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25 March 2014

Canada: Ontario: Lawyer Investigating Possibility of Class Action Law Suit With Respect to Electrosensitivity

Electro Sensitivity Legal Action
WEEP News, 22 March 2014

A lawyer has been retained to investigate the possibility of a Class Action law suit with respect to Electrosensitivity. A very small group of people are working with the law firm to gather research, resources and information about people who have developed sensitivities to their environment. If you would be interested in participating in the suit, please read the following questions and return this survey to Lakeshore Coalition, 7613 Chester Trail, Port Franks ON N0M 2L0. Your contact information and all answers will be treated with confidentiality as with any Solicitor/Client privilege. 

(Contact Laureen Maurizo for the questionnaire  :  laureen7@execulink.com)

Here is the first question:

1. Do you have any of these symptoms? Yes No

- Memory, poor concentration, difficulty making decisions
- Headache, or pressure in the head
- Tinnitus (buzzing/ringing in the ears/high pitched noise)
- Difficulty sleeping, low quality of sleep, melatonin reduction
- Increased thirst and/or Dehydration
- Fatigue
- Nausea 
- Digestive problems (constipation, etc.)
- Tingling sensations, Feeling of skin crawling or tremors
- Adrenal fatigue, thyroid problems
- Hormone changes, menopause-like symptoms
- Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
- Dizziness, or vertigo
- Heart Palpitations, low or high blood pressure
- Numbness, or pain in joints, muscles (fibromyalgia)
- Eye irritation, deteriorating vision, eyes drying out
- Red skin blotches, eczema, body swelling
- Depression, anxiety
- Poor blood sugar regulation
- Immune abnormalities
- Asthma, or shortness of breath
- Seizures

Among the other questions:

- Have you been seen by a specialist in Environmental Medicine or Occupational Health Practitioner? 

- Have you been identified as having a more serious disease attributed to your environmental exposure?

- To what do you attribute your symptoms?
- Cell Phone use
- Cell Tower/Antenna
- Wi-fi 
- Digitally Enhanced Cordless (DECT) Phone
- Wind Turbines 
- Smart Utility Meter
- Dirty Electricity 
- Radar

- Have you advised your politicians of your condition/concern?

- Please indicate your level of ability to do the following:
- Drive a car
- Avoid driving near Cell Towers/ Wind Turbines/ Smart Meters
- Able to Work Outside your home
- Able to Work at all
- Grocery Shopping
- Use a Computer
- Use a cell Phone
- Enter a Hospital
- Attend your Doctor’s office
- Attend School
- Attend Dentisit
- Enjoy a Healthy Social Life
- Participate at Community Events
- Attend Church
- Sleep with Electric Power ON

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