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26 December 2013

Teach Your Children Well: Reduce Radiofrequency/ Microwave Exposure!

Teach your children well:  Reduce radiofrequency/microwave exposure!
Parents Against Wi-Fi in Schools, Australia

Smart phones, tablets and laptops use microwave radiofrequency radiation to communicate.
Radiofrequency has been identified by the WHO as ‘possibly carcinogenic to humans’. 

ARPANSA (Australia’s Radiation protection authority) has recently advised the public on how to reduce their exposure to radiofrequency radiation in ‘Fact Sheet 14’ (http://www.arpansa.gov.au/pubs/factsheets/014is_wireless_exposure.pdf). The advice sheet acknowledges that biological effects from radiofrequency exposures are not fully understood, and advises caution – particularly for children, where there is little research evidence. The Fact Sheet acknowledges that popular devices (regulated by ACMA) may have unforeseen long term health consequences.

ARPANSA identifies two factors that are important towards reducing exposure from wireless devices: keeping them at a distance, and reducing the amount of time you use them.

Watch this video for more information: 

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