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14 July 2012

Interview with Barry Trower, Microwave Expert: Part 6 - Children and teachers are getting sick from mobile phone transmitters and Wi-Fi in schools

Children and teachers are getting sick from mobile phone transmitters and Wi-Fi in schools.

Julius refers to an article about headaches and children from 2003, another about teachers in Denmark who had to take medication to manage the pain.  “This will be the biggest health scandal ever if we don’t wake up and use our common sense,” he said.  He wrote to the Danish teachers’ union and told them this is very important.  They could get up to 60,000 teachers in Denmark and all the schools by pushing one person.  “It’s so important because it’s our children and our future.  Their response was ‘it’s not our responsibility’.”  Julius replied, that it wasn’t his, that it was our responsibility because it’s our future.  “What is the toughest thing you can say to (influence) the teacher’s union because it’s so important that they understand this?” he asks Trower.

We are even radiating our children
with Wi-Fi on school buses
“When you have a transmitter in the school, different things happen, basically, headaches.” replies Trower.  “This is published.  The blood vessels in the brain constrict.  That will cause headaches and migraine.  The histamine levels in the body go up which basically puts the body into shock.  The shock proteins go up.  All of this is measurable.  That causes all the cellular structures in the body not to act properly.  The nighttime melatonin goes down which means the immune system is not functioning properly.

“A proper international survey was carried out in France, Spain and Germany.  They found that where a transmitter was near or in a school, there were in this case 138 cancer clusters which involved miscarriages in teachers, breast cancer in teachers, depression, sleep disorders in teachers.  This was a proper study.  In some cases, mayors, people of authority, actually ordered the transmitters to be turned off and taken down.

“After that was published, there were another 47 cancer clusters, then nobody was counting them.  When I spoke in Canada last year, they were still occurring.  We know in order of susceptibility of people who absorb more radiation, get more harm, it’s always children first because they are smaller and nearer the wavelength.  The wavelength of microwave is a millimeter to a meter and if you have children within that size, they will act like an aerial.  Children will absorb more, but they don’t just absorb more, it reacts more in the body because their bone marrow is very moist.  Their skulls and their bones are very thin.  So there will be more reaction in children.

“Then it is women, and women have very complicated hormone systems and neurotransmitters in their bodies going through the monthly cycles and they are interfered with by the microwaves.  Women suffer more than men.  Then anyone who is poorly and liable to be sick and then, at the end of the line, young, fit men.

“An interesting point here is yesterday you mentioned the ICNIRP certificate.  I’ve been all over Europe where I’ve spoken to lots of decision-makers, Parliaments, councils, planners, and I always ask, how many of you have read the certificate you are claiming to be using?  Nobody.  When you ask them, is this safe, yes, we’re within the ICNIRP guidelines. In fact, that is a lie because they haven’t read it.  I’ve read it.  On page 553, it says, ‘special precautions must be taken with children, women, the sensitive, and elderly and the sick.’  Not just put a transmitter up and one size fits everybody.  The next page – 554 – is the important one and the one they are lying about because they haven’t read it.  It says, ‘decision-makers should read current scientific literature, look at what is known to be causing illnesses and set a safety level below what is currently known.’

“If you ask your decision-makers what is currently known to be causing illnesses, what have you read, they will say, we’ve read this, we’ve read that, this is what is known to be causing illness, this is our safety level, it should be documented.  They also should have carried out a survey throughout the school to find out how many children and women may be electrosensitive.  This should be on record and also every school should have somebody coming along regularly to measure the radiation to see if it is within the guidelines which are known to be causing illness and all this should be kept on record.  We’re talking about radiation and children’s lives. 

“Radiation has to be logged, registered and it should be available for people who study radiation.  They do none of that.  The decision-maker, who is usually someone in the school, should have read the ICNIRP guidelines.  They should know what is known to be causing illness and they should set a level below.  If they’re not scientists, it’s already been done for them.  It’s called the BioInitiative Report, done by all the experts in the world.  (www.bioinitiative.org) so they can say this is currently known to be causing illness and this is considered safe for children.  

“Any school class with a couple of Wi-Fi’s will exceed the BioInitiative Report and in fact, anybody in any school has the legal right to take the decision-maker in the school to court for not following the ICNIRP guidelines because the school will say, we followed the international guidelines.

“Mobile phones and Wi-Fi have not passed a safety test and do not have a safety certificate.  It is illegal to experiment on people.  You can only consent to be experimented on if you are over 18.  Children cannot, unless the parents have consented.  Wi-Fi in schools is illegal.  The problem is the same for mobile phones and it’s a very clever law, what the government has done, unlike a drug company where they carry out a 10-year experiment to see if the drugs are safe and if they’re deemed safe, they go out to the general public. 

“In the case of Wi-Fi and phones, they’ve turned the tables.  Rather than the industry having to show it’s safe, we have to show it isn’t and that is a very difficult thing to do because we know up until 2004, there were 200 schools with cancer clusters.  If you say we’re now going to take the industry to court, you’ve got to prove that the microwaves caused all of those cancers.  Statistically, you could probably show it but what you’ve got to do is show that the microwaves caused all of these cancers inside the body.  You have to take the industry to court.

“I have represented two billionaires who have wanted to take the industry to court and asked what’s involved.  You have to get all of your scientific witnesses, book the court.  For one of them, the industry came back and said, ‘that’s fair enough, you can take us to court.  Our part of the trial will take about 3 years.  We’ll be calling 1,500 experts and this all goes on your bill.’  Court in the UK costs 100,000 pounds a day.  There isn’t enough money anywhere to take this industry to court.  And that is the problem, you have to take the industry to court to prove they are causing cancer and it can’t be done.  Legal aid wouldn’t cover it.  Governments don’t have enough money.

“The government needs the mobile phone industry because it can keep track on all the people.  It’s a government’s dream:  the police, the secret services.

“In the 60’s, the military had microwaves and knew then that they caused brain tumors and illnesses.  Nothing is new and it’s all published.  Maybe they were too stupid to think this is going to affect the genetics of the children and maybe it’s something they haven’t looked into – that quite a large number of children are now born autistic.  When you’ve come this far, saying it’s safe, how will you now stop and say it isn’t?  You cannot.

“If we win this case in the U.S. (in Oregon) that Wi-Fi in school is dangerous and harmful to children, for all of the children in America who are claiming illness from Wi-Fi, there will be lawsuits and I think the entire Wi-Fi industry will collapse.  Shares will plummet.  I think the same for TETRA.  If I can get them to court and win this case in June, the whole TETRA industry will collapse.  The shares will go down.  There’ll be lawsuits.

“So next year (2012) we may see the last of Wi-Fi and of TETRA and then other people will start asking questions – what about this?” 

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