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10 July 2012

Interview with Barrie Trower, Microwave Expert: Part 2 - "The mobile industry is the most powerful on the planet"

Sending pulses into people’s brains causes neurological and physiological symptoms.

“You can send pulses into people’s brains from any mobile tower.  There are around 35 different pulses that I know of that can cause maybe 50 different neurological and physiological symptoms.  You can cause sexual aggression in men, suicidal tendencies, depression.  You can interfere with the circadian rhythm of the eye and affect vision, the natural rhythm of the heart.  You can make any part of the body virtually become ill and all of the mental processes.

“A paper was published during the Cold War and now released under the Freedom of Information Act which said you could even fool psychiatrists by inducing paranoia, schizophrenia and other behavioral patterns just by microwave radiation…

“You can induce somebody not to think properly.  This is quite a successful weapon.  There is only one device available on the market today that matches the frequency of the brain and that is called a cellular phone.”

Julius speculates that perhaps pharmaceutical companies know exactly what to induce in people in order to cause these illnesses and earn lots of money from psychiatric medications. The burden of illnesses could well take over a country.  He says 25% of people in Denmark are depressed.  They are apathetic, “not very workable.  They just entertain themselves with phones”.  They don’t have the energy to take action to do something.  “More and more people have become disconnected.  They don’t seem to function or think coherently anymore and that’s a part of mind-control if you can disconnect the thinking.”

Trower remarks that before there were implants. Now these are not needed because there are so many towers and hidden transmitters.  Even street lights and road signs can have transmitters in them.  Surveillance systems can now follow one anywhere and can also send a microwave beam into the person.  He cites documented evidence of using this on the Catholics in Northern Ireland.  “They’ve been developed for over 60 years to perfection.”

The mobile industry is the most powerful on the planet.

Julius asks,  “What is it that is pushing all these technologies?”  …  It is only to generate maxium profit and also for surveillance.

“The mobile industry is the most powerful on the planet,” replies Trower.  “It has so much money it can even tell governments what they can and cannot do.  On top of all this, it is an information-gathering industry so someone is gathering all of the information, certainly the Americans…

Talking about brain entrainment, “You can change the heart, the sleep pattern.  You can induce hallucinations, amnesia, drowsiness, visual and hearing distortions, anger, manic behavior, irritability, loss of ability to make decisions, hyperactivity, anxiety… This was known”, referring to the 1976 document by the U.S. Government listing all the physical and mental illnesses generated by microwaves at cell phone and Wi-Fi powers.

“The CIA actually patented some of these devices.  The CIA and the Canadian Government were taken to court for this – it took 50 years.  They lost to the people who said they’ve been experimented on.  It takes about 50 years to take a government to court because by then, most people are dead, all the people who made the decisions are dead, the victims are usually dead and there’s very little compensation.”

“There was a case very recently:   when I was in the military in the 60’s, all young fit personnel were invited to take part in flu injections.  You were offered an extra weekend in London on leave with full pay.  This sounds good, I thought, but my commanding officer tore up the invitation and said to me not to be so stupid.  Only 2 years ago, the survivors took our Ministry of Defense to court, 50 years on, because it had nothing to do with flu.  It was all sorts of viruses and chemicals, and they wanted to see what would happen.  They needed lots of young, fit people and where best to get them than the forces.  Most of them died.  The survivors had cancers and viral infections.  They won but there were only a few survivors.”

Trower then talked about the most famous case of use of microwave weapons, the Moscow Embassy siege where they were beamed to the American Embassy and caused cancer in most of the staff.  “Most of the children got leukemia, most of the women, breast cancer, the men developed cancers.  After about 18 months, the entire staff was changed and 18 months after that. 

“By then, people realized what was going on.  They were being irradiated by microwaves. Rather than people saying, ‘isn’t it disgusting, what have we sunk to,’ they thought, ‘isn’t this wonderful!  Let’s develop this for ourselves.’  Governments today are still perfecting microwave warfare:  the pulse frequency, how long they can transmit, you don’t have to even be in the same country.

“Let’s say I want to bring economic ruin to a country that grows all of the world’s wheat.  All I have to do is (to use HAARP) to beam waves up to the ionosphere which is like an invisible cloud around the planet.  The microwaves going up at a set angle will reflect off down onto the country and if I continuously beam the wheat (or cattle or sheep) I can reduce the immune system of the plants so they won’t be healthy and they’ll die.  I can stunt their growth and bring economic ruin to that country.”

Are the weapons being used, more powerful than Wi-Fi or a cordless phone or mobile phone transmitter?  Trower says the power is slightly less.  He holds up the paper from the U.S. government that lists all the illnesses that one can get from microwaves.  “We have a government document which actually says this needs to be kept secret from the Western governments because it will affect the efficiency of the military – the weapons industry and also industrial profit…” 

“This is so horrific that if someone wrote a book on this, you could never make up a story like this.  All of this was known by 1976.  We have the Nuremberg Treaty, signed by all of the nations of the world which says no human being will be experimented upon without his or her consent.  Before they give consent, they have the legal right to understand all of the implications, the health problems, the future health problems and they have the legal capacity to say no. ”

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