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07 July 2012

Interview with Barrie Trower, Microwave Expert: Part 1 - "We are destroying many successive generations just by having Wi-Fi in schools"

Barrie Trower, former Cold War scientist trained in all aspects of microwave technology, explains the severe danger facing all living things on planet Earth due to the out-of-control advancement of the telecommunications industry.  He received training from the Royal Navy beginning in 1960, working with both the underwater bomb disposal unit and microwave weapons.  In the 1970’s, a part of his job was to debrief spies trained in microwave warfare.  His first degree is in Physics (specializing in microwaves), his second degree is a research degree.  He has a teaching diploma in human physiology, and teaches advanced physics and mathematics at South Dartmoor College.  He is author of the TETRA Report for the Police Federation.  “I predicted the illnesses which the officers now complain of,” he says.  “These are illnesses that occurred before my report was published and cannot be psychosomatic.”  People need to know the dangers of microwave radiation.

Trower is one of the expert witnesses for the plaintiffs, a parent and a child, in the on-going case against the Oregon Public School System for installing a Wi-Fi infrastructure throughout the school system, violating the parent's right to choice as set forth in the 14th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States. 

On 13-14 December 2011, Danish documentary filmmaker and journalist Morten Julius conducted an interview with Barrie Trower about microwave dangers, nos. 976 to 985, which can be seen on Vimeo (143 mn)  and ten 12-minute videos on YouTube, nos. 986 to 995.  The following is a résumé of this interview in several parts. 

"We are destroying many successive generations just by having Wi-Fi in schools."

“We need parents to realize how dangerous microwave radiation is.”  Barrie Trower met with the Minister for Schools in the United Kingdom regarding Wi-Fi in schools and its effect on children.  What he had to say shocked the Minister.  “Imagine you have a little girl in school, say, 10 years old.  All of her eggs that are to be fertilized are in her body.  If she sits with Wi-Fi in front of her, the Wi-Fi is going through the eggs.  What government officials do not know is that the DNA in these eggs can absorb 10 times more radiation than other DNA in the body.  So even if you have a safety level for children, you are irradiating the eggs inside your little girl.  There is no safety level for children.  We know from experiments that these eggs absorb radiation.  If your little girl has DNA damage, when she grows up and has a baby girl, the genetic damage will come out in that girl.  When that girl has a child, the genetic damage will be there.  It is irreparable…

 “We are destroying many successive generations just by having Wi-Fi in schools.

“Veterinarians have already started publishing papers about the birth defects and miscarriages of mammalian species, saying this is due to low-level radiation from microwaves… If you expose a child to low level microwave radiation, you are giving that brain up to 1,800 small electric shocks every second.” 

Trower has travelled all over the world during the last 12 years.  He has asked one question in every interview:  “Would someone from your government, health ministry or industry appear live with me and tell me the answer, what is the safe level of microwave radiation for an embryo, fetus, child, pregnant woman?  No one has come forward because there is no safe level.”

Roll-out of wireless will bankrupt countries.

Barrie Trower has met with some 60 members of royalty in countries throughout the world.  Where mobile phone transmitters were put up on top of the palace or beside it, someone inside the palace got cancer.  Most of these royalty told him that they are not getting anywhere with their own governments.  One “Ox-Bridge”-educated king told him, “I am losing the viability of my country.”

The King continued, “Usually the Government invites the communications industry in, which spreads across the country.  The Government gets lots of taxes back but then you start to get illnesses and the cost of health starts to creep up quite considerably.  The next thing you notice is that your crops and farm animals start to become sick and you lose the food you generate in your own country to feed your own country.”  Pollinators (bees, birds, bats) start to disappear and become sick.  “I can’t afford the medications to help this number of sick people.  My work force is going down because they are sick.  I have to start importing food that I’d normally be growing. 

“The ‘industry’ is coming in, but most of the money in this country is leaving.  If I have one million mobile phone users and they all spend the equivalent of one American dollar per day on phones, every day one million dollars is leaving my country to the four main providers which are outside my country… We cannot sustain this financial loss over 20 years. 

“The very time I start to worry about this, the countries that are causing this are the first people to come in with aid.  They either want to bring people into the country and have mining rights, land use rights, immigration rights, or they want water, gold.  They offer medicines and food and everything I need, but I’m losing my country to the people who are coming in.”
Photo from Electro Pro
Trower replies that if someone wanted to take over another country, they wouldn’t bother sending troops, they’d put up transmitters and wait to see what happens…

“The reason countries won’t help you is the Secret Service,” Trower continues.  “They will not let this industry fail.  If we have 85% of our children sick in 20 years’ time, it is worth the Secret Service now having the benefits from all these people carrying cell phones.  Going back over 10-12 years, if the Secret Service said to people, we are giving you a little box.  You must carry it with you wherever you go like an identity card.  We will be able to listen to every single conversation you have, whether it is on or off.  We will know everywhere you go because we can track it.  If you put messages in, even secret ones, we have a device that can unlock the code and read anything private:  medical records, bank records.  We will record every conversation.  (See post, "CIA Head:  We Will Spy on Americans Through Electrical Applicances".)

“There is a benefit to this… These devices are wanted by everybody because they encourage you to be lazy.  They are addictive because they entrain your brain, and the Secret Service knows everything about everybody, even business people.”

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