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04 December 2014

Outstanding Video: Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe on Electromagnetic Radiation, Health, and Children

View this outstanding educational video featuring physician Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe, Founder of PHIRE:  the Physicians Health Initiative for Radiation and the Environment.

Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe - Electromagnetic Radiation, Health and Children 2014 (70 mn.) - 
18 November 2014

In this video, Dr. Mallery-Blythe discusses:

- Normal human physiology
- Current safety guidelines
- Mechanisms of damage via electromagnetic fields (EMFs)
- Health outcomes of EMF exposure
- Specific vulnerability of children
- Robustness of argument
- Optimizing the environment/ practical solutions

The presentation slides are excellent.  One in particular lists the medical conditions linked to EMF exposure:  In young persons:  autism, ADHD/behavioral, epilepsy, arrhythmia, headache, hormonal disruption, food allergies, sterility, multiply chemical syndrome.  In adults - but now appearing in younger persons, stresses Dr. Mallery-Blythe:  Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, cardio-vascular, thyroid dysfunction, cancer, migraine, depression, insomnia, electrohypersensitivity.

She explains that brain tumors have overtaken leukemia as the leading cause of non-accidental death in children.  There is a 5-10% annual rise in pediatric brain tumors.  Survival from brain tumors has not improved in the last 40 years.  The United Kingdom Department of Health warns:  "Children and young people under 16 should be encouraged to use mobile phones for essential purposes only." 

The 2014 BioInitiative Report update states:  "Sensitive populations including the developing fetus, the infant, children, the elderly, those with pre-existing chronic diseases, and those with developed electrical sensitivity (EHS) must be protected" from EMF.  "Wireless laptops and other wireless devices should be strongly discouraged in schools for children of all ages."

This video should be shown to school boards in all countries eager to have Wi-Fi installed in classrooms.  We must do all we can to protect our children and future generations.

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