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03 May 2013

Skin Conditions from Using a Laptop on the Lap

This comment comes from "Que Paise Esse" (What Country Is This?). The photos show skin conditions caused by using a notebook on the lap. The text has been translated from Spanish, using Google. 

There is no problem for those who use a laptop, just one hour a day, surrendering to the comfortable habit of using the computer lying in bed with it positioned on top of the lap, if you do not do it every day or spend hours in these conditions.

A 12-year-old boy presented some spots on his left leg. The "burnt leg syndrome" was easily diagnosed by a physician after the boy reported spending hours with a laptop on his lap, and although it heated up, he did not shift its position.
The stains are caused by overexposure of the skin in areas where temperatures are high, while not turning into burns. These stains can cause permanent darkening and are harmless, although in some cases, the condition may progress to skin cancer.

A few months ago, I also used a laptop on my lap: every day of the week for more than 8 hours a day. Obviously, the computer warmed enough due to lack of ventilation. I spotted the "burnt leg syndrome" early on when it was just little red spots, despite having the form of this syndrome. In my case, I decided to no longer place the laptop on my lap. After a few weeks of doing this, the spots completely disappeared.

It is always worth remembering that if you do not mind having your leg stained and want to continue using the laptop on your lap, in addition to this problem, the temperature increase in the region of the scrotum can lead to decreased sperm production and may worsen infertility, i.e., if you still want to give your mother grandchildren, put the laptop on the table! - Claudia Aparecida Oscar.


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