipalities from stopping installation. This is happening despite widespread scientific opposition, municipal government and citizen protest, lawsuits threatened and filed by various organizations, and health effects (on pets and people) already being reported where it’s been installed.

France: Yvelines: A Man Recognized as a Victim of a Work Accident Due to His Electrosensitivity

Yvelines: a man recognized as a victim of a work accident due to his electrosensitivity
europe1.fr, 10 October 2018 - translation

In its decision, the Tass held that "the existence of a
cause of this accident is not reported" and that it
could be attributed to work. @AFP
An initial medical assessment had concluded that there was  "psychiatric" discomfort caused by "anxiety disorders" unrelated to the work environment.

A man diagnosed with electrosensitivity was found to be a victim of a work accident due to his intolerance to electromagnetic waves by the Yvelines Social Security Affairs Court (Tass). This customer service technician from a telecommunications company was the victim of a malaise on November 6, 2013 at his workplace.

Emerging Risks: Does Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Present a Current or Future Claims Risk?

Emerging risks: does electromagnetic hypersensitivity present a current or future claims risk?
By David Wynn, Clyde & Co, commercialriskonline.com, 27  September 2018

As technology has increased, there has been an inevitable proliferation in the number of electromagnetic and radiofrequency field sources that people are exposed to on a daily basis. These include Wi-Fi, power lines, mobile phones and masts, IT equipment and other electronic devices.

There are increasing numbers of people who report experiencing unpleasant symptoms due to exposure to these electromagnetic sources – a condition known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) – describing a variety of symptoms, including:

  • Headaches, dizziness and nausea
  • Difficulty concentrating and/or memory loss
  • Irritability, depression and/or anxiety
  • Insomnia or fatigue.